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Sidi Shoe Size Chart: Are Made in Italy Cycling Shoes Good?






One of the most recognizable, prominent, and storied shoe companies in cycling is Sidi. Over the years, Grand Tour champions have worn Sidi shoes on their feet, most notably Tao Geoghegan Hart in the 2020 Giro d’Italia.

Dino Signori, who established Sidi in 1960 and is still in charge of the company in his 80s, is credited with turning it into a global leader. From the invention of the first adjustable cleat through the release of shoes with nylon soles and the first use of velcro straps.

Sidi shoe brand

The design, development, and production of all Sidi bicycle shoes continue in Italy. Making shoes is a complex process that cannot be easily mechanized by machines or robots. Through the centuries, skills are passed on. For the Italian business, quality comes first.

If you’re looking for new shoes this summer, you might be lured to the Sidi website. But where do you begin?

Sidi Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Sidi men shoes – Shot 2

Are you on your feet all day? Do you need comfortable footwear to help ward off foot pain and strain? Then, you may want to take advantage of this shoe size chart. This is an easy-to-use reference to help choose the best shoe size for men to feel comfortable performing their bike activities. It also easily allows one to differentiate between American or European shoe sizes.

US UK EU Centimeter  Inches
4.5 3⅜ 36 22.00 8.66
5 36.5 22.30 8.78
5.5 4⅛ 37 22.70 8.94
5.75 4⅝ 37.5 23.00 9.06
6 4⅞ 38 23.30 9.17
6.25 5⅜ 38.5 23.70 9.33
6.5 5⅔ 39 24.00 9.45
7 6⅛ 39.5 24.30 9.57
7.5 40 24.70 9.72
7.75 6⅞ 40.5 25.00 9.84
8 7⅜ 41 25.30 9.96
8.5 7⅔ 41.5 25.70 10.12
9 8⅛ 42 26.00 10.24
9.5 42.5 26.30 10.35
9.75 8⅞ 43 26.70 10.51
10 9⅜ 43.5 27.00 10.63
10.5 9⅝ 44 27.30 10.75
11 10⅛ 44.5 27.70 10.91
11.5 10⅜ 45 28.00 11.02
11.75 10⅞ 45.5 28.30 11.14
12.25 11⅜ 46 28.70 11.30
12.75 11⅝ 46.5 29.00 11.42
13 12 47 29.30 11.54
13.25 12⅜ 47.5 29.70 11.69
13.5 12¾ 48 30.00 11.81
14 13⅛ 48.5 30.30 11.93
14.5 13⅝ 49 30.70 12.09
15 14 49.5 31.00 12.20
15.5 14⅜ 50 31.30 12.32
16 14¾ 50.5 31.70 12.48
16.5 14¾ 51.125 32.00 12.60

Sidi Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Sidi women shoes – Carbon alba 2

If you are a woman who loves cycling and other outdoor activities, you will want to know the correct shoe size chart for women. Women tend to have smaller heels than men and need shoes that are shallower than usual, meaning the space between the sole and the upper will be narrower. There are many choices for women’s cycling shoes on the market. Some manufacturers prefer to produce women’s shoes in smaller sizes than usual.

US UK EU Centimeter Inches
5 4.5 36 22.00 8.66
5 36.5 22.30 8.78
5.5 37 22.70 8.94
6 6 37.5 23.00 9.06
6.33 38 23.30 9.17
6.66 38.5 23.70 9.33
7 7 39 24.00 9.45
39.5 24.30 9.57
7.75 40 24.70 9.72
8 8.125 40.5 25.00 9.84
8.5 41 25.30 9.96
9 9 41.5 25.70 10.12
9.5 42 26.00 10.24
10 9.75 42.5 26.30 10.35
10¼ 10.25 43 26.70 10.51
10½ 10.5 43.5 27.00 10.63
11 10.75 44 27.30 10.75
11½ 11.25 44.5 27.70 10.91
11¾ 11.66 45 28.00 11.02
12 12 45.5 28.30 11.14
12½ 12.5 46 28.70 11.30
13 13 46.5 29.00 11.42

Are Sidi Cycling Shoes Reliable?

Sidi shoes 2022 via Youtube

Despite being constructed from high-quality materials, SIDI bike shoes are renowned for their incredible comfort, professional-level performance, and lightweight feel.

Almost everyone on our crew who has ever purchased a pair of SIDI bicycle shoes has said they are among the most durable brands. Typically, a narrow last is used in producing SIDI bicycle shoes. Search for “Mega” fit to find their broader fit.

SIDI is, in our opinion, the only cycling shoe company that provides exchangeable components. This is advantageous if you’re a rider like most of us who doesn’t want to part with their beloved shoe. 

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Is Sidi Shoes a Reputable Choice of Cycling Shoes?

Comparing SIDI shoes to other brands, there are several distinctive benefits. But we can’t automatically assume that it’s the greatest because every brand has certain qualities that are superior to others. For you to compare SIDI shoe technology to that of other shoes, we shall mention some of its features.

Compatible with SIDI Cleats

This may be divided into road cycling shoes and mountain biking shoes.

SIDI Road Shoes 

All 3-bolt cleats may be used with road bicycle shoes. This implies that all of the following models are compatible:

  •  Campagnolo Pro-Fit
  •  Look models
  •  Mavic cleats
  •  Ritchey (Echelon)
  •  Shimano (SPD-SL)
  •  Time (RXS/I-Clic/Expresso)
  •  Wellgo

Sidi Mountain Shoes 

Mountain biking shoes are compatible with all 2-bolt mountain bike cleats.

SIDI Technology

Tecno-3 System

The Tecno-3 System dial uses a wire substance that exerts pressure uniformly throughout your shoes during closure to fit the whole length of the shoe and modify the upper to the contour of your foot for the best-customized fit.

System of Soft Instep Closure

A slack, curved strap with cushioning makes up the gentle instep closing mechanism, which evenly distributes pressure over the instep of your foot. It may be adjusted on both sides to assist you in precisely placing the pad in the middle of your foot.

Adjustable Foothold for the Heel

Thanks to this technology, your feet will be kept firmly in place around the heels. There is no lifting or movement of the heel thanks to the device’s tightening of the top of the heel cup. Because the device’s sides are changeable and malleable, you may get the best fit possible.

5 Tips For Choosing Bicycle Shoes 

Wear Sidi Wire 2 Carbon via Youtube

If you are new to cycling or triathlon, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of tools and machines on the bike. And cycling shoes are an example. This article is intended to help you choose the right cycling shoes for you and identify which shoes fit or do not fit your feet.

Tip 1: Choose Cleats

Cycling shoes are required to be fitted with cleats. Cleat keeps the pedals firmly attached to the pedals, allowing for more efficient pedaling.

There are many types of cleats on the market, but the two most popular are Shimano and Look. The difference and effectiveness of different types of cleats is another topic to discuss later, but in this article, you only need to remember one thing: the pedal and the cleat must be from the same brand.

Tip 2: Choose Shoe soles

Regarding shoe soles, the more complex the sole, the better the shoe. Because the stiffer the sole, the less it bends, and the more force you can transfer to the pedals.

Plastic soles

Plastic is the heaviest shoe sole, usually only used for cheap shoes and for beginners who do not want to invest much in bicycle shoes. So if you are entirely new to cycling and want to find a pair of shoes to wear, you can find these shoes to experience.

Composite soles

Composite material is a mixture of carbon and plastic, creating a moderate hardness for the sole of the shoe, often classified as mid-range shoes.

Carbon soles

Carbon soles are the lightest and strongest shoe soles and the most expensive. As it is both stiff and light, the carbon sole ensures maximum energy transfer from the foot to the pedal.

Tip 3: Shoe locking system

The shoe locking system is essential for road cycling shoes because it allows you to adjust the shoe while pedaling and whether it is convenient to put on/take off the shoes. Usually, on the market, there are four types of shoe buckles:


Velcro is used on all kinds of shoes, from cheap to expensive. While they’re easy to put on and take off, these, while cycling, make it difficult to adjust the loosening or tightening of the shoe. In addition, velcro is not as sturdy as other buckles. Finally, the fatal weakness of this type of lock is that the glued layers, over time, will not stick anymore.


Twist buckles are the most common type of shoe buckle. This buckle makes adjusting the loosening or tightening of the shoes more precise and more straightforward (with one hand) through the knobs. And as usual, the price comes with the quality; these shoes with screw buckles usually cost $100 or more.


This type is an upgraded version of Velcro when the structure is almost identical; only the last lace has an additional socket to help fix the shoelace. This type of buckle is often found on mid-priced shoes. This type of shoe requires two hands to remove and lock, so you need to tighten the shoe before jumping on the saddle.


It looks old-fashioned and isn’t the thing that holds the shoe tight, either. This type of shoelace suits those who like to stand out from the crowd.

Tip 4: How to know the right shoe

It would help if you remembered, unlike running shoes, cycling shoes should be worn a little tight, fitting the foot. The shoe must lock your foot in it to optimize transmission. So, don’t worry if you feel a little cramped and uncomfortable when trying on shoes.

If you choose the wrong size, a common phenomenon is ‘hot feet’ – caused by the foot rubbing against the inside of the shoe. The best way to test a shoe’s fit is to stand on the toe: if there’s a significant gap between your heel and the heel, the shoe is too broad; If your toe touches the toe of the shoe, you need to change to a larger size.

Tip 5: Choose triathlon shoes if competing in a triathlon

Triathlon cycling shoes are often designed with hooks in the heel, making it easy to pull and slide the shoes with your fingers while riding on the bike. 

Triathlon shoes also have plenty of ventilation holes because your feet may still be wet after finishing the swim section. Many triathletes use triathlon cycling shoes for regular cycling sessions because of their popularity and to save money on shoes.


Can cycling shoes help me become a better cyclist?

This is a question that I am asked a lot, and the answer is unquestionable yes. Footwear plays a vital role in the cyclist’s performance. Cycling shoes are not only designed to be a comfortable and supportive way to ride your bicycle but they are also built with the usability of cycling in mind. Cycling shoes are an excellent investment, like any other equipment.

How are slack shoes tightened?

Insoles are an excellent option to make your shoes more restrictive. You can install an insole inside your shoes to increase comfort or improve fit. A solid pair of insoles will support and comfort your foot while giving loose shoes a more secure fit.

What occurs when a bicycle shoe is too large?

Cycling effectiveness dramatically depends on the shoes you wear. Because your feet travel within oversized shoes, your pedal stroke loses energy. However, wearing uncomfortable shoes will make it difficult to cycle with all your might. As the journey continues, your feet will grow increasingly uncomfortable (and maybe painful).

Do cycling shoes require breaking in?

Contrary to casual shoes, cycling shoes don’t require a break-in time. They are constructed of rugged, synthetic materials that hold their shape remarkably well. If you wish to buy a new pair of shoes and are new to clipless pedals, you should be aware of this.

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