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Adidas Shoe Size Chart: Are Adidas Shoes Good Fit?






What size Adidas shoes do you wear? Find out here with our interactive size calculator. Just enter your US, UK, or Euro shoe size and click to find the corresponding Adidas size!

Shoe sizes are just as varied as people’s tastes in shoes. The best way to tell what’s comfortable is to try shoes on before buying them. However, if you work at a job where you can’t wear sneakers or flip-flops, it will be hard to see any of these options in person before ordering online.

Adidas Store in China

If you have time to try on one or two different sizes, it’s best to get a few different styles and measurements, so you have something to compare with your sample sizes. You can even measure yourself by first standing comfortably barefoot in the size of the shoe you are wearing and then standing barefoot in the length of the shoe that corresponds to a starting point. This can be very helpful if your feet have been hurt before.

Adidas Original Shoe Box

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Adidas Men Shoe Size Chart

Adidas men shoe

Shoe size may be determined in a variety of ways. Men’s shoe sizes are measured in inches in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. When you move up from a US or UK men’s size 6 to a US or UK men’s size 12, you need six inches of more room. To determine which Adidas shoe size is best for your feet, you may use this chart:

55 2/3 19 20 13.80
54 2/3 18 19 13.50
53 1/3 17 18 13.10
52 2/3 16 17 12.80
51 1/3 15 16 12.50
50 2/3 14.5 15 12.30
50 14 14.5 12.20
49 1/3 13.5 14 12.00
48 2/3 13 13.5 11.80
48 12.5 13 11.60
47 1/3 12 12.5 11.50
46 2/3 11.5 12 11.30
46 11 11.5 11.10
45 1/3 10.5 11 11.00
44 2/3 10 10.5 10.80
44 9.5 10 10.60
43 1/3 9 9.5 10.50
42 2/3 8.5 9 10.30
42 8 8.5 10.10
41 1/3 7.5 8 10.00
40 2/3 7 7.5 9.80
40 6.5 7 9.60
39 1/3 6 6.5 9.50
38 2/3 5.5 6 9.30
38 5 5.5 9.10
37 1/3 4.5 5 9.00
36 2/3 4 4.5 8.80
36 3.5 5 8.70

Adidas Women Shoe Size Chart

Adidas women shoes

A shoe size chart is a valuable tool that walks you through what size shoes will best fit your foot. To make the most of this chart, remember that not every woman has the same sized foot. Women with larger feet may want to consider that their foot is more comprehensive than someone with a slim, delicate foot.

Additionally, if you have doubts about what particular size will work for your needs and how comfortable they are, you can always visit an Adidas store and try them on yourself! A shoe size chart reveals which sizes of Adidas shoes will fit your feet without requiring a visit to the store.

55 2/3 19 N/A 13.80
54 2/3 18 N/A 13.50
53 1/3 17 N/A 13.10
52 2/3 16 N/A 12.80
51 1/3 15 N/A 12.50
50 2/3 14.5 N/A 12.30
50 14 15.5 12.20
49 1/3 13.5 15 12.00
48 2/3 13 14.5 11.80
48 12.5 14 11.60
47 1/3 12 13.5 11.50
46 2/3 11.5 13 11.30
46 11 12.5 11.10
45 1/3 10.5 12 11.00
44 2/3 10 11.5 10.80
44 9.5 11 10.60
43 1/3 9 10.5 10.50
42 2/3 8.5 10 10.30
42 8 9.5 10.10
41 1/3 7.5 9.00 10.00
40 2/3 7 8.50 9.80
40 6.5 8.00 9.60
39 1/3 6 7.50 9.50
38 2/3 5.5 7.00 9.30
38 5 6.50 9.10
37 1/3 4.5 6.00 9.00
36 2/3 4 5.50 8.80
36 3.5 5.00 8.70

Adidas Teenage Shoe Size Chart

Adidas Teen shoe

Regarding athletic footwear, Adidas is a go-to choice for many individuals. But what are the Adidas sizing options for teens? Find your teen’s feet and compare them to the size chart in this section. In addition, you’ll learn about the ideal shoes for your adolescent’s feet. Blisters may be prevented by avoiding shoes with heavy insole padding. High tops should never be worn since they interfere with development. Lastly, choose a shoe that fits appropriately at the heel.

40 2/3 7 7.50 9.80
40 6.5 7.00 9.60
39 1/3 6 6.50 9.50
38 2/3 5.5 6.00 9.30
38 5 5.50 9.10
37 1/3 4.5 5.00 9.00
36 2/3 4 4.50 8.80
36 3.5 4.00 8.70
35.5 3 3.50 8.50

Adidas Kids Shoe Size Chart

Adidas kid shoe

Shoes from Adidas are popular with both youngsters and adults. This company offers all kinds of shoes, from casual sneakers to athletic tennis shoes. One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that Adidas sneakers come in a variety of sizes. Check out the size chart below if you’re searching for a pair of Adidas sneakers for your child!

35 2.50 3 8.30
34 2.00 2.5 8.10
33.5 1.50 2 8.00
33 1.00 1.5 7.80
32 13.5k 1 7.60
31.5 13k 13.5k 7.50
31 12.5k 13k 7.50
30.5 12k 12.5k 7.20
30 11.5k 12k 7.00
29 11k 11.5k 6.80
28.5 10.5k 11k 6.60
28 10k 10.5k 6.50

How to Measure Your Feet for Adidas Shoe Size?

Many people like to buy Adidas shoes but don’t know their size. Sometimes finding the right size is tricky, and you must rely on a friend or someone else who has the shoe. Or you could measure your feet without going through all this trouble using an Adidas shoe chart.

Step 1: Measure your foot size

Make sure the paper is on a firm, flat surface such as the floor before you start tearing it up. For running, you should wear socks similar to those you plan on wearing throughout the activity. Position yourself such that you have one foot on the floor and the other on the paper. Draw a thin line around your whole foot from the outside to the inside.

While drawing the line, the pen should be held perpendicular to the ground. It is possible to measure the vertical length of your foot track. The length of your foot is shown here. Take a horizontal measurement of the length of your foot trace. So, this is how broad you will have to make your shoes. Determine your running shoe size by repeating these processes on the other foot, using the more thorough foot measurements.

Step 2: Get Your Shoe Size

To determine your adidas shoe size, utilize the foot measurements you acquired in Step 1 and a sizing conversion table. It’s as simple as matching the length measurement to your shoe size. While a regular-width running shoe will work for most runners, those with unusually wide or narrow feet may choose a broader or narrower fit. To get your perfect shoe width, combine the width measurement from Step 1 with the running shoe size you just discovered.

Step 3: Ensure that your shoes fit properly

A properly-fitting shoe should allow you to wiggle your toes around easily. Check the length and width of your toes by pushing your thumb down into your foot’s ball and all around. Allow half to an entire thumb’s space width for a snug fit. Bend your knees and hold the heel of your shoe to raise your heel. There will be little to no change. Check the rows of eyelets on each side of the tongue. All the columns in this table’s rows should be virtually perfectly straight.

Are Adidas Shoes Good?

Adidas has been producing shoes since 1949. They’ve produced over 3,500 athletic products in around 100 different countries. Their sports shoe range includes soccer boots, baseball cleats, golf shoes and trainers, basketball sneakers, and more. They are a company that is well known for the quality and design of their product. Famous athletes such as Kobe Bryant have shown off the benefits of Adidas by sporting them in games.

Adidas shoes are tight-fitting. They will not provide as much comfort and cushioning as you expect from a cheaper pair of trainers or even a sports performance shoe. You should therefore be wary if looking to buy Adidas shoes online or from an online store that does not provide measurements of the shoe itself.

If you want something to wear for casual purposes such as going out in town or on holiday, then an Adidas brand shoe won’t be too bad. Many prefer them to other brands because they are well made and look great.

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Are Adidas true to size?

Choose the proper shoe size to get the most out of your shoes. When it comes to Adidas shoes, how do you know your shoe size? Adults and children’s Adidas Superstars run true to size in US half and full sizes.

Are Adidas shoe sizes the same as Nike?

As seen in the image below, Nike’s running shoes are 0.2″ larger than Adidas, putting them at a full EU size 44. This suggests that Nike’s running shoes run true to size, but Adidas may need half a size more.

Are Adidas bigger than Nike?

It’s estimated that Adidas’ brand is worth $14,3 billion, making it the second-largest sportswear producer in the world. Adidas will employ more than 60,000 people throughout the globe in 2021, and footwear is the company’s most significant product category.

Are Adidas good for wide feet?

Because of this, wide-footed people may get shoes from companies like New Balance, Hoka One One, Adidas, and more.

Do Vans and Adidas fit the same?

Adidas sneakers, as I said at the beginning of this article, tend to run a bit bigger than most original Vans skate shoes. In terms of overall height, the Adidas Gazelle and Vans UltraRange are a good match since they’re both more modern renditions of Vans.

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