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Amiri Shoe Size Chart: Are Amiri Expensive?






Amiri is a high-end streetwear brand from the US founded by Mike Amiri in 2014. As one of the young fashion brands, it soon holds a sunny position in the world fashion industry. The brand not only brings youthful designs but also evokes the unique beauty of the Rock ‘n’ Roll fashion style.

Amiri is among the most successful businesses in delivering young people fashion items with a Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe. It is the birthplace of trendy clothing as well as accessories. Amiri is an indispensable name in the fashion wardrobe of dynamic young people and followers of dusty fashion styles.

Amiri store
Amiri store via Instagram

Amiri currently offers several styles of sneakers, though they’re all geared toward minimalist looks inspired by Vans and other sneakers. The Amiri shoe size chart is exactly what you need if you would like to learn the correct measurements for your different foot sizes. With our different shoe sizes, you can be sure you will find something perfect for your needs.

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Amiri Shoe Size chart For Men


The Amiri shoe size chart is a handy tool for those shopping for shoes, ensuring you get the right fit. The following are the standard measurements for men’s sizes based on the US numeric sizing system. The Amiri shoe size chart is not perfect, but it should help you understand better how to measure your foot for a good fit. A shoe size is the measurement of a foot, from the end of the heel to the longest toe.


(In Inches)


(In Cm)

Amiri US Size Amiri EU Size UK Size KOREA Size
10.0″ 25.5 6 39 5 255
10.4″ 26.4 7 40 6 265
10.7″ 27.2 8 41 7 270
11.0″ 28.0 9 42 8 275
11.4″ 28.9 10 43 9 280
11.7″ 29.7 11 44 10 285
12.0″ 30.5 12 45 11 290
12.3″ 31.3 13 46 12 300
12.6″ 32.0 14 47 13 305

Amiri Shoe Size Chart For Women

Amiri white sneaker via Instagram
Amiri white sneaker via Instagram

The Amiri shoe size chart for women should guide women needing the correct measurements for their shoes. It is vital to ensure that your shoes are the right size and cushioning. Finding a shoe that fits properly can be challenging, which is why this article will help you find one that does. That’s why we’ve put together this post about the Amiri shoe size chart, complete with info on what you should know before purchasing a new pair.


(In Inches)


(In Cm)

Amiri US Size Amiri EU Size UK Size KOREA Size
8.2″ 20.8 5 35 2 225
8.5″ 21.6 6 36 3 235
8.8″ 22.2 7 37 4 240
9.1″ 23.0 8 38 5 245
9.3″ 23.5 9 39 6 255
9.5″ 24.1 10 40 7 260
9.9″ 25.1 11 41 8 265

How Did Amiri Wake Up Rock ‘n’ Roll Fashion Again?

It is the birthplace of personality and youthful costumes and accessories, as one of the successful brands in bringing fashion products full of Rock ‘n’ Roll spirit to young people. Amiri is an indispensable name in the fashion wardrobe of dynamic young people and followers of dusty fashion styles.

About the fashion brand Amiri

Before founding Amiri, Mike Amiri worked at various Los Angeles denim giants and high-end brands. With a passion for fashion and denim, Mike Amiri soon realized it was time to make his miracles from these dusty items. And Amiri fashion was officially launched quickly became known by fashionistas through social media.

In 2015, the brand began to have new developments and expand its market. In 2016, the “ready to wear” women’s fashion collection officially launched with new shoes and accessories models. Amiri officially became a familiar name for world fashion followers in the following years. That is something that hardly any new fashion brand can do.

What will you find in Amiri’s designs?

Amiri’s designs are inspired by a combination of California cultural elements and American Rock ‘n’ Roll street fashion elements. Amiri’s designs are classically quite simple. But, the company used many selected high-quality materials to create those costumes. Using materials from L.A., Amiri also expands to source the best fabrics from Paris, Italy, and Japan to bring unique designs.

Amiri’s designs are increasingly diverse; so far, the brand has launched many fashion collections for both men and women. The collections mainly include ripped jeans, t-shirts, biker jackets, and vintage flannel shirts. In addition, the brand offers footwear and accessories, such as sneakers, boots, and hats.

Designs that awaken the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll by Amiri

The product variety is similar, but Amiri has always been loyal to the comfortable street fashion style. Each design is like a puzzle piece that creates a vivid picture of the youthful fashion world, especially the Rock ‘n’ Roll fashion trend. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the legendary designs that have stirred up Rock ‘n’ Roll fashion and made Amiri’s name, such as

Dusty jeans

Jeans were one of the first inspirations in Amiri’s creative career. Amiri jeans have been the most popular fashion item throughout their development time. Especially the MX1 pants – Amiri’s iconic product.

Each pair of MX1 pants has a price of over 1,000 USD; of course, it is not simply that the pants are so expensive. Because producing a complete pair of MX1 pants, takes up to 5 months through many production steps.

Biker Jacket

Additionally, one of the first designs produced by Amiri was a commercial success because of its sleek appearance and long-lasting leather construction. The first Biker Jackets were created with the assistance of a Russian tailor named Vad. Vad was known for sewing numerous jackets for rock artists in his day.

Checkered flannel shirt

One of the familiar icons of rockstars with a liberal and dusty style. The shirts use a woven wool fabric subjected to waxing to create a characteristic soft ruffle. The shirt is not only appreciated for its durability over time but also creates comfort for the wearer. To create an actual Rock ‘n’ Roll image, you can combine this flannel shirt and shoes with skinny jeans or ripped jeans from Amiri.

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How Come Amiri Is So Expensive?

Amiri Weslang

It is possible that the fact that Mike Amiri is one of the most well-known fashion designers in the world is one of the contributing factors that led to Amiri becoming one of the most on-trend fashion companies worldwide. After all, Amiri jeans are often considered among the most covetable items of men’s clothing. Now, let’s investigate the reason why Amiri costs so much money.

Amiri Offers Prestige And Exclusivity

It is more expensive than other labels because Amiri gives consumers a sense of prestige and exclusivity just for owning any goods from the American luxury brand. This separates the kind of customers who can acquire the brand from those who cannot do so. Because of this, if someone sees you wearing Amiri clothing, they will assume you are affluent.

As a premium brand, Amiri does not want its products to be accessible to anybody who wants to buy them. The perception that one has exclusive access to a product or service will evaporate as it becomes available to the general public. Because consumers will not feel special or unique for getting something that everyone can.

Amiri Is A High-End Brand.

Because it is a high-end brand because of its exclusivity, this American design house sets its prices higher than luxury and discount brands. Luxury is connected with superior craftsmanship, the finest and rarest materials, and the finest shopping opportunities. Because Amiri offers all of the above, it may be rather expensive.

For some, acquiring an Amiri item may be a lifelong pursuit. They must save money by working for months. Others utilize it as a means of expressing their uniqueness and self-expression. Because they do not want everyone to buy them, luxury brands are pricey. They would lose their power and aura if they did not.

Celebrities raise Amiri’s profile

A further explanation for why Amiri is so pricey is that celebrities are often seen wearing the brand, which contributes to the exclusive nature of the name. Consequently, they raise awareness of the brand and generate enthusiasm about it, which in turn encourages customers to make more purchases.

Luxury firms are well aware of celebrities’ influence over their target demographics. Several famous people, including Lil Baby, John Legend, Kendrick Lamar,  Nicole Kidman,  and Halsey, have used Amiri goods on various occasions.

Mike Amiri Is An Established Designer.

Miki Amiri is currently one of the most recognized designers in the world, as seen by the remarkable success of his brand Amiri since its inception in 2014, as measured by a rise in income, sales, and good reviews. Because of his rock & roll aesthetic, he was asked to create an exclusive capsule collection for Maxfield, ultimately leading to his clothing brand’s launch.

He is being considered for several accolades that are widely considered the most prestigious in the fashion business. Because of all these honors, Amiri is now considered one of the most talented individuals in the fashion world. As a result, his luxury label is more sought after, respected, and pricey.

Amiri Is A Master Craftsman At The Highest Level

The vast majority of Amiri products are made in Italy, which many customers consider the most superior manufacturing country in terms of fashion. Made in Italy is a powerful logo because most consumers believe that items created in Italy represent the highest level of handiwork and use of the highest quality materials. 

When it comes to luxury fashion goods created in Italy, greater attention to detail is raised, which is one reason why businesses charge you more for their products. Certain Amiri items are made in the United States, and a tiny fraction is made in China. 

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How did Amiri manage to win over so many people?

Amiri is a famous brand among those who like the allure of the rock and roll lifestyle yet are accustomed to the high luxury standard. Not only did many artists and celebrities use the brand, but the fact that its founder was one of the most well-known designers in the world contributed to the company’s meteoric rise to fame.

Where in the world are Amiri sneakers manufactured?

Both Italy and China are responsible for the production of Amiri footwear. When I checked out Amiri shoes in-store, I saw that they were made in both nations, but on their website, there was a significant amount of footwear without any information regarding the place of origin.

Is it worth it to buy Amiri Jeans?

The answer is yes; the price you pay for Amiri jeans is justified because they are constructed from the highest quality fabrics, the denim has a plush feel, and there are no other jeans available that look like these jeans.

Where exactly is Amiri produced?

Italy is responsible for producing the vast majority of the goods, with the United States coming in second. Some were manufactured in China, albeit they are not as common as the other two types. You should be aware that Amiri has specific requirements for quality and design that warehouses must adhere to, regardless of where it makes its products. 

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