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Timberland Shoe Size Chart: Are Their Boots Waterproof?






Timberland shoes were born in 1973. Like many other items mentioned, flannel, hoodie, and Denim jeans, Timberland also has a popular origin, from the origin of a brand – a shoe for the working class. Overcome racism and class discrimination and become part of a culture – loved by fashion and music, especially Rap and Hip-hop.

Long-term development, associated with culture – nothing can make Timberland a part of the memory of the American people and the whole world. 

Timberland Store

Timberland shoes look very prominent and recognizable from the common ground. Featuring a distinctive wheat color, sturdy texture, and fine details. Timberland is often copied but never in quality. Whether you take them to work or just on casual occasions. Ultra-durable boots are made to last. So make sure they fit your feet perfectly. Continue reading below to find the right pair of shoes for you!

Timberland Size Chart for Men

Timberland men shoes

It is necessary to check that your Timberland boots have the correct fit. However, because Timberland shoes are designed to break in and become more comfortable over time, we could first feel as though we are wearing too small of a size. The size of a Timberland shoe will be different from the size of the typical shoe that you wear due to the shoe’s rigidity and weight.

37.5 4.5 5 23.50 9.30
38 5 5.5 24.00 9.40
39 5.5 6 24.00 9.40
39.5 6 6.5 24.50 9.60
40 6.5 7 25.00 9.80
41 7 7.5 25.50 10.00
41.5 7.5 8 26.00 10.20
42 8 8.5 26.50 10.40
43 8.5 9 27.00 10.60
43.5 9 9.5 27.50 10.80
44 9.5 10 28.00 11.00
44.5 10 10.5 28.50 11.20
45 10.5 11 29.00 11.40
45.5 11 11.5 29.50 11.60
46 11.5 12 30.00 11.80
47.5 12.5 13 31.00 12.20
49 13.5 14 32.00 12.60
50 14.5 15 33.00 13.00

Timberland Size Chart for Women

Timberland women shoes

Timberland boots are specifically designed for men and women on the job. The shoes are more durable than regular shoes, but they also offer a stylish aesthetic that many people enjoy. In comparison to men’s Timberland shoes, women’s are often designed to be slimmer and have smoother soles. 

35.5 3 5 22.00 8.70
36 3.5 5.5 22.50 8.90
37 4 6 23.00 9.10
37.5 4.5 6.5 23.50 9.30
38 5 7 24.00 9.50
38.5 5.5 7.5 24.50 9.60
39 6 8 25.00 9.80
39.5 6.5 8.5 25.50 10.00
40 7 9 26.00 10.20
41 7.5 9.5 26.50 10.40
41.5 8 10 27.00 10.60
42 9 11 28.00 11.00

Timberland Size Chart for Kids

Timberland kid shoes

Timberland shoes are extremely durable, so they are a great choice if you are looking for a quality pair of boots. The boots are also made to last a long time, so they can provide you with many years of service. As with any other pair of shoes, the size is always dependent on your child’s foot growth. This shoe line also comes in a variety of colors, brands, and sizes, allowing you to get the appropriate fit for your child regardless of their age.

Infant Footwear

15 0 0 8.00 3.00
16 0.5 1 9.00 3.60
17 1.5 2 9.50 3.70
18 2 2.5 10.00 3.90
18.5 2.5 3 10.50 4.10
19 3 3.5 11.00 4.30
20 3.5 4 12.00 4.70

Toddler Footwear

20 3.5 4 12.00 4.70
20.5 4 4.5 12.00 4.70
21 4.5 5 12.50 4.90
22 5 5.5 13.00 5.10
22.5 5.5 6 13.50 5.30
23 6 6.5 14.00 5.50
23.5 6.5 7 14.00 5.50
24 7 7.5 14.50 5.70
25 7.5 8 15.00 5.90
25.5 8 8.5 15.50 6.10
26 8.5 9 16.00 6.30
26.5 9 9.5 16.00 6.30
27 9.5 10 16.50 6.50
28 10 10.5 17.00 6.70
28.5 10.5 11 17.50 6.90
29 11 11.5 18.00 7.10
30 11.5 12 18.50 7.30

Youth Footwear

30 11.5 12    
30.5 12 12.5 18.70 7.38
31 12.5 13 19.10 7.50
32 13 13.5 19.50 7.63
32.5 13.5 1 19.90 7.88
33 1 1.5 20.40 8.00
34 1.5 2 20.80 8.13
34.5 2 2.5 21.20 8.38
35 2.5 3 21.60 8.50

Junior Footwear

35.5 3 3.5 22.00 8.70
36 3.5 4 22.50 8.90
37 4 4.5 22.50 8.90
37.5 4.5 5 23.00 9.10
38 5 5.5 23.50 9.30
39 5.5 6 24.00 9.40
39.5 6 6.5 24.50 9.60
40 6.5 7 25.00 9.80

Tips for Choosing Timberland Shoes

Choosing shoes that fit your feet is an extremely important step so that you can confidently wear new shoes you bought with them or help your feet not hurt or blister when used for a long time. So do you know how to choose shoe size, convert size or even measure your foot length? We’ll give you the full set of tips above!

Choosing the right Timberland shoes

Choose a pair of Timberland shoes that fit well if you want your feet to be warm but not uncomfortable. We may feel a bit tight at first, but don’t worry. They will stretch and soften after a while. Timberland shoe sizes are very different from regular shoe sizes. The advice for you is to reduce from half to one size compared to the actual size. However, you should still use the measurements below to ensure a perfect fit.

The best way to ensure the right fit of your Timberland shoes is to measure your feet. You can accomplish this by placing your foot against the wall on an A4 sheet of paper and having someone else mark the tip of the longest toe and the rear of the heel. Finally, distance the two specified spots. This will assist you in determining your precise size!

Wear the right shoes for comfortable feet

Timberland shoes, when first worn, will be very uncomfortable. They take a while to stretch and fit your feet. You can take the following steps to make your feet more comfortable when wearing Timberland shoes:

  • Wearing thick socks will help the boots “loosen”.
  • To soften the leather, bend the sole back and forth.
  • Use leather conditioner to rub shoes on special spots like heels and where the bones of your feet come into contact. This will help soften the skin as well as reduce blistering.
  • However, this is still not enough. You need to prepare patches and glue them as much as possible to feel immediately comfortable wearing them.

Material Selection

Nubuck leather is used in the construction of classic Timberland boots, which also have a tough rubber sole. Nubuck leather is polished or sanded to create a velvet-like texture. They are water resistant and wear resistant. For different styles, materials will be selected based on the intended use. For boots that need rigidity, the manufacturer will use full-grain leather. As for boots with a more casual style, nubuck or suede leather will be chosen.

Only the soles of the Timberland shoes are made from rubber for maximum flexibility and roughness. The upper and the sole are both stitched together using robust nylon webbing to provide greater resilience to all types of weather.

Are Timberland Shoes Waterproof?

All Timberland shoes are waterproof. However, they can be discolored and marked by water. Spray them with something that will make them water resistant as soon as you take them out of the package. This protective film will help protect shoes from watermarks.

While this shouldn’t be a concern with black boots, you should avoid wearing wheat-colored boots in the rain to prevent water stains from appearing on your shoes. On the other hand, you can check out the Chukka 4 piercing boots. This style of shoe is covered with a waterproof layer to help prevent yellowing.

How To Properly Clean Shoes?

To keep your shoes looking new for as long as possible, you should clean them on a regular basis. Particularly for the classic wheat-colored shoes manufactured from nubuck leather, which are notoriously scratch-prone due to their surface texture.

How To Remove All Stains?

Using a pencil eraser to clean Timberland shoes is one method. This will aid in removing persistent stains from the nubuck leather. Avoid using brushes with dense bristles, as they might cause skin irritation. Instead, a suede brush is required to delicately brush the surface and eliminate stains. Clean your boots multiple times in moist areas.

How To Make Timberland Shoes Clean?

If you want your shoes to look “wonderful” all the time, you should give them a thorough cleaning in the manner that is explained above if you want to achieve that goal:

Step 1: Take the laces off and give them a quick wash in some warm water with a little bit of detergent.

Step 2: Scrub the spots away with a brush to remove them.

Step 3: Utilize certain cleansers designed specifically for nubuck leather. It’s not uncommon for colors to lose their vibrancy when exposed to detergent’s drying effects, despite the fact that using specialized cleaners will most certainly safeguard your leather shoes.

Step 4: Applying some warm water to the brush will help to reduce the stiffness of the spines. After that, scrub the shoes with a damp brush and detergent until you are satisfied that they are clean.

Step 5: Submerge your shoes in water, and then take them out of the water to dry. Before putting the shoes on your feet, make sure they are fully dry first.


How do Timberlands fit in?

The fit of boots on your foot should be comfortable and neither too loose nor too tight. It should be possible for your toes to move around without restriction, and the heel should have no more than a quarter to a half inch of wiggle room at most. The optimum fit for your foot should be snug all the way around (but not too tight), and the heel should have no more than a quarter to a half inch of slippage.

Do Timberlands cause pain at first?

When you purchase a pair of Timberlands, you can rest assured that they will continue to serve you well even after many years have passed, as these shoes have acquired a reputation for being exceptionally durable. On the other side, they might be pretty hard and stiff when you first receive them, so you will likely need to break them in before you can enjoy wearing them.

Are Timberland boots comfy?

It is well known that Timberland work boots offer exceptional comfort. The suspension technology is integrated into the design of a wide variety of designs to alleviate foot fatigue, strengthen the arch, and improve body balance. This dual-density technology restores energy to the foot and enables moisture management to keep you comfortable throughout your workday. This helps to ensure that you experience the greatest amount of ease possible.

Are Timberlands no longer fashionable?

Timberlands have never been considered out of style in the United States. The hardy lace-ups that were formerly exclusively seen on construction sites have made their way into the public thanks to the growth of the “urban” music culture in the 1990s. J. Lo and Rihanna are both dedicated fans of the shoe style.

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