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L.L.Bean Shoe Size Chart: Is L.L.Bean Canadian?






L.L. Bean is an American company located in Freeport, Maine, that sells outdoor gear and clothing for both men and women. L.L. Bean has been in business since 1912, when it was founded by Leon Leonwood Bean on his return journey home into the back of a horse-drawn wagon loaded with goods he had purchased in Freeport, Maine.

L.L. Bean store

The L.L. Bean brand has grown to include more than 50 stores across North America, with family members working for the company throughout its history. L.L.

The famous boots of L.L.Bean are Duck Boots

L.L.Bean Men Shoe Size Chart

L.L. Bean is a welcome place for all the people who love being outdoors and active. L.L. Bean is a brand that has been providing men’s footwear and accessories since 1912, so you can be sure that these products are made with quality and comfort in mind!

The shoes sold in the L.L. Bean brand are made for various functions, including hiking, adventure racing, and even everyday wear. L.L. Bean sells shoes and boots that will be perfect for any outdoor activity you enjoy, including hiking, walking, hunting, and running!

44 9.5 9 27
43 8.5 8 26
41 7.5 7 25.5
46 11.5 11 29.5
45 10.5 10 28
50 14 13.5 32
49 13 12.5 31
47 12 11.5 30
46 11 10.5 29
44 10 9.5 27.5
43 9 8.5 26.5
42 8 7.5 26
41 7 6.5 25

L.L.Bean Women Shoe Size Chart

LL Bean women boot – Bar Harbor Duck Boot

The L.L.Bean women’s shoe size chart includes shoes for casual wear, sports activities, comfortable casuals, and more. Most women’s L.L. Bean footwear is meant for women to wear in areas such as the city, running a business, or even outdoor activities.

You can buy L.L.Bean athletic shoes and boots for specific sports, including hiking, running, hunting, fishing, and more! In addition to athletic shoes and boots, we also carry a large selection of casual shoes that you can wear whenever you aren’t committed to any particular activity. 

41 9.5 7.5 26
40 8.5 6.5 25.5
39 7.5 5.5 24.5
37 6.5 4.5 23.5
42 11 9 27.5
41 10 8 26.5
40 9 7 26
39 8 6 25
38 7 5 24
36 6 4 23.5

L.L.Bean Kids Shoe Size Chart

Kids’ L.L.Bean Rangeley Sherpa Boot

L.L. Bean offers a variety of products, including footwear specifically designed for kids. The Kid’s shoe size chart includes all the shoes and boots available for children who love being active on the weekends and during their free time.

The L.L. Bean Kids shoe size chart is available for both boys and girls. You can find skate shoes, sneakers, boots, and more designed to keep your children active during the weekend! L.L. Bean makes a variety of footwear styles for kids, including boots, sneakers, sandals, and more that can be worn day-to-day.

EU US UK JP Foot Length ( Inches)
32 13 12.5 19 7.5
30 12 11.5 18 7.125
29 11 10.5 17.5 6.812
28 10 9.5 16.5 6.5
39 6 5.5 24.5 9.5
38 5 4.5 23.5 9.125
36 4 3.5 22.5 8.812
35 3 2.5 21.5 8.5
34 2 1.5 20.5 8.125
33 1 13.5 20 7.812

Are L.L.Bean Shoes True To Size?

LLBean Duck Boots

The L.L. Bean company recommends ordering one size down from your standard size. This is because their shoes are made up of thick leather and are a bit on the roomy side. That being said, it’s still essential that you carefully measure your foot for the best fit. If you want to start with a size 8, L.L Bean recommends that you should order a size 7 or 7.5.

You should also give yourself some wiggle room when ordering online by selecting “in-between sizes.” You can order a pair of L.L. Bean boots or shoes in size down from your standard size but not too big. Shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand, and you must order the correct size for your foot.

The L.L. Bean company is known for its boot styles, such as boat shoes and lace-ups, which come in various colors and patterns. Their shoes are also made of leather and can be found with different laces, welt designs, or patterns such as the Camo pattern.

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Does L.L.Bean Fit Big Or Small?

duck boots for men

Bean boots are one of the most popular footwear in the world, with a style that’s been around since 1912. They are known for their warmth and durability, which is why they’re an excellent choice for winter weather.

While Bean boots have lasted countless generations, that doesn’t mean they’re always the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ll ever wear. They’re designed for durability, but if you’re not careful about your chosen size, you can end up with shoes too big for your feet.

To help out new Bean boot owners, we’ve put together this guide to help you figure out which size is right for you. L.L.Bean tends to make bigger sizes than other brands, so it’s a good idea to size down if you’re unsure of your shoe size.

Is L.L.Bean Canadian?

LL Bean store in Canada

It is well-known that L.L.Bean was founded in 1912 as a Maine company and has expanded to become the largest apparel retailer in the United States. But did L.L.Bean have an early start in Canada? The company’s first store outside of the United States opened in Ottawa and North York- Canada, but it is unclear exactly when this was. L.L.Bean has expanded across Canada, opening new stores, expansion centers, and a flagship store in downtown Winnipeg. The company also operates a duty-free store in Vancouver.

Founded by Leon Leonwood Bean, L.L.Bean was based initially in Freeport, Maine, where the company’s first store opened during the one-person operation. The product line expanded into outdoor clothing, footwear, and housewares.

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Do L.L.Bean Boots Have Good Arch Support?

Duck boots

Lacking arch support is often a problem for people with flat feet, fallen arches, and even those needing extra stability in the footwear they use daily. Fortunately, many boot companies are coming out with technologies to make their boots more comfortable for these specific needs by adding better padding and materials to ensure your foot stays supported throughout the day.

 If you’re looking for a high-quality option with excellent arch support and comfortability, L.L.Bean boots are perfect. L.L. Bean is a company known for its high-quality products, which is valid with its line of winter boots.

The L.L.Bean Winter boot is a favorite among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who need a rugged boot that can withstand all weather conditions while offering maximum comfort and support.

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