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Dr.Martens Shoe Size Chart: Tips Of Choosing To Buy






Brand Dr. Martens was born in 1952, with the first factory located in Munich; this is one of the famous brands in the UK. The company is known for its main products and makes a name for itself, which are shoes and sandals, but few people know that Dr. Martens also sells wallets, backpacks, accessories, etc.

Dr.Martens store

Dr. Martens is a fashion brand in the UK. Besides Dr. Martens, this brand also has other brands such as Doctor Martens, Doc Martens, Docs, or DMs. The brand offers personality designs with characteristic leather materials, tight to the feet and dusty. With discerning fashionistas around the world, Dr. Martens is no longer a strange name.

Dr Martens store

Dr. Martens is the world’s best-loved shoe brand, known for its iconic boot with a chunky heel and sturdy sole. But what size should you buy when trying out Dr. Martens in person? We’ve compiled this handy size chart to help answer that question for you!

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Dr. Martens Women Shoe Size Chart

Dr Martens women shoes

Women is the most fashionable person in the world. Women have the ability to show their fashion styles according to the season. Dr. Martens’s sizing is unique. They have their own unique sizing standard, which is different from other shoe brands. But don’t worry, it’s pretty simple and straightforward to understand.

22 5 3 36 9.21 INCHES
23 6 4 37 9.54 INCHES
23.5 7 5 38 9.88 INCHES
24.5 8 6 39 10.21 INCHES
25.5 9 7 41 10.55 INCHES
26 10 8 42 10.88 INCHES
27 11 9 43 11.22 INCHES

Dr. Martens Men Shoe Size Chart

Dr Martens men shoes

Men are also very fashionable. The fashion industry is always developing new trends; however, men’s clothing still has a long time to improve. Therefore, men have specific clothing needs and expectations that make Dr. Martens shoes so popular for them. At Dr. Martens, the sizing of their shoes is easy to follow as well.

22 4 3 36 9.35 INCHES
23 5 4 37 9.68 INCHES
23.5 6 5 38 10.02 INCHES
24.5 7 6 39 10.35 INCHES
25.5 8 7 41 10.68 INCHES
26 9 8 42 11.02 INCHES
27 10 9 43 11.34 INCHES
28 11 10 45 11.69 INCHES
29 12 11 46 12.03 INCHES
29.5 13 12 47 12.36 INCHES
  14 13 48 12.70 INCHES
  15 14 49.5 13.03 INCHES
  16 15 51 13.36 INCHES

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Dr. Martens Kids Shoe Size Chart

Dr Martens kid shoe

Dr. Martens ‘s shoes is designed to be the perfect fit for kids. Not only is it safe, but their uniquely high-quality leather material, lightweight and durable construction, and comfortable fit make them a great choice for growing feet.

Big Kids

23 5 4 37 9.54 INCHES
23.5 6 5 38 9.88 INCHES

Little Kids

17 11 10 28 7.2 INCHES
18 12 11 29 7.53 INCHES
18.5 13 12 31 7.87 INCHES
19.5 1 13 32 8.20 INCHES
20.5 2 1 33 8.54 INCHES
21.5 3 2 34 8.86 INCHES
22 4 3 36 9.21 INCHES


18-24 MONTHS 13.5 7 6 23 5.86 INCHES
2 YEARS 14 8 7 23.5 6.20 INCHES
3 YEARS 15 9 8 26 6.53 INCHES
4 YEARS 16 10 9 27 6.87 INCHES


12-18 MONTHS 11 4 3 19 4.86 INCHES
12-18 MONTHS 12 5 4 20 5.19 INCHES
18-24 MONTHS 12.5 6 5 21.5 5.53 INCHES


0-3 MONTHS 8 1 0 16 3.82 INCHES
3-6 MONTHS 9 2 1 17 4.15 INCHES
6-9 MONTHS 10 3 2 18 4.49 INCHES
9-12 MONTHS 11 4 3 19 4.82 INCHES

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Tips Of Choosing To Buy Dr. Martens Shoes

Today, the e-commerce business is growing; it is not difficult for you to own a pair of genuine Dr martens shoes. Modern Dr. Martens shoes come in a variety of designs and materials. Let’s learn more about the shoe categories to choose the right one.

Choose Dr. Martens shoes by style

Ankle boot

Dr. Martens Women 1460 6 Eye Boot

This shoe has a low ankle design. This model is also the most traditional model of the Dr. Martens shoe. This ankle shoe has a colorful design so that users can choose according to their preferences.

Low-necked Oxfords

Still in the spirit of traditional shoes with thick rubber soles and gold stitching, Dr. Martens Oxford shoes have a low-neck design, helping those who love these designs can have more choices for themselves.

Chelsea Boots

These Dr. Martens Chelsea boots are the perfect option for you if you’re not a fan of lacing up your boots. Because the shoe’s collar features an elastic layer, donning and removing the shoes is made significantly simpler and more expedient.

Lace shoes

This is the most typical shoe of the Dr. Martens boot line. With high-necked shoes, the shoes have a design of 8 sturdy eyelets. Users can easily adjust the width to suit the ankle size. Or low-necked shoes have 6 or 3 eyelet designs.

Zipper Boots

In addition to Chelsea boots or the company’s signature lacing shoe, Dr. Martens boots also have a choice of zipper shoe models. The zipper can be located on the side of the shoe or on the front, the tongue of the shoe.

Choose Dr. Martens shoes by material

Dr Martens leather boots

With the first designs, Dr. Martens’s shoes are made of Nappa leather. Over time and fashion trends, this shoe brand also changes and uses many new materials in shoe production to produce more fashionable and practical products.

Smooth leather

This is a commonly used material in the production of men’s shoes, especially Dr. Martens’s boots. This material can combine many different styles. The smooth leather boot models combined with jeans will be stronger and more personal.

Glossy leather

With glossy leather, more Chelsea boot models are often produced. Polished leather shoes are often combined with casual pants for a more elegant style for men.


One of the improvements in design materials must come to the Canvas fabric of the Dr. Martens shoes. Canvas fabric makes the shoe lighter and more suitable for street style and everyday fashion. Whether in the style of loafers or laces, Canvas shoes are still fashionable.

Synthetic fabrics

In addition to the above materials, Dr. Martens shoes also use polyester or synthetic fabrics to produce shoe models that help users move comfortably or combine with everyday clothes.

Vegan materials

Dr.Martens also offers a line of shoes that use vegan materials without using animal products. This is also one of the outstanding product lines from this boot brand.

Why You Should Own A Pair of Dr Martens Shoes?

Experiencing a lot as well as quite fierce competition in the footwear fashion industry, Dr martens has always maintained its position and is loved by many people because:

Eye-catching and attractive 

Despite the fact that it has a touch of a traditional look, Dr. Martens nevertheless supports a modern and healthy image, which helps each individual show off their own unique individuality when wearing them. Love is constantly present among young people in particular.


The exceptional durability of Dr. Martens footwear, along with its comfort and sleekness while worn, is the aspect of the brand that always seems to draw the greatest number of customers.


Customers are scored favorably and attracted to the product due to the material, which consists of shining, smooth cowhide. Dr. Martens is an excellent and appropriate option for individuals who value vitality and youth and who wish to convey the force of their personality via their choice of clothing and accessories.

Distinguishing The Line of Dr. Martens’ Shoes

Like many other fashion brands, Dr. Martens also produces many different lines of boots. Let’s find out interesting points about the Dr. Martens boot line for more than 60 years! What kind of shoes does Dr. Martens ‘s shoe brand launch?

1460 Product Line

This is the most classic shoe line of the Dr. Martens brand. And do you know why it’s called 1460? Because this shoe model was born on April 1, 1960.

1461 Product Line

This shoe line has three eyelets instead of the traditional 8. This is also a low-cut shoe, different from the 1460 ankle boot.

101 Product Line

This shoe model is made specifically for the police. This line of shoes was produced in the 60s of the 20th century. And Dr. Martens 101 boot line has six eyelets, distinguishing it from the rest.

Platform shoes

This shoe line is designed with a 1.85″ thick sole, higher than other Dr. Martens boots.

2976 Product Line

This is a line of Chelsea boots produced in the 70s. This shoe model is unisex.

1914 Product Line

This is a boot with a high collar and 14 eyelets that are unisex.


Are Doc Martens true to size?

Dr. Martens are perfect for people who have large feet because they fit true to size. If you do have narrow feet, you should think about ordering a size smaller than you normally would. By putting a sanitary pad over the heel of the shoe, you can avoid blisters from forming if you are having problems wearing the shoes while they are being broken in.

Should Dr. Martens fit a little snug?

The boots should have a snug fit, yet they shouldn’t be uncomfortable. When you try on the boot, if it does not feel comfortable, particularly in width, then it is too small. The more you wear in your Docs, the softer they will get and the more they will stretch; for more information, have a look at our guide to the different sizes we provide.

Are Doc Martens available in half sizes?

Unfortunately, Dr. Martens do not come in half sizes, and the company suggests that in order to acquire a fit that is more accurate to your size, you should size down to the whole size that is the closest to your half size rather than scaling up.

When you wear Doc Martens, do you wear socks with them?

When wearing your Dr. Martens, it is important to protect your feet from blisters and irritation by wearing thick socks. Your ankles will be exposed to the strong leather of the Doc Martens boots, so wearing thick socks is a good way to add an extra layer of protection.

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