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H&M Shoe Size Chart: Are H&M Shoes Good?






H&M’s shoe size chart has the perfect formula for online purchases: It’s easy to navigate, allows for customization, and is incredibly affordable. You can buy in-store or online and deliver your shoes to your door. One of the most significant benefits: you know exactly what shoe will look best with what outfit.

H&M Women Shoe Size Chart

H&M Shoe Store

The chart below will help you find your shoe size. We recommend that you measure both feet and take the larger of the two sizes. The length of the foot is not relevant to shoe size. Look for your height in centimeters on the left-hand side to find your H&M size in cm (inch) above. If you’re using a different measurement system, make sure it’s on a centimeter (inch) basis.

EUR US Wide Point Calf Girth (Cm) Wide Point Calf Girth (Inch)
42 11 39.00 Cm 15.25 Inches
41 10 38.50 Cm 15.00 Inches
40 9 38.00 Cm 15.00 Inches
39 8 37.50 Cm 14.75 Inches
38 7 37.00 Cm 14.50 Inches
37 6 36.50 Cm 14.25 Inches
36 5 36.00 Cm 14.00 Inches
35 4 35.50 Cm 14.00 Inches
34 3 35.00 Cm 13.25 Inches

H&M Men Shoe Size Chart

H&M men shoe store

If you’re wondering what your shoe size is, you probably know someone who has already tried out the H&M Men’s Shoe Size Chart. But, more specifically, let’s review how you can find your shoe size in H&M.

EUR US Foot size ( inch) Foot size (Cm )
47 13 11.75 Inches 30.00 Cm
46 12 11.50 Inches 29.50 Cm
45 11.5 11.25 Inches 29.00 Cm
44 10.5 11.00 Inches 28.30 Cm
43 10 10.75 Inches 27.60 Cm
42 9 10.50 Inches 26.90 Cm
41 8.5 10.25 Inches 26.30 Cm
40 7.5 10.00 Inches 25.60 Cm
39 7 9.75 Inches 25.00 Cm
38 6 9.50 Inches 24.30 Cm

H&M Baby Shoe Size Chart

H&M Baby Shoe

Children’s shoes are notoriously difficult to measure, so finding the appropriate size can be challenging. Though no one wants to spend too much time looking for the correct sizing charts, these will help you find accurate H&M baby shoe sizes without trouble.

EUR US Foot Size (inch) Foot Size (Cm)
20/21 5.5 5.00 Inches 12.40 Cm
18/19 4-5 4.50 Inches 11.10 Cm
16/17 2-3 4.00 Inches 9.80 Cm
14/15 0-1 3.50 Inches 8.60 Cm
12/13 00 2.75 Inches 7.30 Cm

H&M Kids Shoe Size Chart

Disney Frozen film themed children clothes in HM clothes store

H&M Kids shoes come in various sizes, so determining the right size for your little one can be tricky. So to make it a little easier, we’ve put together this handy shoe-size chart.

EUR US Foot Size (Cm) Foot Size (inch)
31 13.5 19.20 Cm 7.50 Inches
30 12.5 18.50 Cm 7.25 Inches
29 12 17.90 Cm 7.00 Inches
28 11 17.30 Cm 6.75 Inches
27 10 16.70 Cm 6.50 Inches
26 9 16.10 Cm 6.25 Inches
25 8.5 15.40 Cm 6.00 Inches
24 7.5 14.80 Cm 5.75 Inches
23 7 14.20 Cm 5.50 Inches
22 6 13.60 Cm 5.25 Inches

History Of H&M Brand

HM brand store

H&M, the world’s second-largest clothing retailer, was founded by Erling Persson in 1947.He had a small shop and sold tobacco and candy. He opened the store under the name “Hennes” (meaning ‘his’ in Swedish) to sell clothes for men only. In 1948 he expanded his store by adding a separate building called “Mauritz,” which sold clothing for women with an area named after him.” The company shortened its full name to H&M in 1970.


Are H&M Shoes Good?

H&M is a clothing retailer that can be found throughout the world. It is a place to find cheap clothes, but with quality and style. However, not all H&M products are created to be good choices. The quality of some products made by H&M has been debated, with some saying that H&M shoes are no more than cheap outsourced products.

Is H&M sizing small?

Many people think that h&m is sizing small, but they are wrong. H&M is offering clothes that run a bit large. It’s all about the fit and the style, not the size! So, if you’re looking for a flattering new wardrobe, go to h&m and try on the clothes before purchasing them. You can find plus-size

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