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Jordan Shoe Size Chart: Are Their Size Same Nike?






Jordan’s sizing is pretty straightforward. Jordan shoe sizes and other shoe sizes have been a common topic of conversation, so I decided to make this essay in response. It’s important to note that when your sneakers are brand new, they will be at the Jordan size listed on their packaging, which may be different from what you think you’re going to need because it can vary depending on how long the shoe is made for.

Jordan Shoes Store

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Jordan Men Shoe Size Chart

Jordan Men shoe

The Jordan Men’s shoe size chart lists the US shoe sizes for each Jordan style. This list includes the US and UK size widely agreed upon as being the most accurate. It includes some Canadian, Australian, European, and Japanese size equivalents.

47.5 12 13 12.20Inches
47 11.5 12.5 12.00Inches
46 11 12 11.80Inches
45.5 10.5 11.5 11.60Inches
45 10 11 11.40Inches
44.5 9.5 10.5 11.20Inches
44 9 10 11.00Inches
43 8.5 9.5 10.80Inches
42.5 8 9 10.60Inches
42 7.5 8.5 10.40Inches
41 7 8 10.20Inches
40.5 6.5 7.5 10.00Inches
40 6 7 9.80Inches
39 6 6.5 9.60Inches
38.5 5.5 6 9.40Inches

Jordan Women Shoe Size Chart

Jordan Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Jordan release Women Shoes come in different models for every style and occasion. Choose the best shoes for your favorite one now. Jordan shoes have a high quality and trendy design that you would like to have when attending a party or wearing an outfit. Some of their popular designs include the Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5, Air Jordan 6, and many more from the brand.

43 8.5 11 11.00Inches
42.5 8 10.5 10.80Inches
42 7.5 10 10.60Inches
41 7 9.5 10.40Inches
40.5 6.5 9 10.20Inches
40 6 8.5 10.00Inches
39 5.5 8 9.80Inches
38.5 5 7.5 9.60Inches
38 4.5 7 9.40Inches
37.5 4 6.5 9.20Inches
36.5 3.5 6 9.00Inches
36 3 5.5 8.80Inches
35.5 2.5 5 8.60Inches
35 2 4.5 8.40Inches
34.5 1.5 4 8.20Inches

Jordan Kids Shoe Size Chart

Jordan shoes are coming in lots of styles, colors, and sizes. Children can find the perfect Jordan for their style with this Jordan kids’ shoe size chart. The shoes in the chart range from toddler sizes to 12 years old and are for boys only. It also tells you what each number on the box stands for, so you know what type of footwear your child will receive if they purchase these shoes from a store or online.

Jordan Kids Shoe Size Chart
40 6 7 9.60Inches
39 6 6.5 9.40Inches
38.5 5.5 6 9.30Inches
38 5 5.5 9.10Inches
37.5 4.5 5 9.00Inches
36.5 4 4.5 8.80Inches
36 3.5 4 8.60Inches
35.5 3 3.5 8.50Inches

Jordan Shoe Sizing For Wide Feet

Jordan Shoe Sizing For Wide Feet

If you have broad feet, then you know that finding shoes that fit well may be a bit tough. Thankfully Jordan has come up with a shoe size chart to help make the process easier. Below, we will go through the different ranges of sizes and what they mean when it comes to width fittings.

To find your shoe size, measure your foot from the heel to toe and follow any conversion chart. Once you have found your US size, refer to the table below, which displays the equivalent UK and European sizing so that you can compare it against your new purchase online or in-store.

In addition, the sizes of all of the shoes available in this store are displayed. For example, if you have a size 10 in your sneakers, show us by wearing them outside and clicking pictures of your feet. Others will see these shoes on our social media platforms, allowing them to purchase identical pairs.

How To Measure Your Feet For Jordan Shoe Size?

Jordan shoes are the most popular basketball shoe brand on the market today, and they’re expanding their footprint with each release. But all of that popularity comes at a price: these shoes are notoriously difficult to find in stores. You can buy them online, but it’s going to cost you. That’s why we’ve created this article for you to help ease your pain of Jordan shoe shopping by providing a detailed Jordan shoe size chart with measurements for both kids and adults! 

Measuring your foot

Step on the ruler or tape measure to get an accurate reading of the flat surface area of your foot’s ball (the widest point). Stand with your heel against a wall, flat-footed. Measure the distance from the rear of your heel to the tip of your longest toe with a ruler or tape measure on the floor.

Choosing the right width

Your feet’s health and well-being depend on the width of your shoe. Shoe widths provide us with a wide range of options for finding a correct fit. For example, wide-width shoes have broader and deeper bottoms and toe caps than normal-fitting shoes.

Shoe anatomy & measurements

Finding the correct shoe size is easier if you know what to look for and how to measure it. Consider the product characteristics and measurements before purchasing a pair of shoes.

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Do Jordans run true to size?

True to size, the Air Jordan 1s. But if you have narrow feet and like a snug fit to prevent the inevitable toe-box wrinkle, go down a half-size.

How do I determine my Jordan shoe size?

The sizing of Air Jordans is spot on. Go with your typical Air Jordan shoe size to get the most excellent fit. Air Jordan 1s, 5s, and 11s come in the same size, no matter which model you choose. Follow your True-To-Size measurements. That’s all there is to it.

Why do Jordans run big?

Many of the original versions have a more comfortable fit, and some are even true to size. Despite this, the most recent Jordan 13s run bigger than previous editions. The shoe’s design, particularly the top ankle support, improves its grip. You may use your feet to get a sense of where you are.

How do Womens Jordans fit?

Although some individuals believe that women’s Jordans fit a little tighter and are less broad in the toebox, men’s Jordans should fit the same as the comparable size in women’s Jordans. Your men’s Jordan shoe size is usually 1.5 sizes smaller than your women’s Jordan shoe size.

Should you size down in Jordan 4?

It is important to note that the Jordan 4s are true to size. However, if your size is out of stock, you’ll be better off sizing up rather than down. There is the option to remove the insole if the shoe is too big, but I prefer to add an insole if they are too big since it is simply so much more comfortable.

How do Jordan Lows fit?

There is no room for the mistake when it comes to the Jordan 1! No problems will arise if you keep to your usual size. This affects all three silhouettes. The Jordan 1 is a famous shoe because of its durability.


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