Birkenstock Shoe Size Chart: How To Fit?

Birkenstocks are slippers created by the brand of the same name – Birkenstocks – a famous German footwear manufacturer born in the 1970sAfter going through many stages of development, Birkenstocks finally returned to the fashion village with trendy images and easy to combine with many styles. The slim, compact design also becomes an advantage that many fashionistas love.

On the catwalk spring-summer 2013-2014, Birkenstocks-style sandals were introduced by many fashion houses through their collections with stylish and creative designs suitable for the catwalk.

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Quite a few people have questions about what Birkenstock shoe size they wear, so we decided to put together this chart to help make it easier for everyone. We hope you enjoy it!

Shoe Size Chart for Women

Birkenstock women shoes

Birkenstocks has a design that is rugged and robust, which leads many people to believe that these sandals are intended for males. However, after being made smaller, slimmer, and more creative in color, Birkenstocks quickly became a favorite and a style that was applied by many female fashionistas beginning in the summer of 2014.

4-4.5 2.5 35 225
5-5.5 3.5 36 230
6-6.5 4.5 37 240
7-7.5 5 38 245
8-8.5 5.5 39 250
9-9.5 7 40 260
10-10.5 7.5 41 265
11-11.5 8 42 270
12-12.5 9 43 280

Shoe Size Chart for Men

Birkenstock men shoe

The standard design of the Birkenstock shoe is aimed at both men and women. The difference between these slippers only lies in the way they are marketed. The design is intended to fit many different foot types while also allowing the shoe to be adjusted to the individual’s foot shape and size through a variety of manufacturers’ versions that have been created over the years.

6-6.5 5.5 39 250
7-7.5 7 40 260
8-8.5 7.5 41 265
9-9.5 8 42 270
10-10.5 9 43 280
11-11.5 9.5 44 285
12-12.5 10.5 45 295
13-13.5 11.5 46 300
14-14.5 12 47 305
15-15.5 13 48 310
16-16.5 14 49 320
17-17.5 14.5 50 325

Shoe Size Chart for Kids

Birkenstock kid shoe

Children’s slippers are made in sizes that are quite a bit smaller than the standard adult size. The reason for this is to make sure that the sandals are small enough for little feet. However, there are not too many children who have full-size feet, so most brands will also offer a miniature version of the style.

6-6.5 7 24 150
7-7.5 8 25 160
8-8.5 8.5 26 165
9-9.5 9 27 170
10-10.5 10 28 180
11-11.5 11 29 185
12-12.5 11.5 30 190
13-13.5 13 31 200
1-1.5 13.5 32 205
2-2.5 1 33 210
3-3.5 2 34 220

How Should Birkenstocks Be Worn?

We are aware of the question running through your head: Should you size down in Birkenstocks? To put it simply, no. In general, Birkenstocks come in sizes that fit quite true to size; however, because EU sizing is what they come in, you will need to be sure to follow your EU sizing. Additionally, it is essential to remember that the vast majority of models typically come in two different fits, regular and narrow. Examining the image of the foot that is printed on the insole will reveal this information to you. It is a narrow-fitting shoe if it is filled in. If not, then it is regular.

Regular and Narrow

If you have narrow feet or if your foot moves to the side while you wear the regular fit, you may find that the narrow fit works better for you; however, the vast majority of people should be able to get away with a normal fit. Keep in mind that Birkenstocks are intended to have some extra space in them, so you probably won’t need to order a size smaller than you normally would.


Birkenstocks are really comfy after you have broken them in and found the appropriate fit for your feet in them. The footbed and the strap provide the support, and together they should give the impression that you are wearing a shoe with a sealed toe. When you first put on your Birkenstocks, the contoured footbed may take some getting used to. However, after you’ve worn them for a while, you should find that they are really comfortable.

However, if your feet are extremely sensitive, the brand does make a ‘Soft Footbed’ version of most of the styles, which means that an additional cushioned layer of natural rubber has been added in between the cork and the latex for additional comfort. This option is available for most styles. Toe grips and the arch should be exactly where you want them to be in your Birkenstock sandals if you ordered the correct size.

How To Style Birkenstocks?

When it comes to accessorizing with Birkenstocks, things can get very straightforward. Birkenstocks can be dressed up with a lovely dress or down with a pair of straight-fit jeans; nevertheless, you should try wearing them with a few different outfits to determine which combination complements you the most.

Birkenstocks selection criteria

With the different types of Birkenstocks available, you have the option of selecting a style that is going to work for you. You probably shouldn’t buy a pair if you don’t know what type of Birkenstock slippers you like the most.


In Birkenstocks, there is no need to size up or down from your normal EU size; you should be comfortable wearing them as is. They are available in both a regular and a narrow fit, so make sure you get the one that is appropriate for you.


Birkenstocks are known for their exceptional comfort and ability to mold to the shape of the wearer’s feet over time. While this is something that is subjective and not one of the most important criteria to look out for in a shoe, we all have our own preferences when it comes to the type of comfort we want out of a shoe.


The design of the slippers will also influence your choice; again, it can be simple and plain, or you can opt for a unique style if you want. Birkenstocks are the ideal footwear for the summer, and they look wonderful paired with dresses, fitted trousers, or jeans with straight legs.

Tips for Choosing The Right Shoe Size

When choosing shoes, you should choose an extra room to make your feet comfortable, and on the other hand, slippers should be bought tightly so that they will eventually stretch out over time. Use this method when choosing the closest size to fit your foot.

  • Your heel needs to ensure that it adheres to the sole of the shoe without the phenomenon of heel loosening. The midsole and upper of the shoe are snug but not too tight.
  • To be able to stretch the toe, there needs to be a small amount of room in the toe.
  • You may notice that your feet have enlarged as you become older. Therefore, every year you should recalculate your foot length.
  • Alternately, the length or width of the left foot and the right foot may differ from one another. Therefore, ensure that you measure both feet and always select the appropriate shoe size for the foot that is larger.
  • If you feel your feet are in between different shoe sizes and you don’t know which shoe size to choose, we recommend choosing a larger size. Then, you can adjust by wearing thick socks or adding pads to create the necessary leg hug.
  • As a general rule, the size of your foot will increase slightly throughout the course of the day. Because of this, it is best to measure the length of your foot at the end of the day, when it will be at its greatest.


Are Birkenstocks very large?

A sandal is too tiny for you if your toes are able to touch or extend beyond the perimeter of the footbed while you wear it. The sandal is overly large if there is an excessive amount of room at both the toes and the heel. The sandal is overly large if there is an excessive amount of room at both the toes and the heel.

Does Birkenstock offer half sizes?

Half sizes are not available for purchase at Birkenstock. In these circumstances, we advise that you choose the size that is the following size up from what you normally wear. In this case, that equates to a size 39. Models from Birkenstock are typically offered in sizes ranging from 24 to 50.

Are Birkenstocks comfortable to wear for long distances?

While you are on your feet, the cork footbed will make your feet feel cushioned and will provide firm arch support. This will allow you to be on your feet for extended periods of time while touring cities or traveling in the countryside. Other advantages of traveling in Birkenstocks include the following: Require no break-in period.

Is it possible to get Birkenstocks wet?

Although we do provide a collection of shoes that are water-resistant, it is not recommended that you wear the majority of our models when swimming. In some cases, if the sealant components are oversaturated, this can impair their integrity. Additionally, it has the potential to alter the appearance and finish of the materials. If your shoes get wet, you should let them dry slowly in the air, away from sources of direct heat.

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