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New Balance Shoe Size Chart: How To Choose Your Size?






New Balance is an American fashion shoe brand. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. This is a company specializing in manufacturing sports shoes from the US, founded in 1906 by a British emigrant named William J.Riley. Its full name is New Balance Arch Support Company.

New Balance NB ML574UJD Classics

New Balance shoes do not focus on advertising campaigns, so they are not as loud as other brands, but with good quality, trendy designs, and reasonable prices, New Balance is always one of the most loved and bought shoe brands in the world today.

The New Balance shoe size chart is a visual representation of the different shoe sizes typically produced by New Balance. This chart will help you select your perfect shoe size, which should be available in most major retailers around the world.

New Balance Store

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New Balance Shoe Size Chart For Men

New Balance men shoe

New Balance uses two systems of sizing: the US (American) and the UK (British). By default, their shoes are listed with the UK sizing. The chart below includes both. The most standard US conversion is listed as well, which can be derived from the table further below. You might also see a European size on some models; this is a non-standard system that New Balance has developed over time to fit their European customer base. You will find the conversion ratio between this size and its pair in our chart below.

Centimeters EU/FR Size US size UK Size
22.00 36 4 3.5
22.50 37 4.5 4
23.00 37.5 5 4.5
23.50 38 5.5 5
24.00 38.5 6 5.5
24.50 39.5 6.5 6
25.00 40 7 6.5
25.50 40.5 7.5 7
26.00 41.5 8 7.5
26.50 42 8.5 8
27.00 42.5 9 8.5
27.50 43 9.5 9
28.00 44 10 9.5
28.50 44.5 10.5 10
29.00 45 11 10.5
29.50 45.5 11.5 11
30.00 46.5 12 11.5
30.50 47 12.5 12
31.00 47.5 13 12.5
32.00 49 14 13.5
33.00 50 15 14.5
34.00 51 16 15.5
35.00 52 17 16.5
36.00 53 18 17.5
37.00 54 19 18.5
38.00 55 20 19.5

New Balance Shoe Widths for Men

It is absolutely necessary for comfort to have the appropriate fit. Because of this, they are quite pleased to have one of the most comprehensive collections of shoes available in extended widths, ranging from X-Narrow to XX-Wide.

X-Narrow Narrow Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide
2A B D 2E 4E 6E

New Balance Shoe Size Chart For Women

New Balance shoes have a number of merits associated with their popularity, such as; the fact that they are well-designed and manufactured, so they are comfortable when worn for long periods of time or on regular occasions and the simple fact that they will give your feet the support it needs whilst being on your feet all day. Because of this, they manufacture shoes that are specifically made for women with a wide range of fitting options.

New Balance women shoe
Centimeters EU/FR Size US size UK Size
22.00 35 5 3
22.50 36 5.5 3.5
23.00 36.5 6 4
23.50 37 6.5 4.5
24.00 37.5 7 5
24.50 38 7.5 5.5
25.00 39 8 6
25.50 40 8.5 6.5
26.00 40.5 9 7
26.50 41 9.5 7.5
27.00 41.5 10 8
27.50 42.5 10.5 8.5
28.00 43 11 9
28.50 43.5 11.5 9.5
29.00 44 12 10
29.50 45 12.5 10.5
30.00 45.5 13 11
30.50 46 13.5 11.5
31.00 46.5 14 12
32.00 48 15 13

New Balance Shoe Widths For Women

As with women’s shoes, it is absolutely necessary for comfort to have the appropriate fit. Because of this, they are quite pleased to have one of the most comprehensive collections of shoes available in extended widths, ranging from X-Narrow to XX-Wide.

X-Narrow Narrow Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide
4A 2A B D 2E 4E

New Balance Shoe Size Chart For Kids and Toddlers

Because children grow so much faster than adults, it’s a good idea that they wear shoes that fit them at all times. Since many children like to roughhouse with their friends or run around in the backyard, you may want to consider a style that has an athletic look and feel, which will allow them to run around freely.

New Balance kid shoe


Centimeters Inches US Size UK Size
12.10 4.75 5 21
12.70 5 5.5 21.5
13.03 5.13 6 22.5
13.34 5.25 6.5 23
13.97 5.5 7 23.5
14.30 5.63 7.5 24
14.60 5.75 8 25
15.24 6 8.5 25.5
15.57 6.13 9 26
15.87 6.25 9.5 26.5
16.50 6.5 10 27.5

Little Kid

Centimeters Inches US Size UK Size
17.15 6.75 11 28.5
17.78 7 11.5 29
18.11 7.13 12 30
18.42 7.25 12.5 30.5
19.05 7.5 13 31
19.38 7.63 13.5 32
19.69 7.75 1 32.5
20.32 8 1.5 33
20.65 8.13 2 33.5
20.96 8.25 2.5 34.5
21.59 8.5 3 35
21.92 8.63 3.5 35.5

Big Kid

Centimeters Inches US Size UK Size
22.23 8.75 4 36
22.86 9 4.5 37
23.19 9.13 5 37.5
23.50 9.25 5.5 38
24.13 9.5 6 38.5
24.46 9.63 6.5 39
24.77 9.75 7 40

Shoe Widths for Kids and Toddlers

It is vitally necessary to have the appropriate fit in order to have comfort, just like it is with children’s shoes. Because of this, they are extremely proud to have one of the most extensive collections of shoes that are available in extended widths, ranging from Standard to X-Wide.

Standard Wide X-WIde

How To Measure Your Feet To Choose The Best New Balance Shoe Size?

It is never simple to determine the appropriate shoe size for one’s foot. If you choose the incorrect shoe size, you are asking for a lot of difficulty for yourself. In order to choose the New Balance shoe size that caters to your requirements the most effectively, please refer to the following advice for instructions on how to accurately measure your feet:

Prepare tools

Before measuring your foot size, you must prepare a full range of measuring aids as follows:

  • A large white sheet of paper (must be bigger than your foot)
  • A ballpoint pen or pencil
  • A measure
  • A pair of socks (when measuring your feet, wearing socks helps you measure more accurately)

In order to make it easier for you to understand, refer to how to measure your foot size; we have the following measurement convention:

  • A = Shoe Size
  • B = Length of foot

Steps to measure your feet

Choosing the right shoes will help you move more easily and comfortably. To measure the correct foot size, follow these steps:

Step 1: Draw the foot 

First, you put the paper on the floor and then put your foot on the paper firmly. Then, using the pre-prepared pen, draw the frame of your foot.

Note: you should keep the pencil upright and perpendicular to the paper for the most accurate drawing.

Step 2: Mark the width and length measurements

You use the pen to draw a line to touch the points at the top and bottom. Also, draw both sides of the foot shape you drew in step 1 to measure the length and width of the foot.

Step 3: Determine the length of the foot (B)

Use a ruler to measure the length from below the upper line to the lower line drawn. After the measurement is complete, you can round the number to about 0.5cm. You should round the number down to eliminate numerical errors when drawing the feet because the lines are often slightly different from the actual size of the leg.

Note: It is recommended to measure on a line perpendicular to the lower and upper two lines.

Step 4: How to choose shoe size

You record your measurements on a piece of paper and then apply the shoe size selection formula on the scale as follows: A = B + 1.5cm = your shoe size.

For example: You measure B = 24cm => A = 24cm + 1.5cm = 25.5cm. So your shoe size will be 25.5cm. Based on the above measurements, you compare with the New Balance shoe size chart to determine your exact shoe size.

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Tips For Measuring Your Feet

Currently, many consumers are interested in how to measure their feet. Therefore, when measuring your feet, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Choose the right shoe size to help you move comfortably when wearing.
  • Socks should be worn on both feet to get the most accurate measurements.
  • It is recommended to measure the foot in the most relaxed state or measure at night to get the correct size.
  • Because each of our feet is unique, it is important to take measurements of both of them. In order to properly select the appropriate shoe size, please select the lengthier and wider dimensions of your foot.
  • When selecting a size, you should go up a whole size if you have particularly broad and large feet.

How To Choose a New Balance Shoe Size?

Despite being an American brand, New Balance has a slightly different shoe size conversion formula than most other brands. Let’s find out how to choose a New Balance shoe size as well as the New Balance Size Chart conversion table.

Aside from Hoka shoe , New Balance is the only other shoe brand in the US that features a half-size conversion between UK and US sizes. Adidas also follows the same sizing convention for US and UK sizing but differs in EU and CM sizes.

New Balance shoe

If you look at the size charts of other major athletic shoe brands like Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour, they have US and UK conversion differences. And if you find it difficult to understand, let’s take a few examples.

  • The US size 10 in Nike is the UK size 9.
  • Size 10 US in Reebok is also Size 9 UK.

But when it comes to the New Balance size chart, US size 10 converts to UK 9.5. Naturally, all of this can be confusing when switching between brands.

The following is the tried-and-true rule of thumb for ensuring that all brands are the appropriate size: Put the US, UK, and EUR sizes out of your mind and stick to the CM/JP (Centimeter) measurements as your standard. Because, out of all of the numerous sizing conventions (US, UK, EU, and FR), the CM size is the only one that accurately depicts the length of the shoe.

For example, if you have a Nike size 10 US, it will convert to a size 27.1 CM – so when buying a pair of New Balance shoes, buy a size 27 or 27.5 CM. Because if you buy a size 10 US from New Balance, it is 28 CM – bigger than Nike in the same US size.

This is why you should always refer to the CM size when switching brands.


Are the sizes of New Balance shoes accurate?

Take the size that you normally wear in New Balance sneakers because they fit true to size. Because New Balance sneakers are designed to provide a comfortable fit right out of the box, in contrast to a large number of other sneaker brands, they do not have to be broken in first.

Who exactly is New Balance’s owner?

In 1972, Jim Davis purchased a modest shoemaker in Boston and converted it into New Balance, which now has estimated sales of $3.6 billion. Davis, who acts as the company’s chairman, and his wife Anna, who has been with the company since 1977 and now serves as vice chairman, run New Balance. It is estimated that he and members of his family own approximately 95 percent of the privately held corporation.

How do the New Balances feel to use?

These shoes are perfect for walking since they are known for their comfort, cushioning, quality, support,  and stability. New Balance shoes are a popular choice among those who walk for exercise because of these qualities. In addition to that, they provide a variety of shoe types and styles so that you may find something that fits your specific requirements, such as having extra-wide feet or flat feet.

Is New Balance trendy?

There isn’t always a strong association between coolness and New Balance sneakers. They are famous precisely because they are the antithesis of everything else. They are the kind of item that moms and dads wear when they go on vacation together. However, renowned people have taken an interest in them, and we can no longer view them in the same manner.

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