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Brooks Shoe Size Chart: Technologies of Brooks






Brooks is a running shoe brand from the US. To many people, the name Brooks may seem strange compared to other famous brands in the sports world such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, etc., but in the US and Europe, Brooks has been storming in recent years. . Brooks overtook Asics in 2013-2014 to occupy the leading position in the professional running shoe market, with a 29% market share (2014).

Brooks ‘s slogan: RUN HAPPY – short but meaningful. With this slogan, Brooks urges everyone to come running for a hobby, for fun, not because of achievements or medals whatsoever. Fast or slow doesn’t matter; running must be fun!

Brook Shoe

The Brooks brand shoe size chart is a helpful guide for those who are looking to find out the best fit for their feet. It is based on the primary measurements of feet and natural shoe size, which will assist you in finding your perfect fit with this company’s shoes. To help you find your correct fitting, Brooks has provided sizing charts below, which outline various styles of shoes and how they would recommend wearing them.

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Brooks Women Shoe Size Chart  

Girls, Brooks offers a dedicated size chart for female feet. Make the appropriate choice by consulting their size charts if you are having problems locating an item that will fit you properly. The following charts outline the best options for those who are looking for something trendy and stylish. And finally, you never have to worry about your shoe size again – using this chart will guarantee you a perfect fit with almost any pair of shoes from Brooks.

Brooks women shoe

Brooks Shoe Size Comparison

Europe US UK
35.50 5 3
36.00 5.5 3.5
36.50 6 4
37.50 6.5 4.5
38.00 7 5
38.50 7.5 5.5
39.00 8 6
40.00 8.5 6.5
40.50 9 7
41.00 9.5 7.5
42.00 10 8
42.50 10.5 8.5
43.00 11 9
44.00 11.5 9.5
44.50 12 10
45.00 12.5 10.5
45.50 13 11

Brooks Shoe Width Comparison

Narrow Medium Wide Extra Wide
Men’s B D 2E 4E
Women’s 2A B D 2E

Brooks Men Shoe Size Chart

Men, Brooks has also created a size chart, which will provide you with the right information as to what you should be looking for. Using this chart will allow you to make the right decision when picking out the best pair of sneakers.

Brooks men shoe

Brooks Shoe Size Comparison

Europe US UK
37.50 5 4
38.00 5.5 4.5
38.50 6 5
39.00 6.5 5.5
40.00 7 6
40.50 7.5 6.5
41.00 8 7
42.00 8.5 7.5
42.50 9 8
43.00 9.5 8.5
44.00 10 9
44.50 10.5 9.5
45.00 11 10
45.50 11.5 10.5
46.00 12 11
46.50 12.5 11.5
47.50 13 12
48.50 14 13
49.50 15 14
50.50 16 15

Brooks Shoe Width Comparison

Narrow Medium Wide Extra Wide
Men’s B D 2E 4E
Women’s 2A B D 2E

Brooks Size Chart for All Gender

Finally, we have the sizing chart for all people. Brooks is hoping that all of their customers can use this chart to find the best fit for their own feet. By using this chart, buyers can make better choices for their shoe purchases. If you have any further questions when it comes to the sizing of shoes and how to fit them, Brooks can offer all kinds of advice. They can provide you with various tips.

Brooks Shoe Size Comparison

All Gender US Men’s US Women’s US Europe UK
5 5 6.5 37.50 4
5.5 5.5 7 38.00 4.5
6 6 7.5 38.50 5
6.5 6.5 8 39.00 5.5
7 7 8.5 40.00 6
7.5 7.5 9 40.50 6.5
8 8 9.5 41.00 7
8.5 8.5 10 42.00 7.5
9 9 10.5 42.50 8
9.5 9.5 11 43.00 8.5
10 10 11.5 44.00 9
10.5 10.5 12 44.50 9.5
11 11 12.5 45.00 10
11.5 11.5 13 45.50 10.5
12 12 13.5 46.00 11
12.5 12.5 14 46.50 11.5
13 13 14.5 47.50 12
14 14 15.5 48.50 13
15 15 16.5 49.50 14
16 16 17.5 50.50 15

Brooks Shoe Width Comparison

Narrow Medium Wide Extra Wide
Men’s B D 2E 4E
Women’s 2A B D 2E
All gender B D 2E 4E

How To Measure Foot For Running Shoes Accurately?

Surely, everyone has the first time buying a pair of running shoes; if you have the opportunity to go directly to the running store, you will be able to try the shoes directly and get the help of a consultant. However, not everyone buys shoes directly; a lot of shoes are negotiated and ordered online, so how do we buy running shoes online and still choose the right size for our feet?

Choosing the right shoe size will save you time, money, and effort. How to measure your feet to know the right shoe size will help you limit injuries such as hurt toe due to tight and ankle pain due to slippage because shoes are too long.

Understand the parameters of the foot

To begin; it is necessary for us to gain an understanding of the characteristics of our feet; the length of the foot can be measured in the following straightforward manner:

Step 1: Get a sheet of paper cut to the size of an A4 and put it next to the wall. Put your heel on the wall and step in the middle of the paper so that your toes are touching it.

Step 2: Make a mark with the pen at the spot on the paper where the toe is the most extended, and then proceed to draw the outline of the foot from there. If the sizes are different, choose the side that has the foot that is the larger.

Step 3: Measure from the longest toe to the heel so you can get the exact size of your foot.

Refer to the size chart

You should consult the size chart provided by the shoemaker. There is a size chart available for both women and men, and it provides measurements that are consistent with the shoes that are offered. In this section, I want to underline that everything is relative; there will always be little differences across shoe lines produced by the same company as well as separate brands altogether.

Necessary distance

When you are trying on shoes, it is a common recommendation when choosing a running shoe size that the required width from toe to toe of shoes should be equal to or approximately the width of your thumb. Too little extra width can make your feet uncomfortable and hurt your toes during long runs and high speeds, and too much can cause loose feet in the shoe and uncomfortable strides.

Outstanding Technologies of Brooks

Brooks and shoe box

Brooks does not have a professional marketing apparatus like Nike or Adidas, so its running shoe technology seems to be little known to everyone, except for professional runners who have been using Brooks’ shoes. Brooks’ technologies, such as HydroFlow, DNA, and BioMogo, among others, are difficult to equal in terms of brands when compared to Nike’s AIR, Asics’ GEL, or Adidas BOOST; nonetheless, Brooks still maintains its own voice in the running world. Because of what exactly?

Learn more by taking a look at some of the most impressive innovations developed by Brooks below:

EVA – Revolutionary Technology in the Industry

In 1975, Brooks partnered with Monarch Rubber Company to develop a new material that was both resilient and lighter than current materials. The result of this cooperation is the birth of new synthetic material with the structure of microscopic air pockets interspersed within layers of foam molecules, called EVA – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.

EVA is much lighter in weight than rubber and also has better elastic shock resistance. The introduction of EVA marked a revolution in the sports shoe industry. In addition, EVA is also used a lot in life, such as floor pads, yoga mats, etc.


HydroFlow® technology was introduced by Brooks in 1989 to compete with Nike’s AIR technology and Asics’ GEL technology. HydroFlow® is a mechanical buffer located in the heel area of the midsole. Inside the cushion is a compacted silicone oil to reduce shock and create comfort for the foot when running. HydroFlow® was used in all Brooks shoes until it was completely replaced by DNA technology released in 2010.

DNA Technology

DNA is Brooks’ most advanced midsole technology to date, first introduced in 2010 in the Glycerin 8 shoe. The outstanding advantage of DNA technology is the ability to customize the stiffness and elasticity depending on the force acting on it. DNA technology will dynamically change resilience depending on weight, speed, and terrain. Two different runners will feel different elastic forces from the DNA.

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Do Brooks sneakers come in the correct size?

When compared to shoes made by other brands, we almost always find that ours are a hair shorter in length. We suggest getting your Brooks running shoes a half size to a size and a half larger than what you normally wear in casual or dress shoes.

What’s the difference in size between Brooks and Asics?

When it comes to the fit, Asics shoes are more form-fitting than Brooks shoes. In particular, the toe box of Brooks running shoes is more spacious. As a result, Brooks suggests stepping up a half size from your typical shoe size when purchasing their products.

What exactly does “GTS” stand for in Brooks footwear?

The term “GTS” stands for “Go-To-Support,” and their company makes use of a technology called “Guiderails” to provide comprehensive support that enables your hips, knees, and joints to move in the way that they normally would. 

Why do Brooks sneakers have such a stellar reputation?

In the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of plantar fasciitis, the stress absorption, and maximum arch support that Brooks walking shoes give are of the utmost importance. Finally, Brooks walking shoes offer built-in support on both sides of the heel, which helps to prevent unnecessary motion while wearing the shoes.

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