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Hanna Andersson Size Chart: Are Their Pajamas Good?






What began as an obsession with the exquisite craftsmanship of children’s apparel has evolved into a source of motivation that ensures the products they produce are both comfortable and of the highest quality. Hanna Andersson is a clothing manufacturer that caters to ladies, infants, toddlers, and children of all ages. 

Hanna Andersson was established more than thirty years ago by Gun Denhart, a Swedish woman who, at the time, was residing in the United States. Her objective was to create a line of iconic designs that married form and function, had a true dedication to preserving the environment, and promoted a way of living that led to joyful, purposeful lives. These are all distinctively Scandinavian principles.

Hanna Andersson store
Hanna Andersson store

To find the perfect piece for your little one, turn to the Hanna Andersson Size Chart. The Hanna Andersson size chart gives you a sense of the different options for baby clothing, especially pajamas. Hanna Andersson offers sizing for their clothing based on a child’s height and weight, so take measurements from your child to be sure you get the perfect fit!

Hanna Andersson Size Chart For Kids

Hanna Andersson clothing via Facebook
Hanna Andersson clothing via Facebook

Buy them huge. Buy your pajamas in the following size higher if you want to be able to wear them again the following year. Because they have a close cut, your children can still wear them this year (they just will be a little long). After that, you’ll be able to reuse them the next year! The only person who is exempt from this rule is a baby. Get high-quality pajamas the size the infant is now wearing because it is impossible to buy pajamas that are too big for a baby.


Height Weight US Size Hanna Size
30-34 in 20-30 lbs 2.0 80/85 cm
34-38 in 26-33 lbs 3.0 90 cm
38-42 in 31-38 lbs 4.0 100 cm
42-46 in 37-48 lbs 5.0 110 cm
46-50 in 45-55 lbs 6.0-7.0 120 cm
50-54 in 52-64 lbs 8.0 130 cm
54-58 in 62-80 lbs 10.0 140 cm
58-62 in 75-95 lbs 12.0 150 cm
62-66 in 88-110 lbs 14.0-16.0 160 cm


Foot Length USA EURO Age
5⅝ 8.0 25.0 3-4 yrs
6⅛ 8.5 26.0 3-4 yrs
9.0 26.0 4-5 yrs
6⅜ 9.5 27.0 4-5 yrs
6⅝ 10.0 27.0 4-5 yrs
10.5 28.0 5-5 1/2 yrs
6⅞ 11.0 28.0 5-6 yrs
11.5 29.0 5-6 yrs
12.0 30.0 6-7 yrs
7⅜ 12.5 31.0 6-7 yrs
7⅝ 13.0 31.0 7-8 yrs
13.5 32.0 7-8 yrs
7⅞ 1Y 32.0 7-8 yrs
8⅛ 1.5Y 33.0 8-9 yrs
2Y 34.0 9-10 yrs
8⅜ 2.5Y 35.0 9-10 yrs
8⅝ 3Y 35.0 10-11 yrs
3.5Y 36.0 10-11 yrs
8⅞ 4Y 36.0 11-12 yrs
9⅛ 4.5Y 37.0 11-12 yrs
5Y 37.0 12-teen
9⅜ 5.5Y 38.0 12-teen
9⅝ 6Y 38.0 12-teen

Hanna Andersson Size Chart For Baby And Toddlers

Hanna Andersson baby clothing via Facebook
Hanna Andersson baby clothing via Facebook

This chart is a helpful guide that outlines our sizes by height and age, so you know exactly what size to buy. It doesn’t matter whether your new little one is nine months old or 22 months old; the height-weight chart will help you find your best fit! There are also helpful links included in this blog post if you have any questions. Check out our size chart today!


Height Weight US Size Hanna Size
up to 19 in up to 8 lbs Newborn NB
18-22 in 8-12 lbs 0-3 mos 50 cm
22-26 in 12-16 lbs 3-6 mos 60 cm
26-28 in 16-20 lbs 6-12 mos 70 cm
28-30 in 20-24 lbs 12-18 mos 75 cm
30-32 in 24-27 lbs 18-24 mos 80 cm
32-34 in 27-30 lbs 2T 85 cm
34-38 in 26-33 lbs 3T 90 cm


Approximate Age US Shoe Size Sock Size
0-3 mos 1.0 2-Jan
2-6 mos 2.0 2-Jan
7-9 mos 3.0 4-Feb
9-12 mos 4.0 4-Feb
10-15 mos 5.0 7-May
15-20 mos 6.0 7-May
2-3 yrs 7.0 7-May
3-4 yrs 8.0 9-Jul

Hanna Andersson Size Chart For Adults

Hanna Andersson clothing For Adults
Hanna Andersson clothing For Adults

With a broad selection of sizes available in their products, finding the right fit can be a challenge, especially for adult clothing. Thankfully, this handy chart shows how different body types compare! It perfectly represents what sizes are likely to fit well together. Check it out before ordering. You’ll be glad you did.

Adults Unisex

Unisex Size Chest Inseam Waist Hip
XS 34.0 – 35.0 in 30.0 – 31.0 in 27.0 – 28.0 in 36.0 – 37.0 in
S 36.0 – 38.0 in 31.0 in 28.0 – 31.0 in 37.0 – 40.0 in
M 38.0 – 41.0 in 31.0 – 32.0 in 31.0 – 34.0 in 40.0 – 43.0 in
L 41.0 – 45.0 in 32.0 – 33.0 in 34.0 – 38.0 in 43.0 – 46.0 in
XL 45.0 – 49.0 in 33.0 in 38.0 – 42.0 in 46.0 – 50.0 in
XXL 49.0 – 51.0 in 33.0 – 34.0 in 42.0 – 46.0 in 50.0 – 52.0 in

Shoes And Socks

Men’s Sock Size Women’s Sock Size US Women’s
S-M S-M 6 -6½
L-XL S-M 7-7½
L-XL S-M 8-8½
L-XL L-XL 9-9½
L-XL 10-10½
L-XL 11

Why Should You Choose Hanna Andersson?

Over a decade of double-digit sales growth has resulted from Hanna Andersson’s transformation from a very successful catalog brand to the most prominent and fastest expanding premium DTC brand in the children’s specialized apparel industry.

People often ask, “Why should I buy so many of their products?” Without a doubt, Hanna Andersson has the most beautiful designs for children and babies. They are always thinking about their customers; what items will be useful, stylish, and comfortable simultaneously.

You should go with Hanna Andersson for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below:

Quality Materials

The high-quality cotton and the lengthy fibers, which gave the additional fabric resilience, were the distinguishing characteristics of the garments from the very beginning. The colors they used did not run, even after a significant number of times going through the washing machine. 

One of the things that people disliked most about American clothes was that they became unusable after only a few washes in the washing machine. In Sweden, where they have a long tradition of things. They also employed flatlock seams, which are smooth seams that don’t rub against the baby’s or child’s skin and need particular expertise, as well as an expensive sewing machine.

Designer Products

Hanna Andersson offers both classic and more creative designs for children. They have collections that are meant to help you differentiate your little one from other kids while maintaining their high standards in terms of design and functionality.

Additionally, Hanna’s clothing was designed with adjustable elements, such as cuffs that could be rolled down until a child’s arms were the correct size. You can get them in a smaller size to grow into them, and then you will eventually outgrow them. They had children who could wear a garment for four or five years without looking out of place.

Created For Play

They were opposed to the concept of downsizing adult clothing for use as children’s clothing. They want the kid to move freely, not be as concerned with his garments, and have simple clothing for the parents to take care of.

Hannas are made to look fantastic but feel much better as they successfully marry form and function. Their classic cuts have been updated to a more streamlined and contemporary aesthetic, yet they will never look dated. In addition, the cheerful patterns and colors they include are tailor-made for expansive imaginations, which in turn help bring the fun and excitement of childhood to life. On the other hand, some of their most beloved design features are difficult to spot at first look.


The flatlock seams used by Hanna Andersson are not only the most robust stitch available, but they also lie entirely flat against children’s delicate skin. Their waistbands are constructed with elastic that is enclosed, which provides constant comfort and eliminates rubbing. In addition, because they are aware that children engage in rough play, the dyes and printing procedures that they use are designed to resist several items of washing while retaining their original brightness, coziness, and form so that they do not go limp.

Sustainably Made

They were the first sustainable kids’ apparel brand because of their dedication to using organic and non-harmful materials, fair trade procedures, and circularity. This commitment has lasted for over 40 years. This begins with reducing waste in the garment business by producing items that may be passed down between generations of children.

The weight of their fabric is intended to last for a long time and to be worn again and over again. Because of their special combing technique, their organic cotton is softer and more durable than conventional cotton. This is because the method removes prickly impurities and short threads prone to breaking. In addition, the fold-down cuffs that are standard on Hannas provide children with a comfortable fit for a longer period.

Greatest Achievers of Youth

Childhood is an experience for the entire family, every moment of the day and night. From matching family pajamas intended for comfortable “hygge'” times to garments that encourage you outside to enjoy a little “friluftsliv,” in any weather, childhood is an adventure for the entire family. To ensure that children are successful while attempting to dress independently, they restrict the usage of buttons and zippers.

In addition, the inclusive sizes and styles we provide empower every kid to represent who they are confident. They are firm believers that children should be free to act like children, including engaging in activities like tying their shoes and climbing trees, without ever having to worry about their clothing causing discomfort in the form of pinching, itching, or binding. Finding excitement in the mundane may be easy with the right gear, and Hannas are exactly what you need.

Does A Baby Have To Wear Pajamas?

You will rapidly come to terms with the fact that your new baby will spend most of their time sleeping when you bring them home. As a tired parent, you probably aren’t looking forward to having to dress your child in pajamas (yet again) after you’ve just finished dressing them in their daytime clothing. 

No hard and fast rule states infants must wear pajamas to bed. They shouldn’t have any problems as long as you keep their clothing clean and ensure it is comfortable, not too tight, and resistant to fire. Your primary worry should be the temperature since you do not want your small one to experience either heat or cold extremes.

Warm-weather bedtime attire 

If you reside in a region where the environment is warm or plan to have your child during the summer, you should consider purchasing lightweight clothing for them. This will guarantee that they are comfortable the entire night through. You might try putting your child in cotton short-sleeved clothing and layering them with a cotton or muslin blanket.

Cool-weather bedtime attire 

It is important to ensure that your baby’s feet, arms, and legs are covered so it does not feel cold. Because they include snaps or zippers that are simple to open, footed pajamas are a smart purchase for when the temperature drops. You won’t have to stress about them getting in the way when changing your baby’s diaper because the closures are so simple.

Ideal Sleepwear According to Age


The best default option is clothing with a single piece and feet built right into it. You should steer clear of garments like wide-necked shirts that tend to pull up the baby’s hair and cover its face. If the baby’s resting area is too cool, you will need to provide additional warmth, such as sleep sacks and wearable sleep blankets (with no hoods). You should peel off the outer layers if you notice any indicators that your baby may be overheating.


At this stage, the newborn can wear whichever clothes they feel most at ease with as pajamas. Cotton is the material of choice for infant garb because it is comfortable and breathable, which ultimately aids in the temperature control of the baby’s body.

It is important to note that according to the law, pajamas with a size range from 9 months to 14 must comply with one of two requirements: they must be flame resistant or have a close fit. This is because clothing that is too loose has a greater risk of catching fire. For children of this age range, pajamas should come with tags that indicate whether or not they meet the flammability criteria and whether or not they are a close fit.


Your child will likely be ready to move to a bed suitable for older children. At this time, your child’s pajamas can be nearly anything, provided they are comfortable. Regarding how toasty their nightwear has to be, the rule of thumb is that you ought to clothe them in one layer more than you require to experience the same degree of coziness and comfort as you do.


Hanna Anderson: Is it truly organic?

To counter this, a portion of Hanna’s line is created from organic cotton that has been independently verified as organic, much like many other companies. Additionally, Hanna Andersson uses Oeko-tex 100, ensuring that most of their apparel is free from potentially hazardous ingredients after being tested.

Why does Hanna have such a high price tag?

Hanna Andersson explains the firm pricing of their products by claiming that their clothing is of high quality and can withstand many washing items. The clothing is also good for future siblings and may be resold as pre-loved items on websites such as Kidizen.

Is Hanna Andersson considered to be a quality brand?

Hanna Andersson is a well-liked premium mid-range brand with a good reputation for its children’s apparel caliber. As a result, there is likely an opportunity for improvement in both the quality of customer service and shipment speed. And even though Hanna’s Andersson pieces could be long-lasting and appropriate for use by more than one child, the prices are very high for them.

Is Hanna Andersson worth the money?

As a children’s apparel business, Hanna Andersson has some sustainable value and participates in the Kidizen Rewear program. Additionally, they employ recycled materials and partial amounts of organic cotton to improve their sustainability. If you’re looking for comfort-oriented clothing that loves to provide stylish attire in neutral and natural fiber-based hues, you will like Hanna Andersson.

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