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Mexico Shoe Size Chart: How To Convert Mexican Shoe Size?






Mexico might be the perfect place to visit this Easter break, with its beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets. But if you’re planning a trip and not sure about buying shoes in advance, don’t worry! Don’t fear because Mexico has a shoe size chart for every foot. With this shoe size chart, you’ll be able to find your perfect pair of shoes in one easy step!

The United Kingdom, the United States, and every other nation worldwide have different shoe sizes. Mexicans’ body forms and structures are plumper and shorter; hence Mexican shoe sizing is typically smaller than the sizing norm used by Western countries. The average American or European, however, is taller and more prominent. Finding particularly huge sizes in Mexican sizes could be difficult.

mexican shoe size
mexican shoe size

If you’re unsure what Mexico shoe size you are, it is recommended to look at this chart before further shopping endeavors. This blog article will provide you with a handy chart to simplify the converting procedure! We hope this guide helps.

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Mexico Shoe Size Chart For Men

Mexican man
Mexican man

In Mexico, the majority of shoe retailers use the CM measurement system. This is terrific news since it applies to both men and women. To determine your shoe size for men in cm, use a ruler to measure from the top of your foot to the heel. You may readily see your shoe size in Mexico by rounding to the nearest hundredth centimeter.

It might be challenging to identify your shoe size in small boutique stores if you have a large shoe size. People from Mexico often have smaller feet than those their northern counterparts. However, if you require a larger shoe size, you might find it easiest to find it online or in bigger towns like Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Monterrey.

Measurement in centimeters  Measurements in inches Mexican’s Size US Men’s Size
25.4 9.94 6.0 8.0
25.7 10.13 6.5 8.5
26.0 10.25 7.0 9.0
26.7 10.44 7.5 9.5
27.0 10.56 8.0 10.0
27.3 10.75 8.5 10.5
27.9 10.94 9.0 11.0
28.3 11.13 9.5 11.5
28.6 11.25 10.0 12.0
29.2 11.50 10.5 12.5
29.4 11.56 11.0 13.0

Mexico Shoe Size Chart For Women

Mexican women choose shoes

Women’s shoe sizes in Mexico are likewise marked using the centimeter length of the foot. Mexican women’s feet are incredibly tiny. You could thus have a lot of problems finding shoes that fit if your shoe size is eight or more extensive in the USA.

It is best to seek a retailer that provides both US and Mexican sizes if you wear a size eight or more extensive in the US and wish to purchase in Mexico. Thankfully, most Mexican retailers have wonderfully friendly salespeople who will happily assist you in measuring your foot to determine the correct shoe size.

Measurement in Centimeters  Measurements in Inches Mexican’s Size US Women’s Size
21.6 8.50 2.0 5.0
22.2 8.75 2.5 5.5
22.5 8.88 3.0 6.0
23.0 9.06 3.5 6.5
23.5 9.25 4.0 7.0
23.8 9.38 4.5 7.5
24.1 9.50 5.0 8.0
24.6 9.69 5.5 8.5
25.1 9.88 6.0 9.0
25.4 10.00 6.5 9.5
25.9 10.19 7.0 10.0

Mexico Shoe Size Chart For Kids

Mexican kids
Mexican kids

Kids’ shoe sizes in Mexico likewise correspond to the foot length in centimeters, the same as those for men and women. A shoe size chart for kids is generally the same as a shoe size chart for adults. The only difference is that the numbers on a kid’s shoe size chart will be slightly different. 

In a similar vein, and for the same reason. Mexican children being comparatively more minor than children in other western countries Mexican children’s shoe sizes differ from the conventional shoe sizing standards used in the US, UK, or Europe.

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Mexico Shoe Size Chart For Baby

While you may think babies don’t wear shoes, you would be wrong! Many boutique baby stores and baby boutiques stock various baby shoe accessories for all occasions. Check the sizing chart of the exact brand or model you are interested in before purchasing.

Age US Size Mexico Foot Length in Centimeter Foot Length in Inches
0-5 months 0.0 7.0 7.9 3.1
6-9 months 3.0 10.0 10.5 4.1
9-12 months 4.0 11.0 11.4 4.5

Mexico Shoe Size Chart For Toddlers

If you plan on taking your little one to Mexico on a family holiday, remember to pack their size shoe equivalent in centimeter length in your luggage. Once you’re there, you may use this knowledge to determine their relative sizes in the malls and stores!

Age US Size Mexico Foot Length in Centimeter Foot Length in Inches
12-15 months 5.0 12.0 12.1 4.75
15-18 months 6.0 13.0 13.0 5.13
1 ½ – 2 years 7.0 14.0 14.0 5.50
2 years 8.0 15.0 14.6 5.75
3 years 9.0 16.0 15.6 6.13

Mexico Shoe Size Chart For Little Kids And Teens

Kids and teens in Mexico are never without their respective shoe sizes. Whether for sports, school, or other activities, children of all ages are always expected to have the correct shoes to participate in. For children aged 4 to 13, compare the measurement to the corresponding US shoe size. For more straightforward conversion, measurements are given in centimeters and inches.

Age US Size Mexico Foot Length in Centimeter Foot Length in Inches
4-6 years 10 17.0 16.5 6.50
  11 18.0 17.1 6.75
  12 19.0 18.1 7.13
  13 20.0 19.1 7.50
7-13 years 1Y 21.0 19.7 7.75
  2Y 22.0 20.6 8.13
  3Y 23.0 21.6 8.50
  4Y 24.0 22.2 8.75
  5Y 25.0 23.2 9.13
  6Y 26.0 24.1 9.50

Mexican Shoe Size Conversion Charts

Mexico football shoes
Mexico football shoes

Knowing that Mexican shoe sizes are based on the centimeter length of the foot is the first step in converting Mexican shoe sizes to US sizes. Discover the Mexican shoe’s centimeter measurement, convert it to inches, and then use the provided tables to locate the same size in US, UK, and EU standards. This will instantly translate Mexican shoe sizes to their equivalent US, UK, and EU sizes.

Please keep in mind that not every person’s shoe size can be converted using a single table. It’s a good idea to double-check before moving further with the conversions because each shoe brand may have its sizing specifications.

MX (Cm) Foot Length (Inches) US Men’s US Women’s UK EU
19.0 7 2⁄3 0.5 2.0 0.0 32.0
19.5 7 5⁄6 1.0 2.5 0.5 32.5
20.0 8 1.5 3.0 1.0 33.0
20.5 8 1⁄6 2.0 3.5 1.5 33.5
21.0 8 1⁄3 2.5 4.0 2.0 34.0
21.5 8 1⁄2 3.0 4.5 2.5 34.5
22.0 8 2⁄3 3.5 5.0 3.0 35.0
22.5 8 5⁄6 4.0 5.5 3.5 35.5
23.0 9 4.5 6.0 4.0 36.5
23.5 9 1⁄6 5.0 6.5 4.5 37.0
24.0 9 1⁄3 5.5 7.0 5.0 37.5
24.5 9 1⁄2 6.0 7.5 5.5 38.0
25.0 9 2⁄3 6.5 8.0 6.0 39.0
25.5 9 5⁄6 7.0 8.5 6.5 39.5
26.0 10 7.5 9.0 7.0 40.0
26.5 10 1⁄6 8.0 9.5 7.5 40.5
27.0 10 1⁄3 8.5 10.0 8.0 41.5
27.5 10 1⁄2 9.0 10.5 8.5 41.5
28.0 10 2⁄3 9.5 11.0 9.0 42.5
28.5 10 5⁄6 10.0 11.5 9.5 43.5
29.0 11 10.5 12.0 10.0 44.0
29.5 11 1⁄6 11.0 12.5 10.5 44.5
30.0 11 1⁄3 11.5 13.0 11.0 45.5
30.5 11 1⁄2 12.0 13.5 11.5 46.0
31.0 11 2⁄3 12.5 14.0 12.0 46.5
31.5 11 5⁄6 13.0 14.5 12.5 47.0
32.0 12 13.5 15.0 13.0 47.5
32.5 12 1⁄6 14.0 15.5 13.5 48.5
33.0 12 1⁄3 14.5 16.0 14.0 49.0
33.5 12 1⁄2 15.0 16.5 14.5 49.5
34.0 12 2⁄3 15.5 17.0 15.0 50.0

How To Convert Shoe Size?

Knowing the shoe size conversion table will help you choose the best shoes for your feet. Below are the international shoe size standards and detailed conversions. Specifically, there are four specific shoe size conversion standards as follows:

Convert UK shoe size standard

This is the most commonly used shoe size model in the UK. There are two ways to calculate standard British shoe size:

Calculate based on the shoe last length with the formula:

  • Size UK = (3 x shoe last length) – 25 (shoe last in inches)

Calculate based on foot size with the formula:

  • Size UK = (3 x foot length) – 23 (length in inches)

Convert US standard shoe size 

The US shoe size chart is usually applied in the US, Americas, and Canada regions. How to convert American standard shoe size is calculated by the formula:

  • Men’s Size US = (3 x shoe last length) – 24 (shoe last in inches)
  • Men’s Size US (3 x foot length) – 22 (length in inches)

This is the calculation for men’s shoe size, and women’s shoe size, it will be calculated according to the following formula:

  • Women’s Size US ≈ (3 x foot length) – 20.5 (length in inches)

Convert EU standard shoe size

EU shoe size is commonly used in European countries; the most popular are Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and some Middle East and Asian countries. European shoe size is calculated in units of Paris point (1 Paris point = 2/3cm). Specifically, you will apply the calculation according to the following formula:

  • EU shoe size = 3/2 x shoe last length (length in cm)
  • EU shoe size = 3/2 x (foot length + 1.5) (length in cm)

Convert Asian standard shoe size (CM)

Size CM is the symbol for centimeters; this is a commonly used shoe size in some East Asian countries (China, Korea, and Japan). The formula for calculating CM size is as follows:

  • Size CM = foot length + 1.5 (length in cm)

How To Choose The Right Shoe Size?

Shopping shoes in Mexico city
Shopping shoes in Mexico city

In addition to knowing the standard shoe size chart, you must know how to choose the best size. This is important when you buy shoes online, avoiding buying shoes that are too wide or tight. To choose the best shoe size, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare

To measure your foot size, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • One writing pen
  • One ruler
  • One sheet of paper
  • One pair of socks of your choice to go with the shoe

Step 2: Measure your foot size

Before measuring, put socks on your feet, then step hard on the paper, keeping your feet in place. Next, use a pen to draw the frame of the foot onto the paper. Keep the foot firmly; avoid moving; it will make the wrong size.

Step 3: Measure foot length

Keeping the foot still, hit 4 points, including two at the bottom of the heel and two at the top of the toe. Measure the distance between the two points you just made using a ruler.

Step 4: Find out how wide your feet are

To choose the best shoe size, besides measuring the length, you also need to measure the width of your feet. Use a ruler or measuring tape, then choose the position of the longest instep or the width of the toe (whichever is the widest of the foot). Then take the measurement; during the measurement, pay attention to keeping the body in a sitting or standing position with two legs straight.

Step 5: Calculate the result

After you have measured your feet, take the most comprehensive and longest legs to calculate according to the following formula:

  • Shoe size = N = L (foot length) + 1.5cm

After the results are available, please compare the shoe size chart above to choose the most suitable shoe size.

For example

You measure your foot length as 22.5cm; then you will add the shoe size as 1.5cm, resulting in 24cm. Compared with the conversion table above, the corresponding shoe size is 24 for the Mexican shoe size, size 5 (UK), and size 37.5 (EU).


What is the adult equivalent of a child’s size 5?

A straightforward method may be used to determine your youth size when you are still a child: your current shoe size divided by two gives you your youth size. For instance, a size seven women’s shoe is similar to a size five shoe for large children.

What shoe size is the largest in Mexico?

The largest shoe size available for men and women in Mexico is 11, corresponding to US sizes 13 for men and 14 for women.

Are shoes in Mexico the same size as those in the US?

No, the shoe sizes in Mexico and the US are not interchangeable. Approximately two to three sizes separate shoe sizes in Mexico and the United States. For instance, using the Mexico shoe size, someone who wears a size eight in the United States would put on a size six.

What does a 6.5 in Mexican men’s shoes translate to in the US?

A US men’s size 8 is equivalent to a Mexican men’s shoe size 6.5. Size “26.5”, which translates to 10 ⅙ inches and a US size 8, is the abbreviation for the size 6.5 in Mexican sizes.

What American shoe size corresponds to a Mexican girl’s size of 23?

For girls’ shoes, a Mexican size 23 corresponds to an American size 5Y or 9 inches. A foot length of 23 cm and a size of 23 in Mexico are equivalent.

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