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Ecco Shoe Size Chart: Find Your Ecco Shoe Sizing






This article will tell you how if you need to know your Ecco shoe size. We’ll walk through the steps and break down the many factors involved in determining your size. You might be surprised by what makes a difference, and I’ll also share some resources that’ll make finding the right fit much easier.

Ecco is recognized as one of Europe’s top brands of footwear for both men and women. Since then, it has become one of the world’s leading shoe manufacturers.

Ecco shoes store

Ecco Men Shoe Size Chart

Ecco men shoes
Centimeter (CN, JP, Mondo) Inches US UK EU
25.06 Cm 9.843 Inches 6 39
32.35 Cm 12.722 Inches 16½ 14½ 50
31.74 Cm 12.484 Inches 15½ 14 49
31.03 Cm 12.23 Inches 14½ 13 48
30.32 Cm 11.923 Inches 13½ 12½ 47
29.73 Cm 11.694 Inches 12½ 11½ 46
29.04 Cm 11.422 Inches 11½ 11 45
28.32 Cm 11.142 Inches 10½ 10 44
27.71 Cm 10.913 Inches 9 43
27.05 Cm 10.634 Inches 42
26.33 Cm 10.353 Inches 41
25.72 Cm 10.122 Inches 7 40

Ecco Women Shoe Size Chart

Ecco Women Shoes
Centimeter (CN, JP, Mondo) Inches US UK EU
22.32 Cm 8.782 Inches 3 35
27.74 Cm 10.913 Inches 12½ 9 43
27.03 Cm 10.632 Inches 11½ 42
26.32 Cm 10.353 Inches 10½ 41
25.73 Cm 10.124 Inches 7 40
25.04 Cm 9.841 Inches 6 39
24.32 Cm 9.573 Inches 38
23.74 Cm 9.334 Inches 37
23.01 Cm 9.062 Inches 36

Ecco Shoe Sizing For Wide Feet

Ecco man shoe size

When buying shoes, always wear them on the same day. Do not stretch them or try to force your feet into a too-small shoe. Your foot will be more comfortable in the new shoe if you allow it to relax into the top of it. Most people find it helpful to stand in their Ecco shoes for about 15 minutes before wearing them for a full day. Doing so will also lessen any risk of blisters.

If you’re shopping for Ecco shoes on the internet, the website should have a size chart for you. In addition to providing the UK and US shoe sizes, it’ll have a measurement chart that has your foot length and width information (in millimeters). If you don’t find one on the site, call their customer service line (usually in a different country), and they should be able to give you information over the phone.

You’ll find that sizing for Ecco shoes can be a bit confusing. There’s more to it than simply what size shoe you need. It all comes down to how much room your foot has in all the available shoe models. The two most important elements that determine what size shoe you need are your foot length and width. These numbers can be obtained by having a professional at a medical or podiatrist’s office fit you for Ecco shoes.

How To Measure Your Feet For Ecco Shoe Size?

Ecco shoe size

Measurement is done with a Brannock device or an identical sizing tool. To properly measure your feet with a Brannock device, you must know that there are five pads on the bottom of the device, three on top and two on the bottom. The ones at the bottom of the device are for your heel. Now place either foot into one of the two heel pads to fit snugly into place and is parallel to the ground.

Step 1: Indicate the length

You’ll find three indicators in the center of the top of the device. These indicate the length of your foot. The longest one should be at least 1/8 inch longer than your actual foot length.

Step 2: Measuring your feet

You can find a tape measure along the side of the Brannock device, which is a convenient tool to use when measuring your feet with this instrument.

Step 3: Make a triangle

Make a triangle with the tip of the tape measure by placing it on the instep of your heel. Move it up to where you feel a slight bend in the arch of your foot and bring it down through that point to get your actual length.

Step 4: Read the numbers

Next, read the numbers above each indicator. The longer number should match up with one of these numbers on your measurement sheet. If not, check for another indicator on top of the foot or readjust your tape measure.

Ecco Shoe Sizing Compared to Other Brands

Now that you know your size, it’s time to compare Ecco shoes to other brands. Like all other shoe brands, you will find that Ecco is dependent on your personal preferences. The list below will give you a sense of what you can expect from different brands.

Foot length Ecco Adidas New Balance
Men’s sizes
290 11/11.5 12 11
280 10/10.5 11 10
270 8/8.5 10 9
Women’s sizes
250 8/8.5 8.5 8
240 7/7.5 7.5 7
230 5/5.5 6.5 6

General Guidelines To Ecco Shoe Sizing

As a general rule, it’s best to know your shoe size before buying Ecco shoes. This will help you determine if you’re exchanging or returning a shoe that does not fit properly. You must wear the appropriate Ecco shoe size for your feet because it has been reported that in some cases, the width of the foot may be different than what is noted by your foot length. 

Don’t make foot-size assumptions

If you buy too small shoes, you’ll be inclined to purchase a wider Ecco shoe size when you go shopping for your next set of Ecco shoes because of the fear that the next size up won’t fit and will not give the desired fit.

Always try on

Purchasing shoes online is easy these days, but not with Ecco. Because of their assortment, Ecco will have different styles available in their sizes. These variations will cause you a lot of difficulties when it comes to getting the right fit. It is best to always try on your Ecco shoe sizes in store whenever you go shopping for them.

Buy from trusted sources

You can never be certain how high-quality a product is being sold online. There are instances when you will end up with Ecco shoes that do not fit properly because the size is not mentioned or misprinted on the package or if there is no size information. It is best to buy your Ecco shoes from trusted sources like Amazon, where you can see the size information and the sizing discrepancies.


What are Ecco running shoes made of?

Ecco shoes are made from high-quality material known for their long-lasting durability. However, they are not made from the most comfortable materials. Some of their styles use more natural materials like cotton and leather, while others use synthetic materials like nylon and other manmade materials.

Do wide feet need wider Ecco shoes?

You should consider this when buying your next pair of Ecco shoes. If your feet are wider, the shoe will probably fit you well. If you have narrow feet, then they may be too small for your feet.

What size Ecco shoes should I buy?

This is one of the biggest questions people ask when shopping for brand new Ecco shoes. The logical thing to do would be to go with their size chart before going to the shop and buying your first pair of Ecco shoes. However, it may not always be wise to buy your Ecco shoes based on their size chart. It is best not to take any chances with Ecco shoes and always buy a pair that fits your feet.

What are the benefits of buying Ecco shoes online?

There are many benefits to buying Ecco shoes online compared to shopping in stores. One of the main advantages is that you can read details about the product, like construction, material, and features, before purchasing. This allows you to make a more confident purchase. Online shopping will also allow you to check out alternatives before making a purchase, allowing for easy returns.

Can Ecco shoes be customized?

Yes, Ecco shoes can be customized together with other brands. Many online stores offer options for Ecco customization. You can choose from different sizes and colors of leather, stitching, heel lifts, etc.

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