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Balenciaga Shoe Size Chart: How To Choose Balenciaga?






As an avid shopper of shoes, it sometimes becomes hard to find the right size that fits you. We have put together a list of shoe sizes in detail to help you identify the perfect fit for your foot. They are broken down by type and brand, so you can find what will work best for your needs. This blog post will also teach everyone how to measure their feet for shoe sizing purposes if they are unsure about their foot measurements.

pink Balenciaga running shoes

First of all, you need to measure the length of the foot for accurate measurement. Using a measuring tape, measure from the back of the heel up to the mount point. This method is commonly used and is the most accurate.

Next, you want to use your thumb and index finger to measure your foot width. You want your feet as close together as possible with your toes pointed forward. Do not be afraid to grab around the foot area, as this will provide you with more accurate measurements than usual. Once you have determined your unique size, follow these steps to find a fitting pair of sneakers.

Balenciaga Men Shoe Size Chart

You are looking for a new pair of shoes? Here is the guide to Balenciaga Men’s shoe size chart. Here you can find all Men’s shoe sizes. There are several different types of shoes including crocs, boots, and mules. Balenciaga also have regular of men’s sizes that vary from standard US men’s size 6-14.

Inches(“) Centimeters(cm) US EU UK
9.84 Inches 25 Cm 6 39 5
10.04 Inches 25.5 Cm 7 40 6
10.24 Inches 26 Cm 8 41 7
10.43 Inches 26.5 Cm 9 42 8
10.83 Inches 27.5 Cm 10 43 9
11.02 Inches 28 Cm 11 44 10
11.42 Inches 29 Cm 12 45 11
11.81 Inches 30 Cm 13 46 12
12.2 Inches 31 Cm 14 47 13

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Balenciaga Women Shoe Size Chart

Balenciaga shoes has released a women’s shoe size chart to help you figure out which size best fits your foot. With such specific Fit-tip sizes for women, you can’t go wrong with the perfect shoe. For those who are unsure about what their foot size is, the chart is broken down into US, EU and UK sizes.

With Balenciaga Shoes, you can only get what you deserve and this chart will help guarantee that your feet receive the utmost comfortability and ultimate style they deserve.

Balenciaga Knife Mules
Inches(“) Centimeters(cm) US EU UK
8.27 Inches 21.00 Cm 4 34 1
8.66 Inches 22.00 Cm 5 35 2
8.86 Inches 22.5 Cm 6 36 3
9.25 Inches 23.5 Cm 7 37 4
9.45 Inches 24.00 Cm 8 38 5
9.84 Inches 25.00 Cm 9 39 6
10.04 Inches 25.50 Cm 10 40 7
10.24 Inches 26.00 Cm 11 41 8
10.43 Inches 26.5 Cm 12 42 9

Beginner’s Guide To Balenciaga Sneakers

The world of shoe sizes is a very confusing one. People tend to get overwhelmed by the choices in the market and can’t figure out what shoe size they need. Balenciaga has been creating those shoes for years, and we know exactly what models suit you. In case you’re not familiar with Balenciaga, their women’s sneakers are some of the most coveted and sought-after shoes in the fashion world.

Balenciaga sneakers Triple S

The brand tends to design its kicks in a variety of different styles, which is good because no matter what shoe you pick, it will look great!

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Balenciaga Men Sneaker Size Chart

Balenciaga is one of the most popular fashion brands today. They are made from great quality materials and are extremely durable. They have recently been criticized for printed the size of their shoes on toe shoe.

Inches(“) Centimeters(cm) Balenciaga US Men’s Nike US Men’s Adidas US Men’s
9.84 Inches 25.00 Cm 6 7.5 7.8
10.04 Inches 25.50 Cm 7 8 8
10.24 Inches 26.00 Cm 8 9 9
10.43 Inches 26.50 Cm 9 9 9
10.83 Inches 27.50 Cm 10 10 10
11.02 Inches 28.00 Cm 11 11 11
11.42 Inches 29.00 Cm 12 12 12
11.81 Inches 30.00 Cm 13 13.5 13.5
12.2 Inches 31.00 Cm 14

Balenciaga Women Sneaker Size Chart

Balenciaga’s sneakers are a collections of different sizes and shapes. The particular styles that are available in their wide range vary from the classic high top to the ankle strap sneaker. This will not only help you know what size you need, but will also allow you to better find your foot size as well! It is important to note that these sneakers come with different size for other shoe brand.

Inches(“) Centimeters(cm) Balenciaga US Men’s Nike US Women’s Adidas US Women’s
8.27 Inches 21.00 Cm 4 5 5
8.66 Inches 22.00 Cm 5 5 5
8.86 Inches 22.50 Cm 6 5.5 5.5
9.25 Inches 23.50 Cm 7 7 7
9.45 Inches 24.00 Cm 8 7.5 7.5
9.84 Inches 25.00 Cm 9 8.5 8.5
10.04 Inches 25.50 Cm 10 9.5 9.5
10.24 Inches 26.00 Cm 11 10 10
10.43 Inches 26.50 Cm 12 10.5 10.5

How Do Your Balenciaga Shoes Fit?

Balenciaga Speed 2.0

Find footprints

The most accurate method for determining your size is to measure the length of your foot from the heel to the tip. You can figure out what percentage of your foot is the length and what percentage is breadth by using a ruler in conjunction with a measuring tape. Not only will you be able to correctly calculate your shoe size with the use of these measurements, but you will also be able to identify which pair of shoes will provide you with the most level of comfort while you are wearing them.

Take the length of it

When determining the length of your foot, you should begin measuring at the heel and work your way up to the big toe. In general, most individuals have longer feet than average. If you have feet that are much bigger than a normal person’s, you should keep this in mind while shopping for shoes.

Take the width reading

When determining your width, you should begin your measurement at the ball of your foot and continue all the way up to your toes. The average person has a somewhat broad foot. When shopping for sneakers, you should take into consideration the size of your feet, especially if they are on the narrower side.

Find your perfect fit

Now that you have determined your foot size, you can use the list below to find the perfect sneakers for your needs. The shoe sizes are broken down by brand, so you can see which sizes work best for you.

Tips To Choose Your Balenciaga Sneakers



Before you pick out a pair for yourself, let’s talk about your favorite color. Balenciaga tends to use purple and light-blue colors in most of their shoes. If that suits you, then you’re going to have an easier time choosing.


The same counts for the material used in the sneakers. If you love leather and suede, then you should go for patent Balenciaga. Some of the best designs are made of leather and suede, which means that they are very durable.


Another good tip to mention is that they tend to be more expensive than other sneakers in the same price range. The reason for that is that they have been out of production for a longer time period, and they will likely go up in value as time passes.


Now, the last thing we want to talk about is size. Remember that you will be able to find a pair of sneakers in your size on our website, so you don’t have to worry about that. You should know that it is very important that you take note of your heel size because some models don’t come in different styles.

Who Owned Balenciaga?

Cristóbal Balenciaga

Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury fashion house founded in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga in San Sebastian, Spain. The house’s designs are typically characterized by elongated, fluid lines and sharp, structured cuts. Balenciaga’s first significant success was the 1924–1925 Spring/Summer collection, which featured his first use of grid-defining stripes, cut between his creations and around the slits of a fundamental trench coat. Balenciaga’s designs, which also frequently include a signature all-black ensemble, have been influential in fashion and the world of architecture and fine arts. Today, Balenciaga is owned by the multinational corporation Kering.

Kering corporation


Balenciaga brand

How do you Clean Balenciaga sneakers? 

You can machine wash them in cold water, but please air dry them. DO NOT iron, dry clean, or bleach them. If they do get dirty, spot clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Make sure you don’t leave your Balenciaga sneakers outside for long periods of time to prevent the leather from drying out over time. The leather will become stiff and crack if the shoe is exposed to sunlight for too long.

Are Balenciaga Sneakers Comfy? 

Balenciaga sneakers are known for their attention to detail and styling. The shoe is made of leather, which can be of different types and grades, or materials such as polyurethane or suede. They are often expensive, but many people appreciate the high quality of the sneaker.

What Are the Most Popular Balenciaga Sneakers?

The most popular Balenciaga sneakers include the Classic City, which is a low-top leather sneaker with leather lining and rubber sole. The Iconic Mid-Top Sneaker has a leather upper, canvas lining, and rubber sole. The Pasha Sneaker features a leather upper with low-profile suede lining and rubber sole.

Is Balenciaga true to size?

Yes, all sizes run true to size. The shoe size chart up here will help you find out if your feet are in the right shoe or not. If your feet fall outside of the suggested range of measurements, we suggest contacting a shoe specialist at Balenciaga Head Office.

How do I know what size Balenciaga to buy?

It is near impossible to give you a one-size recommendation. The best way to find your appropriate Balenciaga size would be to measure your feet with a ruler. If your foot is in between sizes, consider buying the smaller version. Follow these steps if you need a little more help:

1) Measure the circumference of your foot at its widest point using a ruler or measuring tape

2) Measure the circumference of your foot at the longest part of your foot using the measuring tape

Make sure to measure both feet; if you only measured one, it doesn’t really matter

3) Re-measure the latter measurement; make sure it is not smaller!

Can you work out in Balenciaga shoes?

No. However, it is possible to find Balenciaga shoes in a wide range of sizes and foot shapes.

So yes, you can work out in Balenciaga shoes! Just be sure to check the size chart for your specific foot shape and order the correct size.

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