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Vans Shoe Size Chart: How To Measure Your Size?






Vans is an American company that manufactures shoes and clothing. Its shoes are classified as casual wear, but the company produces footwear for skateboarding and other sports. Vans has a wide range of shoe styles from dress to athletic to skate. The company was founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, Serge D’Elia, and Gordon Lee, in Costa Mesa, California, where it remains headquartered today. Vans pioneered many new concepts in shoemaking, including sole waffle patterns and vulcanized rubber bottoms (the latter with the help of Belgian chemist Edouard Seguin).

This article will cover different parts of the chart that Vans offers for sizing its products: length, width, and height.

Vans Old Skool

Vans Men Shoe Size Chart

If you’re shopping for a pair of Vans shoes but aren’t sure what size to try, check out the Vans Men’s Shoe Size Chart. This chart will make your shopping experience quick and straightforward—durable, water-proof, and a classic style perfect for any occasion.

Vans Men’s Shoes

Find the correct shoe size by measuring your foot length with a tape measure or ruler. If you don’t know how long your foot is, it can be measured in inches or centimeters by placing one foot flat on the ground while someone else measures from the heel to toe and the longest point of your foot. 

15 50 16 13.30Inches
14 49 15 12.90Inches
13 48 14 12.50Inches
12 47 13 12.20Inches
11 46 12 11.80Inches
10.5 45 11.5 11.60Inches
10 44.5 11 11.40Inches
9 43 10 11.00Inches
8 42 9 10.80Inches
7.5 41 8.5 10.40Inches
7 40.5 8 10.20Inches
6.5 40 7.5 10.00Inches
6 39 7 9.80Inches
5.5 38.5 6.5 9.60Inches
5 38 6 9.40Inches
4 36.5 5 9.00Inches
3.5 36 4.5 8.80Inches
3 35.5 4 8.60Inches
2.5 34 3.5 8.40Inches

Vans Women Shoe Size Chart

If you are looking for the best size Vans shoes, you are right. Here is a shoe size chart of all Vans products, which helps provide customers with the best fit and feel possible. The most prevalent Vans size is women’s Vans shoes. The shoe size chart can be found on the website. With this Vans Women’s Shoes Size Chart, you will only need to compare your foot length with the foot length as stated in the chart. If you are looking for a new pair of shoes, we recommend seeing our entire collection online soon so you can find your style.

Choose Vans shoe
44 9.5 12 11.20Inches
42.5 8.5 11 10.80Inches
42 8 10.5 10.60Inches
41 7.5 10 10.40Inches
40.5 7 9.5 10.20Inches
40 6.5 9 10.00Inches
39 6 8.5 9.80Inches
38.5 5.5 8 9.60Inches
38 5 7.5 9.40Inches
37 4.5 7 9.20Inches
36.5 4 6.5 9.00Inches
36 3.5 6 8.80Inches
35 3 5.5 8.60Inches
34.5 2.5 5 8.40Inches

Vans Toddler’s Shoe Size Chart

If you wonder what size your child needs to start wearing Vans shoes, this chart is for you. The chart will show the size conversion in American and European sizing. This listing of children’s shoe sizes can be helpful for parents and caregivers looking for the correct shoe size for their little one.

Vans Toddler’s Shoes
26.5 10 9.5 5.90Inches
26 9.5 9 5.70Inches
25.5 9 8.5 5.50Inches
25 8.5 8 5.30Inches
24.5 8 7.5 5.10Inches
24 7.5 7 4.90Inches
23.5 7 6.5 4.70Inches
22.5 6.5 6 4.50Inches
22 6 5.5 4.30Inches
21.5 5.5 5 4.10Inches
21 5 4.5 3.90Inches
20 4.5 4 3.70Inches
19 4 3.5 3.50Inches

Vans Shoe Conversion Chart

If you are looking to buy vans shoes, there can be some confusion on what shoe size you should buy. To put you at ease, here is the Vans Conversion Chart below. It will help you know exactly what shoe size means for your feet. Sizing of most boots or sneakers is measured by its width in centimeters or inches and the length of that width in centimeters or inches.

12 10
11 9.5
10.5 9
10 8.5
9.5 8
9 7.5
8.5 7
6.5 8
6 7.5
5.5 7
5 6.5
4.5 6
4 5.5
3.5 5

Vans Infant Shoe Size Chart

Trusting a shoe company’s size chart can be scary for any shopper. Every company has its guidelines that only confuse and frustrate the customer. We have decided to make things easy here at Vans with our Infant’s size chart that helps parents determine which shoes are appropriate for their children.

6-9 months 4 19 3.5 4.10Inches
3-6 months 2 18 2.5 3.90Inches
1.5-3 months 3 17 1.5 3.50Inches
1.5 months 1 16 0.5 3.30Inches

How To Measure your Vans Shoes Size?

Vans store

Many people around the world have shoes that Vans manufacture. Vans also have a shoe size chart for you to use. To help you find your accurate shoe size, use this table:

If your measurement falls between two sizes, we suggest choosing the larger of the two numbers. The sizing is not linked to any specific foot length or width, so if in doubt about a size, see what other things in your wardrobe fit and choose that one. If you cannot determine a sizing number from one of our charts, please refer to our Size Guide, which can be found on the product page for each shoe style.”

Trace foot

Put down a sheet of paper. Two sheets, slightly overlapping, will suffice if your foot is more significant than one. It’s essential to ensure you’re wearing the right socks to go with your new shoe. To get the best accurate reading, stand with your weight on foot. A 90-degree angle should be maintained by either you or someone else as you trace your foot.

Measure length

Measure the outline of the heel to the end of the longest toe with a measuring tape. You may wish to trace your foot a few times for the most precise results.

Measure witdh

Measure the widest part of your foot at your bunion joint with a measuring tape. Put your entire weight on foot to get a more precise measurement.

Find your perfect fit

Find your foot length in the first column. Your shoe size will be determined in the column to the right after you’ve been identified. Find the breadth of your feet in the following three columns to see what size of shoe you require. If you’re in between sizes, always go up a size for foot length. Choose the width of your feet that is closest to your own.


Do Vans run big or small?

Because Vans shoes run true to size, choosing the correct size is a breeze. Except for sizes UK 11 and over, all Vans shoes are available in half sizes.

How do I know my Vans shoe size?

Vans claims their shoe sizes are based on a Brannock gadget, which determines the regular US shoe size. Consequently, Vans sneakers are usually a good fit. So, if you typically wear a size 8 in your casual shoe, you should go with the same size in Vans.

Are Vans bigger than normal shoes?

Vans are sized using a Brannock device, which is the US standard. As a result, the shoes aren’t too little or too large.

Should I size it down for slip-on Vans?

In keeping with most other Vans footwear, the Slip-On runs true to size. Slip-on Vans are intended with a little snug fit, but it isn’t worth sizing up for because they mold to your foot with wear.

Do Vans run the same size as Nike?

No, they’re not the same thing. If you’re transferring between Nike and Vans, check the sizing guides for each brand. Check out this video to learn why size differs from brand to brand.

Do Vans fit wide feet?

There are a few styles of Vans sneakers that are available in broad sizes. However, the sizing drop-down menu for Vans sneakers does not include broad sizes.

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