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Skateboard Size Chart: Choose the Right Size Skateboard






Gone are the days of simply borrowing a skateboard from your friend and getting started. Big brands like Zumiez have released urban-sized skateboard models that are too big for most kids to handle, but it doesn’t stop kids older than 12 from buying them. Many of the complaints that younger skateboarders have is how their boards are too small, but what good is a skateboard with your feet dragging on the ground? It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or an experienced skateboarder; they all come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your height.

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Skateboard Size

Skateboard Size Chart

Let’s be honest, skateboards are confusing. Which size should you get? What if the ABEC rating is too slow for you? How long ago was this model produced?

Look no further, this skateboard size chart will answer these questions and more! Trust me, i’ve done my research. After intensively poking around the internet and Reddit threads, i compiled a list of what i found to be the skateboards on the market today.

Skateboard Size
Deck Width 7 inches and below 7 to 7.5 inches 7.5 inches and up
Age 8 and below 9 to 12 years old 13 and up
Shoe Size (US Men’s) 6 or smaller 6 to 8 9 and above
Height 4’4inches and below 4’5inches to 5’2 inches 5’3inches and up

Choosing the Right Skateboard Deck Size Based on Purpose

Right Skateboard Deck Size Based on Purpose

When buying a skateboard, you want to know that it’s the right size for you. One of the best ways to do this is by buying a deck the same size as your feet. However, it can be harder to find decks that are good for all ages and heights with so many sizes on the market. When frame size is concerned, people typically think about their weight, build and shoe size.

Skateboard Deck Width Purposes
7.5 inches to 8 inches Street Skating, Technical Tricks
8 inches to 8.5 inches Skating pools, ramps, rails, and parks
8.25 and wider Skating vert, mega ramps, pools, cruising, and downhill

Skateboard Types and Purposes

Skateboard Types and Purposes

There are a few different types of skateboards that kids can use. They can be used for cruising, freestyle skating, and downhill riding. Typically, beginners start with cruiser-style boards or drop-throughs. These styles are not recommended for experienced skaters because they don’t offer much control. Some boards have cocktails to help you perform better tricks and provide more flare and pop to your skateboarding tricks.

Types of skateboard

1. Shortboard or Popsicle Deck

This is a great style of skateboard line known for its simplicity and easy control. These are the type of boards you’ll want to use if you’re looking to start simple. This style of deck doesn’t come in wide varieties, and it typically has a smaller wheelbase which makes it easier to learn how to do tricks when you’re first starting.

2. Cruiser or Longboard Deck

A longboard is a great option for some beginners who want something closer to the ground. These are a great choice for beginners who don’t have the confidence to learn tricks immediately.

3. Slalom Skateboard Deck

Slalom boards are good for kids who want to build their speed quickly and go downhill. They’re typically a mix of short and long boards with small wheelbases to make turning easier. Slalom decks can be used as both a cruising board or for tricks.

4. Freestyle or Skateboard Deck

Many people think freestyle boards are useless for beginners, but in reality, it’s a great board to have around. These decks are great for learning new tricks and going downhill fast. They’re typically longer than most other boards for better control when going downhill.

How to Choose the Right Size Skateboard?

Choose the Right Size Skateboard

When you’re choosing a skateboard, make sure to check the size chart first. You want to choose a board that’s the right size for your feet. Typically, smaller kids will start with shortboards, and larger kids will start with longboards. Many kids find that they have a hard time learning how to ride if they have a too small deck. Don’t buy a skateboard until you know exactly what size deck will work best for you.

Step 1: Stand on a Ruler or Tape Measure

Before you go shopping for new skateboards:

  1. Measure your feet.
  2. Take the measuring tape and place it against a wall or ruler with both feet on top of it.
  3. Make sure the tape measure is parallel to the ground.

You want to note where it lines up; this is how much space you’ll have on the deck from your toes to the middle of the board, and then choose a board with that same measurement.

Step 2: Find the Deck Size Chart

Once you’ve finished measuring, head to your local skate shop and check out the decks. You’ll notice that there are various decks to choose from. Pick up a deck that’s about 1 cm narrower than your feet. If your feet measure 36cm, you should choose a board about 35cm long and between 22 and 26 mm wide.

Step 3: Choose a Skateboard deck size based on height and weight

You can also choose a board based on weight, but this will come down to personal preference. If you’re the type who likes to jump off of things, then you’ll want to choose a bigger skateboard. However, some people like having a smaller deck to pop backside board slides.


What’s the best size of a skateboard?

The best skateboard size is the one that you’ll be comfortable riding in and having fun on. If you’re new to skating, you may want to start with a shorter board so that it’s easier to learn some basics. However, if you’re completely new to skating, choosing a bigger skateboard that is easy for everyone will make things easier for everyone involved.

What’s the best skateboard for women?

One of the best ways to find a smaller skateboard is to go shopping around and see what styles are best. There are two types: longboards, cruiser boards, and slalom boards. It all depends on what you will use it for the most and your personal preference.

What’s the best skateboard for beginners?

If you’re just starting, it’s a good idea to go with a standard deck with the same dimensions as your foot. This way, you can ensure you’re comfortable riding the board. Some of the best boards out there are penny boards and old-school decks. However, beginner longboards are also great if you feel confident enough to handle them.

Can I pull up a skateboard if it’s too small?

Many kids usually have difficulty learning how to skateboard and faceplant when they get on a board that’s too small for them. You’ll end up looking foolish, and you’ll lose your confidence too. It’s best to avoid buying a deck smaller than your feet until you know the correct size.

Can I use a skateboard size chart to find my perfect size?

If you need help picking out your skateboard, you can easily use the skateboard sizing chart. You can find the correct size for you by following the instructions above.

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