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Pants Size Conversion Charts: Choose Your Pants Size






Pants size conversion charts are an essential tool for those who have bodies that vary significantly in size. Instead of guessing what pants or jeans a person might wear based on their body frame and girth, a pants size conversion chart is easy to use and can yield accurate results. The chart will also be helpful if someone is considering donating different clothing items to charity, as they can then gauge how much each item would be worth.

Pants Size Conversion Charts

Most pants size conversion charts will show the waist and hips measurements, as well as how tall a person must be to wear each size in inches. These are all essential measurements for a pants size conversion chart, but the most critical measurement is the waist to hip ratio. 

Men Pants Size Chart

Men Pants Sizes

Most of us know how to measure for a pair of men’s pants; in fact, it’s a skill we pick up during our childhood. After all, most little boys like to play dress-up, and it is often a big part of that playtime.

And even though the method of measuring doesn’t change much from one brand to the next (and from one style to the next), it is important to know that every company has its own sizing standards. This can make for some trouble when trying to find a pair of pants online. 

You may, for example, wear a size 32/32 in one brand and not be able to find that size. We’ve put up a chart that provides the waist and inseam dimensions for every available size to make your shopping experience smoother.

Men’s Pants Size Chart (Waist)

The pants size conversion chart below is a guide to translating the waist measurement of your trousers in inches into the corresponding waist size.

International Size Your Waist in Inches US Pant Size
XXS 26 – 27Inches 26
XS 27 – 28Inches 27
XS 28 – 29Inches 28
S 29 – 30Inches 29
S 30 – 31Inches 30
M 31 – 32Inches 31
M 32 – 33Inches 32
M/L 33 – 34Inches 33
L 34 – 35Inches 34
L 35 – 36Inches 35
XL 36 – 37Inches 36
XL 38 – 39Inches 38
XXL 40 – 41Inches 40
XXL 42 – 43Inches 42
XXXL 44 – 45Inches 44
XXXL 46 – 47Inches 46
XXXL 48 – 49Inches 48
4XL 50 – 51Inches 50

Men’s Pants Sizing (Length)

From waistline to bottom hem, without shoes – from a man’s natural waist measurement or from his navel, whichever is larger. Note that length may vary depending on whether you are wearing a looser or tighter-fitting style and whether you are wearing dress pants or casual pants.

Men’s Pants Length in Inches Pant Size Length Your Body Height
30Inches  S 5’6″ – 5’8″
32Inches M 5’8″ – 6′
34Inches L 6′ – 6’4″
36Inches XL 6’4″ – 6’6″
38Inches XXL 6’6″ – 6’8″

Women Pants Sizes Chart

Women Pants Sizes

Women’s pants are more difficult to come by. Women are more difficult to measure accurately than males, not because there aren’t any out there.

And while measuring yourself isn’t an exact science, it is important to know that every brand has its own measurements as well. This can make shopping for a new pair of pants a bit difficult if you aren’t sure what size you wear in one brand and what size you need in another.

To ensure that you receive the perfect fit, we’ve created a chart that contains both waist and inseam dimensions for each size.

W/L Pant Sizes

Pants size conversion charts (W/L) are tables that provide a general estimate of what a person’s pants size would be if they purchased clothing in their country’s system but wished to buy clothes in a different country’s system. This is handy for folks who wish to purchase clothes in a foreign country or on a foreign website but are unsure about their size.

Women’s Pant Size Chart

International Size Your Waist (Inches) Hips ( Inches ) Pant Size (W/L)
XXS 23 – 25Inches 33–34Inches 24
XXS 25 – 26Inches 34–35Inches 25
XS 26 – 27Inches 35–36Inches 26
XS 27 – 28Inches 36–37Inches 27
S 28 – 29Inches 37–38Inches 28
S 29 – 30Inches 38–39Inches 29
M 30 – 31Inches 38–39Inches 30
M 31 – 32Inches 38–39Inches 31
L 32 – 33Inches 40–41Inches 32
L 33 – 34Inches 42–43Inches 33
XL 34 – 35Inches 43–44Inches 34
XL 36 – 37Inches 45–46Inches 36
XXL 38 – 39Inches 47–48Inches 38
XXL 40 – 41Inches 47–48Inches 40

Women’s Pants Size Conversion Chart

Size (US/Canada) Numeric Size (US/Canada) Japan UK / Australia Italy Spain Germany France
XXXS 000 1 0 32 26 24 28
XXS 00 1 2 34 28 26 30
XS 0 3 4 36 30 28 32
XS 2 5 6 38 32 30 34
S 4 7 8 40 34 34 36
S 6 9 10 42 36 34 38
M 8 11 12 44 38 36 40
M 10 13 14 46 40 38 42
L 12 15 16 48 42 40 44
L 14 17 18 50 44 42 46
XL 16 19 20 52 46 44 48
XL 18 21 22 54 48 46 50
XXL 20 23 24 56 50 48 52

How to Measure Your Waist and Inseam?

A properly fitted pant is one in which the waist falls immediately below your natural waist while allowing you to bend your knee without too much strain. If your belt must be pulled in very tight to achieve this fit, the belt should be placed at the point where the measurement meets with the measured inseam.

Pants size measurement

This will ensure that you’re wearing pants that are long enough for you to walk and run freely but short enough not to interfere when sitting or bending at the hip.

Leg Length/Inseam (L): Take a tape measure from your groin to the bottom of your ankle bone, keeping the tape even and straight. Do not pull the measurement tight; measure halfway between pants where you’d like your pants to end, and measure right on the halfway line. If you’re unsure of what size pants you want, try an exact fit.

Waist (W): Measure around your natural waist (the softest spot on your midsection) using a measuring tape or string. You should keep this measurement the same regardless of how you wear your pants.

Tips for Choosing The Right Pants Size

Before deciding which size to order, there are a few steps you need to do to ensure you obtain the garment that is the most flattering fit for you.

Define the width

This image shows you what the width of the waist should look like on different size jeans.

It is recommended to choose a size that allows a comfortable fit around your hips. The jeans should seem slightly large on your waist when you are standing, but they should have no excess fabric when you sit down. Don’t worry if your first pair of selvage denim is larger than your second pair.

When you open and close the waist, it should not be loose around your thighs.

The length of the jeans

When the pants are folded, the waist should sit on your hip bone. The length of the pants is very important for wearing jeans, so keep that in mind when you choose your size.

When you take the measurements, it’s usually a good idea to dress conservatively (e.g., no sandals or heels). It’s best to measure just above your shoe line unless you are using a tape measure that has markings for heels and toes (for example, ones with metal markers).

Choose the size

When selecting the appropriate size for yourself, it is essential to keep in mind that the dimensions given above are for the waist. Your real waist measurement should serve as the basis for your sizing selection if you want a more relaxed fit. For example, if you have a 32″ waist and are looking for a 34″ pair of trousers, then you will want to choose the 34″ option because the difference between the 32 and 34 is 2″ (2 inches = 80mm).


How do I understand my size in jeans?

This is a question that a lot of people ask, and it’s important to know your size before you buy pants. The problem is that it’s easy to get confused about what size you are. For example, if you measure your waist with the tape measure lying flat and then the circumference of your hips with the tape measure over your hips, this will give you an idea of how many inches difference there is in each measurement.

How do I measure my pant size?

Put a flexible measuring tape on top of your front leg, just above the knee, and take the measurement there.

Measure across the widest part of your thigh (measurement should be taken twice in order to measure both legs), and make that measurement across to the other side along your inner thigh. Measure from the top of one erector muscle (sometimes called an “ab” muscle) to the other through the crotch.

What is the L size?

L is the customary size for pants in the US. If you are more familiar with metrics, L is equivalent to 54.

Learn the conversion factor and sizing of different pants sizes in the US and worldwide. This chart can be useful for clothing shopping, body measurements, and general sizing for different types of pants.

What is the EU size?

EU sizes are typically smaller than US sizes. In general, L in EU sizing corresponds to 25-inch waist size and 28-inch chest size. The L/30 corresponds to a 29-inch waist, L/32 corresponds to a 30-inch waist, and so on.


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