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Veja Shoe Size Chart: Are VEJA Shoes True To Size? 






Veja is a French company founded in 2004 based in Paris. Veja offers products such as shoes, bags, and small leather goods. They are against animal testing, which allows their customers to make conscious choices when choosing what they buy. They aim to source their supplies locally and sustainably, which not only supports the local economy but also helps local communities.

Veja store

Veja Men Shoe Size Chart

Veja men shoes

Veja is one of Brazil’s most popular footwear brands, and its shoes are exported worldwide. Veja’s headquarters in France is located in Paris, an area that offers a unique shopping experience with many stores and boutiques. Veja’s design and quality are well-known internationally.

We’ve created this shoe size guide to help you find your perfect Veja shoes for men. Please note that the sizing may vary from style to style and that it’s essential to pick the size according to your feet’s measurements. 

US EU UK Foot Length (Inches) Foot Length (Centimeter)
13 48 14 12.44 Inches 31.60 Cm
12½ 47 13 12.20 Inches 31.00 Cm
12 46 12 11.97 Inches 30.40 Cm
11½ 45 11 11.69 Inches 29.70 Cm
11 44 10 11.42 Inches 29.00 Cm
10 43 9 11.18 Inches 28.40 Cm
9 42 8 10.94 Inches 27.80 Cm
8 41 7 10.67 Inches 27.10 Cm

Veja Women Shoe Size Chart

Veja women shoes

Entering a shoe store is done many times in a woman’s life. Whether you need new shoes for work or for walking around the city, it never hurts to ask for recommendations. But what if you can’t find an easily accessible size guide? With the Veja Women shoe size chart, you can be confident that when you step into the store, they will know exactly which sizes of shoes will fit your feet and needs like nobody else.

US EU UK Foot Length (Inches) Foot Length (CM)
10 41 8 10.67 Inches 27.10 Cm
9 40 7 10.43 Inches 26.50 Cm
8 39 6 10.20 Inches 25.90 Cm
7 38 5 9.96 Inches 25.30 Cm
6 37 4 9.65 Inches 24.50 Cm
5 36 3 9.45 Inches 24.00 Cm
4 35 2 9.17 Inches 23.30 Cm

Veja Kids Shoe Size Chart

Veja kids shoes

In the world of children’s shoes, there is no lack of availability. Veja Kids, a French-based brand for kids shoes that aims to improve children’s lives has been around for a while and has recently released their newest kids shoe sizing chart.

This charts will help you find the perfect shoe size for your kid by making it easier than ever before to find the perfect size. You can view Sizes with widths and lengths as options or by actual sizes as well.

US EUR UK JPN Width (Centimeter) Length (Centimeter)
7 39 6 25 8.50 Cm 25.50 Cm
6.5 38 5.5 24.5 8.50 Cm 25.00 Cm
6 37 5 24 8.50 Cm 24.00 Cm
5 36 4 23 8.00 Cm 23.00 Cm
4 35 3 22 8.00 Cm 22.50 Cm
3 34 2.5 21.5 8.00 Cm 22.00 Cm
2 33 1.5 21 8.00 Cm 21.00 Cm
1 32 13.5 20 8.00 Cm 20.50 Cm
13.5 31 13 19 8.00 Cm 20.00 Cm
12.5 30 12 18 7.50 Cm 19.50 Cm
12 29 11.5 17.5 7.00 Cm 19.00 Cm
11 28 10.5 17 7.00 Cm 18.00 Cm
10 27 9.5 16 7.00 Cm 17.00 Cm
9.5 26 9 15 7.00 Cm 16.50 Cm
8.5 25 8 14 6.50 Cm 16.00 Cm
8 24 7.5 13.5 6.50 Cm 15.00 Cm
7 23 6.5 13 6.00 Cm 14.50 Cm
6 22 5.5 12 6.00 Cm 14.00 Cm

Are VEJA Shoes True To Size? 

Veja shoes in box

Many VEJA customers have been asking about accurate size, and we wanted to give our perspective on the matter. When you order a VEJA shoe, you can order one size up or down from your regular wear size. This allows room to grow into the shoes and makes them easier to break in. 

We always recommend buying two sizes of VEJA sneakers before you send one back if they don’t fit as expected so that you can try both on and figure out which is more comfortable for your feet/walking style.

Once you place the order in your shopping bag, it cannot be changed or canceled. The shoes are shipped within two business days after they are ordered. Once they arrive in your country, we ask that you check the shoes for wear and tear, creases on the soles, and holes in the insoles before you send them back to us. 

We will then ship replacements out to you at no charge. Your local post office will need to reimburse VEJA for any fees related to sending back your sneakers.

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Do VEJA Shoes Run Big Or Small?

Firstly, Veja shoes are very true to size. The best way to know your size is by finding a pair of those that fit well and then measuring the length (in cm) of your foot’s longest part, usually from toes to heel.

Therefore, if this measurement is between 25 and 26 cm in Veja shoes, you should order a size corresponding to your foot’s length.

You can easily see this by going to our website, where you will find our size charts, and sizes are written in centimeters.

Which VEJA Did Meghan Markle Wear?

Meghan Markle Wear Veja V10 via GettyImage

In October 2018, Meghan Markle wore her favorite Veja V-10 sneakers. She wore them on a trip to Australia with her husband, Prince Harry. Meghan has a longstanding love for Veja. The sustainable, cruelty-free brand is the one we chose for Veja’s launch campaign back in 2013.

Meghan’s Veja love was so strong that it didn’t take much coaxing to get her to collaborate with us on an exclusive colorway – the Royal Blue Vejas – as she wanted to support our eco-friendly mission and give them a try herself; she told us at the time.

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