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Danner Shoe Size Chart: Do Danner Boots Run Narrow?






Danner was founded in 1932 in Portland, Oregon. The company has been manufacturing footwear since those first days, and today they remain a leader in innovative design. More than just a shoe company, Danner is also known for their distinctive lifestyle and culture that encompasses the very best of what it means to be tough.

Danner shoes via Danner

As one of the world’s oldest and most experienced boot manufacturers, Danner has a long history of creating what they call “tough shoes” and is known throughout Oregon for making boots that never let you down. They have always been an innovator in their field, continuously innovating new styles and materials to meet the needs of men and women looking for the most rugged boots on the market.

Danner Men Shoe Size Chart

Danner Bull Run Moc Toe via Danner

The Danner boot is well-suited for both rugged conditions, as well as everyday wear. Their boots come in various styles and colors and can be easily paired with casual or dress attire. Once you experience the superior quality and comfort of the brand, you will never settle for less again. And if you’re looking for a shoe that will stand the test of time, look no further than Danner.

USA Japan United Kingdom Europe
16 34 15.5 51
15.5 33.5 15 50.5
15 33 14.5 50
14.5 32.5 14 49.5
14 32 13.5 49
13.5 31.5 13 48.5
13 31 12.5 48
12.5 30.5 12 47.5
12 30 11.5 47
11.5 29.5 11 46
11 29 10.5 45
10.5 28.5 10 44.5
10 28 9.5 44
9.5 27.5 9 43.5
9 27 8.5 43
8.5 26.5 8 42
8 26 7.5 41.5
7.5 25.5 7 41
7 25 6.5 40
6.5 24.5 6 39.5
6 24 5.5 39
5.5 23.5 5 38
5 23 4.5 37.5

Danner Women Shoe Size Chart

Danner Women’s Jag Dry Weather via Danner

The Danner Boot is designed for women who want the best available footwear that can be worn for work or casual wear. The ultimate comfort, the boot is built to withstand any conditions easily. Their boots come in various styles and colors and can be easily paired with casual or dress attire. 

USA Japan United Kingdom Europe Australia
11 27 8.5 44 9.5
10 26 7.5 43 8.5
9.5 25.5 7 42 8
9 25 6.6 41.5 7.5
8.5 24.5 6 41 7
8 24 5.5 40 6.5
7.5 24 5 39.5 6
7 23.5 4.5 39 5.5
6.5 23 4 38 5
6 23 3.5 37.5 4.5
5.5 22.5 3 37 4
5 22 2.5 36 3.5

Does Danner Run True To Size?

Brannock device

Danner uses the Brannock device to size their boots. The Brannock device is the primary standard-bearer for measuring shoe sizes. This is true of most US-based boots and shoes you’ll come across that are made in America, including Danner. Danner does run true to size according to the Brannock device scale.

Today, Danner produces many styles in the boots, flats, and sneaker categories for men and women. Their boots have superior quality, comfort, and affordability in mind. For these reasons, they continue to stand out from other brands by offering reasonably priced, high-quality products.

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Do Danner Boots Run Narrow?

Danner Elk Hunter via Danner

Danner does offer wide sizing for those of you who have wide feet. In reality, many people have difficulty finding the right fit with their size or shoe width. This is why Danner has developed a more significant number of sizes over the years and continues to help accommodate customers experiencing difficulties with their sizing.

This does mean that if you’re a few inches larger than what’s recommended for your Danner size, you may want to consider having them custom-fit instead.

Is My Boot Size The Same As My Shoe Size?

Your shoe size is not necessarily the same as your boot size. The Danner boot was designed to fit the contour of your foot to create comfort, support, and a snugger fit. Your heel size is meant to be slightly larger than your toe so that when you first put them on, they are snug around the heel with room for movement. The shoe’s sole should be able to move up and down when you walk without digging into any part of your foot or calf.

Do Danner Boots Run Bigger Than Shoes?

Yes, most boots run a half size bigger than your sneaker size. While shoes are generally forgiving, boots must be a bit snugger to withstand the elements. If you plan on using your boots for work and anticipate moving around, you should order a half-size smaller than your standard shoe size

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