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KEEN Shoe Size Chart: Are KEEN Shoes Good?






KEEN® was established with the simple idea of toe protection in sandals. Yes, Newport KEEN, a pair of waterproof KEEN sandals with unique premium toe protection.

KEEN offers a wide selection of shoes for men, women, and children. KEEN footwear features advanced technology such as S3 heel support and supportive cushioning. KEEN footwear is designed to go anywhere.

KEEN shoe brand

In addition to shoes, KEEN also manufactures bags and socks. The Hybrid. Transport bag collection features recycling and is enhanced by the footwear manufacturing process. KEEN is more than just a footwear manufacturer; the company makes an effort to advance the cause of sustainability by using recycled materials and replenishing wherever it is feasible. Do you have trouble determining your KEEN shoes’ proper size? No worries! We have a handy chart that includes all of their shoe sizes. Take advantage of this resource and find your perfect fit today!

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KEEN Shoe Size Chart For Men

KEEN’s sizing chart is the ultimate resource for finding the proper size for your shoes. With this post on our website and app, we can help you find the perfect shoes to match your size and shape. And with color-coded measurements to make it even easier, our resources are worth looking into!

KEEN men shoes
US UK EU CM (JP) Heel-to-toe in centimeters
7.0 6.0 39.5 25.00 24.40
7.5 6.5 40.0 25.50 24.80
8.0 7.0 40.5 26.00 25.40
8.5 7.5 41.0 26.50 25.70
9.0 8.0 42.0 27.00 26.00
9.5 8.5 42.5 27.50 26.70
10.0 9.0 43.0 28.00 27.00
10.5 9.5 44.0 28.50 27.30
11.0 10.0 44.5 29.00 27.90
11.5 10.5 45.0 29.50 28.30
12.0 11.0 46.0 30.00 28.60
13.0 12.0 47.0 31.00 29.40
14.0 13.0 47.5 32.00 30.20
15.0 14.0 48.0 33.00 31.00
16.0 15.0 48.5 34.00 31.80
17.0 16.0 49.0 35.00 32.60

KEEN Shoe Size Chart For Women

KEEN Women’s Josie Lace-up Boot

KEEN hopes this product will help women who feel self-conscious about their feet by offering comprehensive sizing options with lots of support. The designers hope to expand it even further to all your favorite brands, so check back soon for more updates on this innovative company.

US UK EU CM (JP) Heel-to-toe in centimeters
5.0 2.5 35.00 22.00 21.60
5.5 3.0 35.50 22.50 22.20
6.0 3.5 36.00 23.00 22.50
6.5 4.0 37.00 23.50 23.00
7.0 4.5 37.50 24.00 23.50
7.5 5.0 38.00 24.50 23.80
8.0 5.5 38.50 25.00 24.10
8.5 6.0 39.00 25.50 24.60
9.0 6.5 39.50 26.00 25.10
9.5 7.0 40.00 26.50 25.40
10.0 7.5 40.50 27.00 25.90
10.5 8.0 41.00 27.50 26.20
11.0 8.5 42.00 28.00 26.70
12.0 9.0 43.00 29.00 27.60

KEEN Shoe Size Chart For Kids

KEEN kid shoe

To help kids find the right size, KEEN developed a chart with usable information on shoe sizes by age. Understand that every child’s foot grows at different rates. Their feet must fit well before growing to keep them comfortable and injury-free. You may wonder how your child’s shoe size will change throughout their life, which is an important question to ask!

US UK EU CM (JP) Heel-to-toe in centimeters
6M 1 17 10.00 9.50
12M 2 18 10.50 10.50
18M 3 19 11.50 11.40
24M 4 20 12.50 12.10
4 3 19 11.50 11.40
5 4 20/21 12.50 12.10
6 5 22 13.50 13.00
7 6 23 14.50 14.00
LITTLE KID        
8 7 24 15.00 14.60
9 8 25/26 16.00 15.60
10 9 27/28 17.00 16.50
11 10 29 18.00 17.10
12 11 30 18.50 18.10
13 12 31 19.50 19.10
BIG KID        
1 13 32/33 20.00 19.70
2 1 34 21.00 20.60
3 2 35 22.00 21.60
4 3 36 22.50 22.20
5 4 37 23.50 23.20
6 5 38 24.50 24.10
7 6 39 25.50 24.80

Why Are KEEN Shoes Good?

KEEN Sandals

If you’re seeking a confluence between sustainability and creativity, go no farther than downtown Portland. KEEN manufactures the most incredible hiking, travel, & sandals on the market. KEEN has been known for creating comfortable and durable shoes for outdoor experiences that uniquely blend performance and style since its inception over a decade ago.

But the corporation does much more behind the scenes. It employs technology, a dedicated workforce, and a plethora of brilliant ideas to create better shoes and make the world a better place.

Created intentionally

KEEN has concentrated significantly on making fabulous outdoor shoes since its inception in 2003, typically with a distinctive twist that distinguishes it from the competitors.

After including business and hiking shoes in its selection, the business quickly attracted a devoted following and experienced rapid expansion. This is because the shoe manufacturer was unique in its early days and used a variety of guiding principles that affected not only how its products were created but also the environment.

An internal organization called KEEN Effect is dedicated to building the brand by emphasizing activism, sustainability, and conservation, particularly regarding safeguarding public property.

Integral sustainability

The term “sustainability” has recently become a catchphrase in the outdoor business. Still, KEEN has incorporated it into their corporate philosophy so that it cannot be changed. Since the company’s start, recycling and reusing everything has been a critical component of its strategy for being a better steward of the environment.

As a result of how seriously the employees took this tutorial, they used the remaining shoe model for an unrelated project. Even promotional items and retail tools that most other firms would deem disposable are used by the corporation. By discovering new applications for these components, KEENcannot only save a significant amount of money but also keep a large number of materials that are in excellent condition from being thrown away in landfills.

High-tech tools improve shoes and the environment

In KEEN’s approach to purposeful development, technology has always played a significant role. This was truer than ever, as the corporation utilized a variety of technical instruments for the majority of its operations.

The company aims to provide unique outdoor gear while being a decent world citizen. It has employed technologies to fulfill this mission in various ways, including developing new products, simplifying manufacturing processes, and interacting with customers and retailers.

As predicted, KEEN designers use various tools and technology to bring their concepts to life. A three-dimensional representation of how the shoe would seem in the real world can be created using graphic techniques like trace mapping, texture mapping, and opacity.

Artificial intelligence, robots, and other technologies

KEEN use innovative technology outside of the design phase. The business employs various technologies across its whole operation, including websites, production techniques, and even lobbying. This technology is not employed frivolously but is essential to attaining the organization’s objectives.

In addition to offering information about different charities and the environment, the KEEN website investigates various methods to enhance the client experience. The objective is to incorporate features like AI-controlled gift guides customized for each unique customer.

KEEN encourages his followers to express their worries about trending topics through cutting-edge technologies.


Does KEEN sizing run large?

In comparison to other brands of footwear, KEEN products have more roomy toe boxes. KEEN shoes provide a more secure and comfortable fit because of the more room in the toe box for the wearer’s toes. Because of this disparity, KEEN suggests that customers begin their search for the correct size KEEN shoe for them by going up half a size from their typical shoe size. This will allow them to find the right fit.

Should you spend the extra money on KEEN shoes?

KEEN is continually developing new technologies to incorporate into its footwear to make it even more comfortable and less heavy. If you place high importance on convenience, safety, longevity, and design in your footwear, purchasing a pair of work shoes manufactured by the KEEN brand is an intelligent choice.

Can you go hiking in KEEN?

The KEEN sandal is widely considered among the most effective hiking footwear available today and is an excellent choice for summertime excursions. Only the highest-quality materials are utilized to make it, and absolutely nothing that may be considered hazardous is included in the process. You can also acquire these shoes if you wish to run on hiking trails because most models are suitable for regular hikers and trail runners.

Which KEEN walking sandal is the best?

Because it is comfortable, has a good grip, and is resistant to odor, we decided that the KEEN Newport H2 was the best option. This shoe will help you conquer any terrain since it includes a multi-directional lug pattern, a rubber outsole, and razor-sipped pods. The rubber outsole has thin slits that promote traction on slippery surfaces.

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