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Lacoste Shoe Size Chart: How To Choose Genuine?






Lacoste’s beginnings date back to 1933, when the clothing company was founded by René Lacoste, the famous French tennis player. Starting with a signature tennis shirt, the brand has remained a favorite. 

Over the past decades, Lacoste has become a huge international brand presence, covering a wide range of products in its line, including eyewear, accessories, footwear, fragrances, and watches.

Lacoste shoes are easily recognized based on their signature crocodile logo with an elegant, youthful style that is both modern and classic. Lacoste shoes are pretty solid and dynamic as a fashion sports product line.

Lacoste shoes are an instantly recognizable symbol of luxury and style. So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of these fashionable kicks, be sure first to consult this handy Lacoste shoe size chart to make sure you get the right fit.

Lacoste Shoe Size Chart For Men (MM)

Lacoste men shoe

Lacoste is another one of those brands that you have to know what size you are looking for. Do not fret; we made a Lacoste shoe size chart just in case (you may be surprised).

The nice thing about these foot-measuring techniques is that they’re straightforward and can be done anywhere, no matter where the shoes are. All you need for this process is a flat surface and an open space. The below formula will help you determine your proper shoe size based on your foot length.

UK Sizing Numeric Sizing US Sizing Foot Length
6.0 39.50 7.0 246
6.5 40.00 7.5 250
7.0 40.50 8.0 254
7.5 41.00 8.5 258
8.0 42.00 9.0 262
8.5 42.50 9.5 267
9.0 43.00 10.0 271
9.5 44.00 10.5 275
10.0 44.50 11.0 279
10.5 45.00 11.5 284
11.0 46.00 12.0 288
11.5 46.50 12.5 292
12.0 47.00 13.0 296
13.0 48.00 14.0 305

Lacoste Shoe Size Chart For Women (MM)

Lacoste Women shoe

If you are a lady looking for shoes from Lacoste and need to know your shoe size in women’s sizes, then this article is just for you! It will go over the measurements of each size and how to measure your feet if you don’t know them.

If you want shoes that are as well-made and with the same level of care as your favorite Lacoste shirt, look no further. The company’s shoe size for women is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. For a more accurate fit, take measurements of the length of your foot (in centimeters).

UK Sizing Numeric Sizing US Sizing Foot Length
3.0 35.50 5.0 220
3.5 36.00 5.5 225
4.0 37.00 6.0 229
4.5 37.50 6.5 233
5.0 38.00 7.0 237
5.5 39.00 7.5 242
6.0 39.50 8.0 246
6.5 40.00 8.5 250
7.0 40.50 9.0 254
7.5 41.00 9.5 258
8.0 42.00 10.0 262

Five Things To Remember To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Lacoste Shoes

Lacoste shoes are the creation of a luxury and high-class fashion brand with a significant following among fashionistas. Despite their high price, Lacoste shoes have a basic, discreet appearance that adds to the owner’s beautiful charm. To maintain this shoe looking excellent and shiny every time you wear it, pay attention to the following 5 points:

Wear pink lacoste shoes

Put your Lacoste shoes away in a dry location

If you leave the shoes in an area with high temperature and humidity, they will be particularly susceptible to mold growth and will be ruined. After the shoes have developed mold, cleaning them will be incredibly challenging. Therefore, you should take care of your shoes by placing them on a shelf or on a shelf to avoid placing them on the floor since, during the rainy season, the humidity will quickly cause the shoes to become wet. If you place your shoes on the floor, you should avoid placing them on a shelf.

Lacoste shoes should be kept in a dustproof bag

If you wear your expensive authentic Lacoste shoes frequently in dirty environments, they may not last as long as they once did. If you don’t wear your shoes very often, you should store them in a dustproof bag. This is because even if you leave your shoes inside the house, they might still become dirty and less shining than when you first bought them.

Keep your Lacoste shoes clean at all times

We clean our clothes rather frequently since we can’t tolerate wearing unclean clothes, but we don’t clean our shoes very frequently. If you do not know the appropriate way to clean your shoes, it will not take long before they get soiled and unsightly. This is true of clothes as well. To keep your Lacoste shoes clean, you should invest in quality cleaning equipment and scrub them at least once weekly.

Clean the inside of Lacoste shoes

Good Lacoste shoes are expensive, so every detail that makes up this product is often very delicate and beautiful. To keep the shoes looking new and lovely, it would assist if you regularly cleaned both the inside and exterior of the shoes. You think that only the outer surface of the shoe is filthy and the inside is not. I’m afraid that’s not right: the smell of sweat and bacteria will accumulate inside the shoes if you do not clean the inside thoroughly.

Use Lacoste shoes regularly

You believe that wearing Lacoste shoes frequently will cause them to get damaged and degraded. Furthermore, authentic Lacoste shoes are expensive; therefore, you would put them in a glass cabinet to ensure they last and look good, which is entirely incorrect thinking. If you wear branded shoes frequently, they will not break quickly. Lacoste shoes are also better and more comfortable if used frequently. However, you can give them a few days off after prolonged use.

How To Choose Genuine Lacoste Shoes?

Lacoste, established in 1933, is currently considered one of the most well-known and liked names in the world of athletic footwear. However, like many other well-known companies, Lacoste merchandise is frequently sold under a false name. The following helpful hints will guide you toward acquiring original footwear from Lacoste.


Attention to the material is the quickest approach to selecting genuine Lacoste shoes. Genuine items will employ 100% genuine leather, and pressed leather shoes will have good flexibility. When you touch the material of a low-quality Lacoste shoe, it will feel lumpy and unreal.

Genuine Lacoste sneakers will undoubtedly be composed of high-quality materials. If constructed of leather, the leather has been handled according to European standards, so it feels smooth and elastic to the touch. When stepping in, the foot feels comfy and smooth. In the case of counterfeit items, shoes will be produced from low-quality materials, giving the impression of being clandestine, rigid, and painful.


The Lacoste crocodile brand image sewn onto the shoe is the distinguishing feature between authentic and counterfeit Lacoste products for you to examine. On the reverse of authentic items, the image of the crocodile is printed in a sharp dark blue color, including all of the details. Every line appears to be spotless and polished. When it comes to counterfeit Lacoste products, the crocodile image is printed very faintly, the ink is smudged, and even some printed logos lack the dorsal and tail fins of the crocodile.


When you look at an authentic pair of Lacoste shoes, you’ll see that the soles are manufactured entirely out of rubber, have a close fit with the rest of the shoe, and exudes a sense of perfect harmony and beauty. The foot feels incredibly smooth and stable when walking in these shoes.

The counterfeit Lacoste crocodile shoes are composed of impure rubber that has a grainy appearance, is out of proportion with the shoe body, and distorts the overall appearance of the shoes. While the adhesive on the soles of the imitation shoes is smeared out and appears unattractive, there is virtually no indication of it coming out of the genuine shoes.


The information on the label of genuine Lacoste shoes will be apparent, attractive, bold, and not smudged or blurred. However, this method is only helpful for comparing low-quality fake shoes; comparing high-class fakes is extremely difficult because they are constructed precisely and are 90% identical.

To be sure, each label will have a unique code for each product, and you may use programs to verify the authenticity of goods by entering the code. If you display information such as product name, brand, shoe size, and so on, it is a genuine product; if no results are displayed, it is most likely a forgery.

Purchase shoes from a reputable vendor

Suppose the various identification methods do not completely safeguard you. In that case, the recommendation is to discover a trustworthy address with a name and favorable reviews from consumers who have purchased to choose a suitable pair of Lacoste shoes for yourself.

Because today’s counterfeiting technology is incredibly advanced, along with the seller’s “sweet honey” advertising tips, it is simple to find oneself in a situation where one is “losing money.” If you buy online, look for a vendor with a return and exchange policy, inspect the goods before getting them, and return and reimburse if you discover fraudulent goods. There are total receipts, authentic images, and the company’s warranty.


Is the sizing of Lacoste shoes accurate?

They are significantly larger than average. Because this is a European company, their European sizes are accurate, but the conversion to US sizes does not work well. For instance, the size 8.5 shoes I usually wear fit me perfectly in these sneakers that were 7.5. If you are familiar with the sizing system used in European shoes, you can find a conversion chart on the Lacoste website.

Is Lacoste still fashionable?

Lacoste is currently a significant player in the polo shirt business, estimated to be worth over 2.3 billion US dollars. Even though they sell a wide variety of products, their polo shirt is unquestionably the most prominent item in their store.

Is Lacoste a brand that is considered to be luxurious?

A luxury brand that is nevertheless approachable is Lacoste. Accessibility for us means operating in those places where we have established that there is a potential customer base. Our price strategy is in line with the reality that we are a bridge-to-luxury brand and that our products are intended for individuals who aspire to lead pleasant and well-appointed lifestyles.

Why did Lacoste decide to replace their iconic crocodile logo?

During Paris Fashion Week, which ran from February 27 through March 6, the famous crocodile, the Lacoste symbol, was replaced by pictures of endangered species. To lend assistance to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, this was carried out (IUCN). The “rescue our species” campaign focuses on ten different kinds of animals at risk of extinction.

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