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Hermès Shoe Size Chart: Are Hermès Shoes True To Size?






Hermès is a luxury brand of shoes, bags, and belts. Hermès has shoes for men and women that are for everyday use. Included in the shoes is a shoe size chart. Here are the different shoe sizes for both genders.

Hermes Paris

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Hermès Women Shoe Size Chart

Hermès Women Shoe

Hermès shoes for women are just as beautiful and elegant as their handbags. The shoes are great if you are looking for comfortable shoes that have a classic look. The chart is useful because it will provide you with the accurate shoe size for both men and women

EU US Centimeter Inches
41 10 26.00 10.25
40 9 25.40 10.00
39 8 24.70 9.75
38 7 24.10 9.50
37 6 23.50 9.25
36 5 22.90 9.00
35 4 22.20 8.75
34 3 21.60 8.50

Hermès Men Shoe Size Chart

Hermès Men Shoe

The traditional Hermès dress shoes are handmade and come in a variety of colors and materials. The shoes will not only make you look good on any occasion, but will also keep your feet happy.

The chart above shows the sizes for men:

EU US Centimeter Inches
46 13 29.30 11.50
45 12 28.90 11.25
44 11 27.90 11.00
43 10 27.30 10.75
42 9.5 26.70 10.50
41 9 26.00 10.25

Hermès Kids Shoe Size Chart

Hermès Kid Shoes

The Hermès kids shoes are appropriate for all ages ranging from toddlers to teenagers. The shoes for boys and girls are made of different materials and come in a variety of colors and styles.

EU US Centimeter Inches
34 3Y 21.60 8.50
33 2Y 21.00 8.25
32 1Y 20.30 8.00
31 13 19.80 7.80
30 12 19.00 7.50
29 11.5 18.30 7.20
28 11 17.50 6.90
27 10 16.50 6.50

Are Hermès Shoes True To Size?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Many people feel that because the shoes are more expensive and come from Paris, they need to buy an extra size up to compensate for the higher quality of the product. This idea is not accurate at all! Measure your foot using a ruler and use this as your guide for purchasing shoes from Hermès. Your feet are far more varied than any one person may realize. Some only have very narrow feet, while others have wider feet that need to be made more prominent to get a comfortable fit.

The shoes Hermès manufacture are true to size and usually more than adequate for the most part. As with any other shoe and brand, if you are unsure about the size, you should buy, go to the store and try on a few. Sticking your foot into the shoe ensures plenty of room around your toes, as this is where people tend to have their feet squished and therefore miss out on a comfortable fit.

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Where Are Hermès Shoes Made?

Hermes in Paris

Many people want to know where Hermès shoes are made. They are manufactured in France. With 4,300 craftspeople and 61.4% of its workforce located within the country, it’s safe to say that Hermes is doing a lot to support the French economy. 

Hermès was founded in 1837 in Paris. It creates luxurious fashion accessories, perfume, leather goods, and shoes. The company’s headquarters is currently in Paris, with more than 170 boutiques. Hermès’ luxury items are sold to a significant number of customers all over the world, including celebrities like Madonna, Grace Kelly, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Lopez, among others. Designers from this company have won multiple awards, including the Fashion Award for Best Accessory Design, among many others.

The company offers high-quality products that create a unique style for its buyers. Its products are made from the best materials, including silk, leather, suede, and exotic skins. Hermès is well known for combining traditional craftsmanship with modern artistry to create inspired designs for its clients.

Hermès is a company that has existed not just today but for many decades. It has always been committed to quality, which has kept it relevant in the fashion industry even after all these years. Hermes’ shoes can be easily recognized by the signature H on the front of the shoes with an inscription saying “Hermès Paris“.


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