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Aldo Shoe Size Chart: Are They Good Fit?






It is helpful when an American Aldo shoemaker has a shoe size chart. We have some people in the United Kingdom asking for help on how to measure their shoe size, so we found this Aldo shoe size chart helpful. You can also use this tool to know your correct men’s or women’s foot measurements and print out an indication of your foot length if you’re unsure.

Even as a beginner, you can find this product’s measurement chart easy to read. We have people in the U.K. who are asking how to convert their shoe size into a British and American size, but the Aldo brand makes it easier because they use both formats; American and British sizing.

Aldo shoe brand

Aldo Women Shoe Size Chart 

Aldo is a shoe company that specializes in luxury shoes for women. They have been around for over 30 years and have grown to become a well-known and well-respected brand. Unfortunately, the Aldo size chart is unavailable on their website, but it is easy to find on other sites such as Pinterest or Google. The best Aldo shoe size chart for women can be found below:

Aldo women shoe
255-260 41 8 10 10.30
250-255 40 7 9 10.00
250-255 39 6 8.5 9.80
250 38.5 5.5 8 9.70
245-250 38 5 7.5 9.50
240 37.5 4.5 7 9.30
235-240 37 4 6.5 9.20
230 36 3 6 9.00
220-225 35 2 5 8.70

Aldo Men Shoe Size Chart

Aldo men shoe

Aldo is a major shoe retailer popular for its wide selection of men’s athletic shoes. But if you’ve never bought from Aldo, it can be hard to know what size to buy. We’ve put together this handy men’s shoe size chart! It includes information on how long the Aldo shoes are in inches and centimeters. You’ll also find Aldo shoes’ widths and corresponding US and EU sizes. For many people, shoe size changes depending on the specific type of footwear they are buying.

315-220 47 13 14 13.30
305-310 46 12 13 12.90
295-300 45 11 12 12.50
285-290 44 10 11 12.20
285 43.5 9.5 10.5 12.00
275-280 43 9 10 11.80
275 42.5 8.5 9.5 11.60
265-270 42 8 9 11.40
260 41 7 8 11.20
250-255 40 6.5 7.5 11.00
245-250 39 6 7 10.80

Aldo Kids Shoe Size Chart

Aldo’s children’s shoe sizes are different than their adult ones, so you must check out the chart below for the correct size. The best way to know what size your child should wear is to measure their feet with a flexible measuring tape and then compare it with the chart below.

5.5 39 6 9.30
4.5 37 5 9.00
3.5 36 4 8.70
2.5 34 3 8.40
1.5 33 2 8.10
13.5 32 1 7.70
12.5 31 13 7.40
11.5 30 12 7.10
10.5 29 11 6.80
9.5 27 10 6.50
8.5 26 9 6.20
7.5 24 8 5.80

How to Choose the Right Shoes Online?

A woman carries an Aldo Group Inc. shopping bag outside Vincom Mega Mall Times City

Many people struggle with how to decide what the best shoes are for their feet and lifestyle. We’ve put together a post on how you can choose the perfect pair for you by considering your lifestyle, foot measurements, and of course, price. All about shoe size charts, insole length measures, and a few hints to help you discover the correct online shoe shop. Follow this article!

Step 1: Measure Your Foot Length

Various footwear brands are available, and each brand’s size may change somewhat. Shoe sizes 6 and 8 may have somewhat different lengths. For example, shoe sizes 6 and 8 may have slightly different lengths for brands X and Y. As a result, measure your foot length before making an online shoe purchase. You may then use the online sizing guide provided by the company to determine your ideal size. Depending on the manufacturer, your foot length is measured in millimeters or inches. We at ALDO Singapore have a simple size chart that contains dimensions in both inches and centimeters.

Step 2: Measure Your Feet Later in the Day

The time of day also has a role in estimating your foot length. This is because our feet swell more at the end of the day than at the beginning. Measure your feet in the evening, when they’re at their most significant since that’s when they’re most comfortable. Even if your feet are swollen at the end of the day, the shoes you’ve purchased will still fit comfortably.

Step 3: Consider the Shape of the Shoes and Your Feet

Getting the correct pair of shoes online requires more than just measuring the length of your feet. The form of your feet and the design of your shoes are both vital in ensuring that your feet are correctly aligned with the shoes. Shoes with a broad toe shape may need a smaller size to fit your foot. You may want to go up a half size in pointed-toe shoes if you have broad feet.

Step 4: Read Reviews Online

There are a plethora of customer reviews available for many of the shoes offered online, particularly those supplied by well-known multinational manufacturers. Is this your first time purchasing footwear from this specific company? By reading the reviews, you can find out whether this specific brand’s shoe sizes are accurate according to their sizing chart or if their footwear is comfy. You’ll be better positioned to make an informed selection if you can access more customer reviews.

Step 5: Choose a shoe brand that allows returns or exchanges

Unless you try on shoes in-store, you may obtain the wrong size. Even if the shoes fit well, you may not like how they appear. We understand internet shopping’s cons. Choose a brand that enables returns or exchanges. You may contact the seller for an alternative size or style or a refund so you can purchase elsewhere. Follow the suggestions above to enjoy online shoe shopping. ALDO Singapore offers a wide selection of women’s and men’s shoes if you’re searching for a reputable online shoe retailer. Check out our return policy for shoes.

Find Fila shoe size chart in this post

Is Aldo A Good Brand?

Aldo Group Inc. store in downtown San Francisco, California, U.S., on Monday, Dec. 28, 2015.

Choosing the right shoe for your feet may be a challenge. Remember the material, color, and size aspects while purchasing shoes online. You’ll learn how to locate the perfect match in the following paragraphs.

Before considering a particular brand, be sure they have a proven track record of producing high-quality footwear and providing responsive customer service. A good example is Aldo, which sells various designs and pricing ranges for men’s and women’s footwear. To further refine your search, see whether they provide any specific hues. Also, check out the product reviews on the company’s website to see what other consumers say. In conclusion, buy your shoes from a trustworthy online retailer like Amazon. You have 30 days to seek a refund if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Buying online might be a hassle at times, but if you’re seeking the right pair of shoes, it’s well worth it. Alternatively, you may find these recommendations helpful. The answer to the question, “Is Aldo a good company?” is no. There are too many flaws in Aldo’s design and execution to be worth considering. This in no way implies that they lack fashionable footwear, to be sure. As a result, their quality is inferior to that of market leaders like Asics, Nike, New Balance, and Adidas.


Does ALDO run true to size?

Aldo uses European sizing. Size 8 would be a 38, while six would be a 36, according to this rule of thumb. On the other hand, Aldo shoes tend to run a half size small, so I suggest ordering a larger size in such cases.

Do Aldo shoes stretch?

No. They’re as comfortable as most shoes. Compared to other shoe companies, Aldo’s tend to be built of a more rigid material, making them less stretchable and unpleasant.

Is Aldo made in China?

It is headquartered in Montreal, but the ALDO Group has plants all around the globe. By 2020, we expect 80 percent of our handbag and footwear manufacturing to be produced in 55 factories controlled by 30 critical suppliers, most of which are located in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Portugal, and other parts of Asia.

Is Aldo shoes worth?

It’s impossible to wear Aldo shoes casually since they are so good-looking, affordable, and well-made on the inside. They’re comfortable enough to wear for long distances and will last you for over a year if you keep them dry.

Can Aldo boots be resoled?

Because they’re built of cement, you can’t fix them (nor you should anyways). Compared to Meermin, you get nothing for your money at these prices. Any store owned by Aldo should be avoided at all costs.

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