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Alegria Shoe Size Chart: Who Are Alegria Shoes Made For?






Alegria is a company that has established a reputation for unbeatable comfort and has become the go-to brand for footwear for both casual and formal settings. Professionals in the medical field, waitpersons, chefs, and anybody else who must stand and move about for extended periods all adore this brand.

Alegria store via Facebook

Alegria shoes are also an excellent option for anybody seeking high levels of comfort, featuring improved arch support, shock absorption, and a fit that encourages optimal alignment. Although this business has a physical facility in its home state, you can purchase all its items online and have them delivered right to your door, no matter where you are.

Alegria shoes via Official Site

The shoe size chart below is a quick guide to help you find your perfect Alegria Shoe size. 

Algeria Women Shoe Size Chart

Alegria women shoe – Keli Doodley Doo Professional Shoe

The Alegria company offers a comprehensive size chart to assist you in finding the proper shoe size for each style of their shoes. This type of detailed sizing is helpful for women who have not purchased shoes from the Alegria company before, as it may give them an idea of what to expect when they put on the first pair. 

Understanding each style can also help with sizing and fit when beginning a new Alegria shoe purchase. When shopping online, first determine the length of your foot.

9.5 – 10 6.5 9.5 – 10 40.0 247 9.633 24.70
8 – 8.5 5.0 8 – 8.5 38.0 233 9.087 23.30
7 – 7.5 4.0 7 – 7.5 37.0 227 8.853 22.70
6 – 6.5 3.5 6 – 6.5 36.0 220 8.580 22.00
5 – 5.5 3.0 5 – 5.5 35.0 213 8.307 21.30
11.5 – 12 7.5 11.5 – 12 42.0 260 10.140 26.00
10.5 – 11 7.0 10.5 – 11 41.0 253 9.867 25.30
9 6.0 9 39.0 240 9.360 24.00

Algeria Men Shoe Size Chart

Alegria men shoe – Bender Black Blend Shoe

One of the main things to remember when purchasing your first pair is what size you are wearing with other brands, as sizing will vary depending on the manufacturer. Because each type of shoe has its own sizing requirements, knowing your shoe size might assist you in deciding what type and style to purchase. 

This quick guide to Alegria sizes can help you find the right fit and style, ensuring you are delighted with your new shoes.

12.0 N/A 12.0 46.0 287 11.190 28.70
11.0 N/A 11.0 45.0 280 10.920 28.00
10.0 N/A 10.0 44.0 273 10.650 27.30
9.5 N/A 9.5 43.0 267 10.410 26.70
9.0 N/A 9.0 42.0 260 10.140 26.00
8.0 N/A 8.0 41.0 253 9.867 25.30
7.0 N/A 7.0 40.0 247 9.633 24.70

Where Are Alegria’s Shoes Made?

Alegria in USA

Located in the United States, Alegria Shoes is a brand of footwear dedicated to providing ladies with practical and comfortable footwear. This brand’s easy-to-wear slip-on designs, practical soles, and foot-friendly uppers are well-known.

The parent firm PG Lite is the owner of Alegria Shoes. For the contemporary professional lady, the company has created a wide variety of high-quality boots, flats, loafers, sandals, and non-slip shoes that are work-oriented.

The footwear from this company is renowned for its thick soles, eye-catching designs, and slip-on comfort. This business serves working women who must stand for long periods and want footwear that will protect their feet’s health while also keeping them comfortable and flexible.

Who Are Alegria Shoes Made For?

Alegria shoes for nurse via Facebook

Alegria Shoes are made with busy, professional women in mind. The purpose of these shoes’ creation was to offer all-day comfort. No matter how long you wear them, the supportive sole and soft, cushioned uppers should prevent foot pain.

When establishing their product range, this business says they deliberately had women in demanding occupations like teaching, medicine, nursing, and retail. This personnel requires secure and dependable footwear because they are frequently on their feet for long periods.

The simple simplicity of Alegria Shoes’ designs may appeal to older clients and those managing arthritis and other ailments. People who suffer from common foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or bunions will appreciate that Alegria Shoes provide them the opportunity to switch out the insoles for their personalized orthotics.

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Five Reasons You Should Choose Alegria Shoes

There are a few reasons why this brand has become the go-to choice for many professionals.

Here are the top 5:

Using Alegria Shoes Can Reduce Foot Issues

The key to each pair of Alegria shoes is the Alegria footbed. The footbed’s shape provides enough arch and heel support to reduce strain on the legs, hips, and back caused by standing for extended periods. Available in sandals, wedges, heels, boots, and professional and casual wear. Every style can be discovered to be blissfully comfortable.

Technical elements like a memory foam cushioned footbed that conforms to the natural contour of your feet and supports in all the appropriate places are included in the Alegria Shoe line. All Alegria models we carry include a rocker sole, which relieves strain on your joints and toes as you walk and encourages “correct” posture.

Comfortable and stylish Alegria shoes

Every pair of shoes is built for comfort. Cork, memory foam, and soft polyurethane, all specifically prepared, make up the iconic Classic Footbed. After that, it is ergonomically created to match the foot’s shape. This detachable footbed is securely fastened into the moderate rocker, slip-resistant outsole using unique interlocking technology, allowing for usage on any surface.

Able to combine fashion and comfort, Alegria shoes are designed with a three-part sole to eliminate pressure on crucial pressure points. The organization’s uppers contain “TRAction” pads that help spread weight, getting rid of pressure at the ball of your foot. The heel’s final layer of memory foam absorbs excess shock after each step.

Impressive and advanced design

Alegria shoes have been specially designed to keep wearers’ feet happy. This business also makes bold-looking shoes. Their distinguishing features include an oversized sole, rounded shoe tops, and occasionally exciting patterns, straps, or buckles.

While this company offers some straightforward designs, most Alegria Shoes aren’t dull slugs. They work and are comfortable without losing style for women who prefer a little flair in their clothing.

Easy online shopping

Alegria’s collection of shoes is available for purchase on its website. The products are categorized by style, size, and color to help you pick your favorite pair of shoes. Their site has a search option if you don’t know precisely what style you’re looking for, and they also offer shipping worldwide on all orders.

Reasonable prices

Alegria Shoes has put comfort first and foremost. This shoe company stands out from the competition because they are dedicated to assisting clients in getting foot pain relief and enjoying their time on their feet, whether working hard at work or simply doing household chores.

Alegria Shoes offer a lot of supporting characteristics, so their price range of $100 to $150 is not excessive, mainly because they are practical everyday shoes that you can wear for work, errands, or walking the dog and will frequently use rather than being reserved for special occasions like weddings.

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How should Alegria’s shoes fit?

When choosing the proper fit for your Alegria shoes, bear the following: Make sure the footbed of the Alegria shoes you try on adequately supports your foot’s arch. The ball of your foot and heel should be within a comfortable distance of the arch support.

Do Alegria Shoes provide worldwide shipping?

Yes! You can shop for your Alegria shoes in their online store, no matter where you happen. The following nations are among those to which this corporation ships:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • New Zealand
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Scotland
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States (including Puerto Rico)

What Is The Return policy?

This company gives you a lot of time to think things over before buying. If you wish to make a return, you have 365 days from the purchase date. Alegria Shoes claims they provide free return shipping with an at-home printable UPS prepaid label. Any products you wish to return must be in flawless, marketable condition.

Are Alegria shoes suitable for all-day standing?

Alegria Shoes are certainly made to feel comfortable and stylish, so you might even wear them to work, but they’re designed with the notion that they’ll be used for more than eight hours. If you are on your feet the entire day, getting a pair of support insoles may be worth considering if your job requires you to stand a lot.

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