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Dr Scholl’s Shoe Size Chart: Advantages and Disadvantages






The comfort, quality, functionality, and style of Dr. Scholl’s footwear are well-known. And they aren’t your average shoes. They go well with jeans and may be worn to work. Whatever you pair them with, they’ll blend in perfectly and never detract from the ensemble itself.

Dr. Scholl’s shoes store

Even if the design is merely a traditional high-heel pump or slide that’s simple to wear daily, Dr. Scholl’s shoes are generally gorgeous shoes that will last a long time.

Although various people have varied shoe preferences, Dr. Scholl’s shoes are better than average. They are instrumental if you have foot problems because they are for all-day comfort. They are comfy, even if you have to wear them all day. 

Dr. Scholl’s has released a shoe size chart to help people shop for the right fit. To get the perfect fit for your requirements, they offer information on the proper length and width of your foot.

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Dr Scholl’s Women Shoe Size Chart

Dr Scholl’s Women Shoe

Don’t know your Dr Scholl’s size? You’re not alone. Stumbling blindly into a store is no way to find out how to measure your feet and, from there, determine what size of shoe will fit you best. 

One foot is generally more significant than the other, and one foot may fit better in a different size of shoe, which throws accuracy off. Follow this simple height-weight-size chart to find the appropriate Dr Scholl footwear for you!

12.0 10.5 42.5 27.90
11.0 9.0 41.0 27.00
10.5 8.5 40.5 26.60
10.0 8.0 40.0 26.20
9.5 7.5 39.5 25.80
9.0 7.0 39.0 25.30
8.5 6.5 38.5 24.90
8.0 6.0 38.0 24.50
7.5 5.5 37.5 24.10
7.0 5.0 37.0 23.60
6.5 4.5 36.5 23.20
6.0 4.0 36.0 22.80
5.5 3.5 35.5 22.40
5 3.0 35.0 21.90

Dr Scholl’s Men Shoe Size Chart

Dr. Scholl’s men shoes

This chart is designed to help you select the best-sized shoe based on your foot’s length. If your foot tends to swell (such as after running or exercise), we recommend that you order shoes with extra room for growth or add thicker shoe inserts for additional cushioning and comfort. 

Before you do, check out our Dr Scholl’s shoe size chart. This chart is designed for your convenience and will show all the appropriate foot sizes for most standard shoes.

16.0 15.0 50.5
15.0 14.0 49.5
14.0 13.0 48.5
13.0 12.0 47.5
12.0 11.0 46.0
11.5 10.5 45.5
11.0 10.0 45.0
10.5 9.5 44.5
10.0 9.0 44.0
9.5 8.5 43.0
9.0 8.0 42.5
8.5 7.5 42.0
8.0 7.0 41.0
7.5 6.5 40.5
7.0 6.0 40.0

Dr Scholl’s Kids Shoe Size Chart

Dr Scholl’s Kid Shoe – Kameron Sneaker

Do you have little ones in your life that need shoes? Dr Scholl’s has a great line of children’s footwear, including kids’ sandals, shoes, and more. And they are all sized according to age to make things simple. 

One thing that can complicate matters is that every child’s foot is different and may fit best in different shoe sizes. Knowing which size will work best for your child can be challenging.

13.5 12.0  
13.0 11.5 12.0
12.5 11.0  
12.0 10.5 11.0
11.5 10.0  
11.0 9.5 10.0
10.5 9.0  
6.0 4.5 5.0
5.5 4.0  
5.0 3.5 4.0
4.5 3.0  
4.0 2.5 3.0
3.5 2.0  
3.0 1.5 2.0
2.5 1.0  
2.0 13.5 1.0
1.5 13.0  
1.0 12.5 12.0

Dr Scholl’s Baby/Toddler Shoe Size Chart

Dr Scholl’s Toddler Shoe – Kids’ Larson Sandal

Getting an accurate foot measurement is never too early or too late. It’s often a good idea to measure your baby or toddler’s feet and record the size at every significant milestone: after each growth spurt when they learn to walk and yearly after that. 

This will help you ensure they wear shoes that fit well and provide the protection their feet need from rough surfaces. The following chart will show you how to measure your infant or toddler’s feet for Dr Scholl’s footwear.

10.0 9.0 27.0
9.5 8.0 27.0
9.0 8.0 26.0
8.5 7.0 25.0
8.0 7.0 24.0
7.5 6.0 23.0
7.0 6.0 22.0
6.5 5.0 22.0
6.0 5.0 21.0
5.5 4.0 21.0
5.0 4.0 20.0
4.5 3.0 20.0
4.0 3.0 19.0
3.5 2.0 18.0
3.0 2.0 18.0
2.5 1.0 17.0
2.0 1.0 17.0
1.5   16.0
1.0   16.0

Are Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Reliable?

Dr. Scholl’s shoes

One of the most well-known shoe brands today is Dr. Scholl’s. They have thoughtfully considered every type their consumers need, from everyday walking shoes to sports sneakers. Dr. Scholl’s shoes are available in various materials to suit any requirement or taste.


Dr. Scholl’s shoes are crafted from various materials with design and function. The shoes’ bottoms are made of great lightweight material as well. So that whether you walk or run, you won’t feel any additional weight in your shoe. Because of this, you are running or jogging over extended distances is a terrific idea. Dr. Scholl’s shoes are an excellent choice for long distances if you have a speed-play attitude since they are also incredibly flexible and offer you a springy feeling when you run.


Because they might boil after being worn for a while, the drawback is that you must be especially careful when wearing them. The last thing you want to do is remove them when jogging since this might result in sweaty feet.

The shoes don’t have a long wear period, which is a drawback. These shoes’ excellent caliber and simplicity make them ideal for maintenance and breakdown. Consequently, it can be worthwhile for you to take care of your feet more frequently if you can purchase a new pair every few months.

Many sizes

Dr. Scholl’s has a generous selection of men’s and women’s shoes available in a wide range of sizes, making it possible to purchase the type that fits you best. The fact that Dr. Scholl’s shoes come in a wide range of widths and sizes to fit all different foot types is another fantastic feature. So whether you need a broad or a tiny shoe, they offer both in their large selection.


Many people very appreciate the design of Dr. Scholl’s shoes. The shoes are charming to look at, with the colors being attractive and attractive. They also have various other designs that make them extremely good-looking when you look at them from different angles.

But one of the most remarkable things about Dr. Scholl’s shoes is that they come in gorgeous hues and patterns. There are various styles to pick from, from traditional black to quirky designs and vibrant hues.


Regarding cost, Dr. Scholl’s shoes should be more affordable than those from other shoe companies. However, the quality of their shoes will more than make up for it in terms of longevity. Dr. Scholl’s shoes are a good option if you’re seeking a shoe brand that offers all of this and more.

Overall, Dr. Scholl’s shoes are one of the most well-liked choices on the market today. They have many abilities that aren’t available in many other options, making them stand out among their competition in more ways than one. You will find them in the middle price range, which can be an advantage if cost is your primary concern.

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Dr. Scholl’s Shoes: Advantages and Disadvantages

Dr. Scholl’s shoes sole

Here is a summary of the benefits and drawbacks in case you’re debating whether or not to buy some Dr. Scholl’s shoes.


  • – They cost between $10 and $20 and last almost two years. They are simple to clean thanks to the soles, which can be done with a sponge or wet cloth.
  • – Avoid becoming filthy; the shoe’s design keeps the leather soles clean, preventing dirt from getting lodged in the gaps and fissures.
  • – There are numerous attractive options available. For business or everyday use, it is simple to wear and comfy.


  • – They are short-lived. Your feet may start to sweat in these shoes after an hour since they aren’t made of natural leather and don’t breathe as well as shoes made of genuine leather. 
  • – Not recommended for persons with foot, joint, or knee issues since they might be challenging to get into and out of when moving.
  • – Not appropriate for those with broader feet.

Reasons To Buy Dr Scholl’s Shoes

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Inhale Slip Resistant Sneaker

Think about it. Now that you know all about Dr Scholl’s shoes and what they have to offer in terms of benefits and disadvantages, you are likely wondering whether Dr Scholl’s shoes will help you bring more comfort into your everyday life.

Famous Brand

Dr. Scholl’s provides top-notch footwear for all circumstances and is one of the most well-known shoe brands in the world. The firm was primarily intended to supply ergonomic insoles for persons who labored on their feet all day and was established in 1906 by podiatrist Dr. William Mathias Scholl.

Everyone with foot discomfort or arch issues found the ground-breaking design compelling. Along with authorized collaborations with prominent fashion firms like Victoria Beckham and Madonna, they also create creative creations.


Dr. Scholl’s shoes will always be comfortable, which you’ll discover when you first put them on. This is crucial if you want the most use out of your shoe and want a product that will make your life easier.

This is true not just because wearing comfortable shoes is a basic human need but also because doing so helps to reduce foot discomfort. Whether you’re searching for dress shoes, sneakers, or anything in between, Dr. Scholls has many models that will meet your needs.

Beneficial for plantar fasciitis

Shoes made by Dr. Scholl are intended for those with plantar fasciitis. In addition, Dr. Scholl’s recently unveiled the Sympatex range of shoes, designed exclusively for those with plantar fasciitis. These shoes include unique insoles and fabric that wicks away moisture to make them well-ventilated.

There is also a selection of other Dr. Scholl’s footwear that should be appropriate for individuals without severe symptoms of plantar fasciitis. People with additional foot issues, such as flat feet, might benefit from the added comfort given by Dr. Scholl’s Arch Support insoles & Super feet inserts.

Healthy for your feet

Many people are familiar with Dr. Scholl’s because they recommend using their well-known foot care products. However, because feet tend to be under a lot of stress these days, Dr. Scholl’s also makes shoes designed to assist you in better care of your feet. Dr. Scholl’s offers a variety of shoe styles, but they all share one thing in common: they are all crafted from the highest-quality materials to provide you with the most comfort possible.

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Are Dr Scholl’s walking shoes any good?

The Scholl $55 Men’s Maximum Wide Walking Shoe is a sustainable walking shoe featuring a canvas top, padded interior, and heel counter constructed from ecologically friendly materials. It has a robust sole, comfortable leather and mesh, and a sporty appearance. For the price, this shoe received an excellent overall review.

Does Dr Scholl’s have arch support?

Stress and pressure on the foot from flat feet, weakened ankles from falls, or high arches can all contribute to arch discomfort. Extra arch support is provided where it’s most needed with Dr. Scholl’s® Arches Discomfort Relief Orthotics with Shock Guard® Technology, helping to lessen and prevent arch pain.

How often should you change your insoles?

Even the most excellent insoles, however, eventually wear out. Your liner should last around six months with typical use, although this varies based on factors like use frequency (i.e., running vs. daily activities) and foot construction. A new insole could be necessary for dedicated runners every three to four months.

When was Dr Scholl’s famous?

A trendy pair of shoes is Dr. Scholl’s fitness sandals. The sandals went on sale at the beginning of the 1960s. Sales in the UK reached 2 million pairs annually, and within four years of their introduction in the US, one million pairs of shoes had been sold. Four million pairs were sold by 1968.

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