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Saucony Shoe Size Chart: Are Saucony Shoes True to Size?






Saucony is a reputable footwear brand that produces shoes for running, biking, and casual wear. They have developed a shoe size chart to help you find your ideal fit for one of their shoes. A general rule of thumb is to order the same size or at least within a few sizes from your current shoe manufacturer.

Saucony has a wide variety of shoes, and sizing varies from model to model, making it difficult to fit. We found the best way to figure out the size you need is by using our chart and comparing your measurements with the Saucony shoe sizes we have listed below.

Saucony brand

Saucony Men Shoe Size Chart

Saucony Men shoe
CM (CN, JP, Mondo) Inches US UK EU
21.00 8.27 3 2 35
21.50 8.46 35½
22.00 8.66 4 3 36
22.50 8.86 37
23.00 9.06 5 4 37½
23.50 9.25 38
24.00 9.45 6 5 38½
24.50 9.65 39
25.00 9.84 7 6 40
25.50 10.04 40½
26.00 10.24 8 7 41
26.50 10.43 42
27.00 10.63 9 8 42½
27.50 10.83 43
28.00 11.02 10 9 44
28.50 11.22 10½ 44½
29.00 11.42 11 10 45
29.50 11.61 11½ 10½ 46
30.00 11.81 12 11 46½
30.50 12.01 12½ 11½ 47
31.00 12.2 13 12 48
32.00 12.6 14 13 49
33.00 12.99 15 14 50
34.00 13.39 16 15 51½

Saucony Women Shoe Size Chart

Saucony Women shoe
CM (CN, JP, Mondo) Inches US UK EU
20.5 8.07 4 2 34½
21 8.27 35
21.5 8.46 5 3 35½
22 8.66 36
22.5 8.86 6 4 37
23 9.06 37½
23.5 9.25 7 5 38
24 9.45 38½
24.5 9.65 8 6 39
25 9.84 40
25.5 10.04 9 7 40½
26 10.24 41
26.5 10.43 10 8 42
27 10.63 10½ 42½
27.5 10.83 11 9 43
28 11.02 11½ 44
28.5 11.22 12 10 44½
29 11.42 12½ 10½ 45
29.5 11.61 13 11 46

Are Saucony Shoes True to Size? 

The Saucony shoe charts indicate that their shoes run 1/2 size different from their non-running shoe counterparts. For example, a women’s 10.5 runs in a 10, while a regular 9.5 runs in a 9.

Saucony also recommends sizing down 1/2 size from your usual running shoe size for men’s shoes and up to 1 full size for women’s running shoes. However, most people find Saucony shoes true to their normal running shoe size.

How to Measure Your Feet for Saucony Shoe Size?

Runners often order based on their shoe size, which isn’t always the right way to do it. The best way to order a pair of shoes is to follow a few steps that guarantee the shoe will fit.

Step 1: Wear the socks

Wear the socks you would be wearing with your running shoes, or have a friend or family member put them on for you. You can put your tennis shoes on, but if worn out, you can also measure bare feet.

Step 2: Measure the feet

Use a measuring tape and measure from your heel to the tip of your big toe. If your foot is wide, measure using both feet.

Step 3: Decide the size you need

Saucony shoes generally run about 1/2 to 1 full size smaller than their traditional sneakers. However, it is recommended that you order your regular running shoe size for men and up to a 1/2 larger for women.

Step 4: Use the chart to determine your Saucony shoe size

Match your measurements up with the chart below. The best way to figure out what size will fit you is to order a few sizes and return the ones that do not work out for you. Saucony will let you do this as often as it takes, free of charge, within 60 days of receipt.

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Saucony Shoe Sizing Compared to Other Brands

Saucony sizing is similar to the other brands. The only difference is that Saucony tends to run about 1/2-1 full size smaller than the American running shoe sizes. If you use the same sized shoe with different manufacturers, you can expect a variance in the sizing of their shoes.

Foot length (mm) Saucony Brooks Asics New Balance Hoka Nike Adidas
Men’s US sizes
260 8 8 8 8 8 9 9
270 9 9 9 9 9 10 10
280 10 10 10 10 10 11 11
Women’s US sizes
230 5 6 6 6 6 6.5 6.5
240 6 7 7 7 7 7.5 7.5
250 7 8 8 8 8 8.5 8.5

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General Guidelines to Saucony Shoe Sizing

The general guideline for Saucony footwear sizing is to choose the same size that you normally wear or go up to 1/2-size larger. However, everyone’s feet are different, so ordering a couple of different sizes will ensure a proper fit. Saucony’s free shipping and free return policy mean you can keep trying new sizes until you are satisfied with your choice. If a pair doesn’t work out for any reason, it can be returned within 60 days and replaced with another pair at no charge.

1. Do not assume the size of your foot

Sizing Saucony running shoes can be confusing. You might notice that Saucony shoes run about 1/2-1 size smaller than the American size. However, there are other factors to consider, including your foot type and volume. The following chart will help you find the best fit for your feet.

2. Use the chart

Here is a general size guide to help you choose the right Saucony shoe size. The table below shows the widths and lengths of men’s, women’s, and kids’ Saucony shoes.

3. Find your right width

Wider feet need more space in the toe area. You can easily test this with a measuring tape by measuring the space between your first and second toes on both feet. This will be your measurement for the width of your Saucony running shoes.


What are the best fittings for Saucony shoes?

With a wide range of shapes and sizes, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect fit for Saucony running shoes. Get the size you normally wear or up to 1/2 size smaller to get the perfect fit. If it still doesn’t fit right, there is a 60-day return policy and a free shipping fee.

Are Saucony shoes waterproof?

The short answer is no. Saucony shoes are not waterproof and are not meant to be used in inclement weather or in the snow.

However, the material is water-resistant, which will help protect your feet from getting wet if you step into a puddle or a stream. This is because water will bead outside the shoe instead of soaking through and wetting your toes.

How do Saucony running shoes fit?

Saucony running shoes run about 1/2 to 1 size smaller than the average American shoe size. According to the official Saucony sizing chart, women’s and men’s run 1/2 to 1 full size smaller than their regular sneakers. Be sure to use the chart above to determine your best fit.

How can I tell if a Saucony running shoe is good for me?

The best way to figure out what size will fit you is to order a few sizes and return the ones that do not work out for you. Saucony will let you do this as often as it takes, free of charge, within 60 days of receipt.

Do Saucony shoes run small or large?

Saucony shoes run about 1/2-1 size smaller than the average American shoe size. The chart above shows their recommended sizing guidelines.

Why are some Saucony running shoes expensive?

Saucony is a premium brand, and most of their running shoes retail for around $100+. They serve various purposes, including racing, training, jogging, and walking.

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