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Nike Shoe Size Chart: Sizing Guide And More






If you suffer from a general lack of knowledge in various aspects of the world, you may find yourself at a loss for what size shoe Nike would be. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a comprehensive list and information on what sizes Nike shoes run so that you can stop stressing about it and start shopping!

Nike shoe brand

Nike Men Shoes Size Chart

A Nike size chart for men is a straightforward means of finding the correct size and width if you buy shoes from a Nike store online. It has also been beneficial in assessing the fit of an old pair you have purchased secondhand or determining which size to buy if your feet are on the larger end of the sizing scale.

Nike men shoe
EUROPE US UK Heel to toe
35.50 3.5 3 21.60 cm
36.00 4 3.5 22.00 cm
36.50 4.5 4 22.40 cm
37.50 5 4.5 22.90 cm
38.00 5.5 5 23.30 cm
38.50 6 5,5 23.70 cm
39.00 6.5 6 24.10 cm
40.00 7 6 24.50 cm
40.50 7,5 6.5 25.00 cm
41.00 8 7 25.40 cm
42.00 8.5 7.5 25.80 cm
42.50 9 8 26.20 cm
43.00 9.5 8.5 26.70 cm
44.00 10 9 27.10 cm
44.50 10.5 9.5 27.50 cm
45.00 11 10 27.90 cm
45.50 11.5 10.5 28.30 cm
46.00 12 11 28.80 cm
47.00 12.5 11.5 29.20 cm
47.50 13 12 29.60 cm
48.00 13.5 12.5 30.00 cm
48.50 14 13 30.50 cm
49.00 15 13.5 31.30 cm
49.50 16 14 32.20 cm
50.00 17 14.5 33.00 cm
50.50 18 15 33.90 cm

Nike Women Shoes Size Chart

Women’s Nike shoes come in many sizes. Finding the size that fits you best is a task more straightforward than you might think! Make sure to get your Nike shoes fitted by a professional. Unfortunately, Nike does not offer sizes for shoes you already own. Sometimes, buying the right size can be tricky. Follow this Nike women’s shoe size chart and use it as a reference when you shop for new shoes.

Nike women shoe
EUROPE US UK Heel to toe
35.50 5 2.5 22.00 cm
36.00 5.5 3 22.40 cm
36.50 6 3.5 22.90 cm
37.50 6.5 4 23.30 cm
38.00 7 4.5 23.70 cm
38.50 7.5 5 24.10 cm
39.00 8 5.5 24.50 cm
40.00 8.5 6 25.00 cm
40.50 9 6.5 25.40 cm
41.00 9,5 7 25.80 cm
42.00 10 7.5 26.20 cm
42.50 10.5 8 26.70 cm
43.00 11 8.5 27.10 cm
44.00 11.5 9 27.50 cm
44.50 12 9.5 27.90 cm

Nike Shoe Sizing for Wide Feet?

First, if you have wide feet, you may be wondering if Nike makes shoes in wide sizes. The answer is yes! Nike makes shoes in various shoe widths.

Nike run shoes are made with a distinctly wide fit, offering a more comfortable fit with wider feet. However, one of the biggest questions that run through the minds of people who wear Nike shoes is – “What size does Nike run?” The answer to this question is quite simple: most of the time, Nike shoes can be ordered in size 6.5 (US) or 7 (EU). There are some exceptions to the rule, but it’s pretty straightforward for most people.

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How Do I Find The Right Size And Fit?

If you’ve never purchased an athletic shoe before, making an educated decision on what size to get may be difficult. We’ve put together a quick guide on finding your correct Nike shoe size to help you along the way.

We recommend trying on a pair of Nike shoes whenever possible before purchasing them. This way, you can get used to their fit and ensure they are comfortable for you from the off.

Step 1: Place your foot inside the shoe and tuck your toes under  

Make sure to remove any extra material around the shoe’s sole.

Step 2: Make sure that the front of your foot is at the largest point. 

Make a note of this point, and then walk around the store for a bit before returning to place your foot back into the shoe. The back of your heel should be towards where you’d normally be standing.

Step 3: Walk around in it.

Does it feel good? Do your toes feel cramped at all? Can you walk around comfortably in the store? If so, then you’ve probably picked the right size! You can always return it and get a slightly different size, just to be safe.

General Guidelines to Nike Shoe Sizing?

Depending on the type of shoe you’re looking for, a few different sizing conventions go into play. The most popular shoe styles use different methods of sizing. Note that these are generally accepted as the general rule of thumb and will vary depending on the brand as well as the model of shoe you’re looking for.

1. Do not assume the size of your foot

Trying them on is the most important step when looking for a pair of shoes. You should never assume that wearing a certain size in one brand means you’ll fit the same in another. You should also never assume that the size of your feet isn’t going to change by the time you find a shoe that feels comfortable. The only way to make sure is to try them on, and even then, your foot shape may affect how well they fit.

2. Follow my precision measuring tips above

Remember to follow my measuring tips above to maximize your comfort level when you’re trying shoes on. Make sure they feel true to size; if not, try out a different size. Remember that foot sizes change over time, and the only way to ensure you’re getting the correct fit is with the above tips.

3. Always try them on

You should never order shoes online without first trying them on in-store. However, as long as you’re generally comfortable with your current Nike size and fit, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you run into trouble and cannot decide what size to get, ask the salesperson for help (they are there to help!)

4. All comparisons for Nike shoes

Exact sizing is not always the best way to go when looking for a pair of Nike shoes. You should note that many brands will be making shoes that are almost identical in style to other brands’ models. Although they will be made in different factories, the actual fit and sizing should be very similar.

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What are the Sizes/Widths of Nike shoes?

Nike Men’s Shoes run from 6.5 (US) to 8.25 (US). There is no difference between men’s and women’s sizing for Nike sneakers. If you’re looking for the right size, you should get the smaller sizes if your foot is narrower and vice versa if you want a wider fit. Women’s sneakers are slightly different, but they follow the same sizing conventions as men’s sneakers.

My foot is bigger than a size 10. What should I do?

If you feel like a 10.5 (US) is still too tight, there are some solutions. You can try purchasing some Nike insoles or cushions to add to the shoe to make them feel more comfortable for you. You can also look for different sizes if the shoe doesn’t fit, but if you’re going to go that route, try looking for a wide fit instead of going up a size. The main thing to remember is that you should never feel like your foot is cramped inside of a shoe. Feeling constricted in sneakers will make them feel painful and uncomfortable to wear, so try to find the right fit!

Are Nike shoes good for running?

Of course! Nike seriously prides itself on its shoes being very functional for athletes. Their shoes are comfortable, have great cushioning, and have a lot of arch support. Moreover, Nike also makes a wide range of shoes for every occasion. Whether you’re running on the track or out on the streets, plenty of shoes can help you with your athletic endeavors.

Should I wear socks with Nike sneakers?

There isn’t much of a reason not to. While some people may be concerned about wearing socks, they shouldn’t be an issue. The only thing to remember is that socks should be chosen wisely, and they should never be too thick or too thin. Too thick socks can make your sneakers feel tight and uncomfortable, while too-narrow socks can cause blisters on your toes.

Are Nike shoes waterproof?

Nike sneakers are waterproof unless otherwise specified in the product description or reviews. However, several products are not waterproof, so be sure to check the product details before purchasing.

Are Nike shoes cool?

Nike sneakers are definitely on the cool side! They have a lot of great designs that are very eye-catching and made to stand out. If you want to stand out in a crowd, having a pair of cool sneakers can help you do so.

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