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Carters Shoe Size Chart: How To Find Kid Shoe Size






The shoe size chart is a helpful tool to determine what size shoes you may need based on your height. Choosing a shoe that is the wrong size can result in discomfort and cause injury. Children’s shoe measurements are different from those of adults. Children often have larger feet than adults because their bones are still growing, but they also have narrower feet. If you need help determining your child’s shoe size, please see our Footwear Finder for Children’s information.

Once you know your child’s shoe size, take a look at the chart below for the approximate adult equivalent. Make use of this chart as a starting point, and then make any essential adjustments to guarantee that your child’s footwear is a good fit for them. If you are purchasing shoes online, you may want to print this chart out and take it with you to be sure the shoes fit properly.

Newborn Shoe Size

Carter new born shoe

The shoe size for a newborn is typically the same as their age in months. Baby shoes are measured by infant shoe size (i.e., 0-3 months, 4-6 months, etc.) and not my shoe size.

Birth up to 6 weeks 8 3.1 0 15
6 wks – 3 months 8.9 3.5 1 16
3 – 6 months 9.2 3.8 2 17
6 – 9 months 10.5 4.1 3 18
9 – 12 months 11.4 4.5 4 19

Toddler Shoe Size

Carter toddler shoe

In some cases, people may want to buy a larger shoe size for their toddler. The toddler shoe size chart below is for reference only, as shoe sizes may vary with different brands of shoes. In order to identify the approximate equivalent adult shoe size, you will need to follow the same procedure you used when determining your child’s shoe size. This procedure must be followed regardless of the brand of shoe and regardless of whether the shoes appear to be the same sizes on different sites.

12 – 18 months 12 4.8 5 (S) 20
1 – 2 years 13 5.1 6 (S) 22
2 – 2.5 years 14 5.5 7 (M) 23
2 – 2.5 years 14.8 5.8 8 (M) 24
2.5 – 3 years 15.5 6.1 9 (L) 25
3 – 3.5 years 16.5 6.5 10 (L) 27
3.5 – 4 years 17.5 6.8 11 (XL) 28
3.5 – 4 years 18 7.1 12 (XL) 30

Kid Shoes Size

Carter kid shoe

Kid’s shoe sizes are different from adult shoe sizes. Kids’ size is based on the length of their feet. However, shoe sizes may vary between manufacturers. When ordering kid shoes online, you may wish to check the size chart for that specific brand for accuracy.

4 – 5 years 19 7.5 13 (XXL) 31
5.5 – 6 years 19.7 7.8 1Y (XXL) 32
6 – 7 years 20.6 8.1 2Y (XXXL) 33
7 – 8 years 21.6 8.5 3Y (XXXL) 34
8 – 9 years 22.2 8.7 4Y (XXXXL) 35
9 – 10 years 23.2 9 5Y (XXXXL) 36

Buy Your Children’s Feet the Correct Size of Shoes

Buying the right shoes for your children is important to help them have a healthy, happy, and active childhood. Shoes help protect the bones and muscles in the feet and provide proper arch support. Wearing the wrong size shoe can result in lower back pain, knee pain, and even hip pain due to improper alignment of the body parts. The following tips will help you choose the right size shoes for your kids.

Keep track of your child’s growth.

You should take a measurement of your child’s foot at least once each month to ensure that it is developing properly and that it is growing at the appropriate rate. Corns and blisters are two common foot conditions that may be caused by wearing shoes that are too small. If they wear shoes that are too large for their feet, their feet will slide forward within the shoe, which will result in pain and overstretching of the toes. After the age of 12, children’s feet continue to develop until about the age of 18. Thus it is advised that they purchase shoes that are one size bigger than their actual size. This will give their feet space to expand.

Always check the toes.

When looking for shoes, look for a stylish pair that not only looks good but is also well-made. Uncomfortable shoes do not last long, and if the shoes are already worn out, it may be time to start shopping for new pairs of footwear.

You may wish to have your child’s feet measured when they are younger to get an accurate measurement. Your child’s foot should be measured at the widest part of the foot, including the heel and toes.

Get your child’s feet measured

When buying shoes for children, you should not just rely on the shoe size to be an accurate measurement of the right shoe for your child. Children’s feet grow rapidly, and sometimes they grow even faster than once a month. Even if you are shopping for an older child’s shoes, it is advised to have this measurement taken at least once a year.


What size shoe does a one-year Carters wear?

A one-year-old baby will typically wear a size 1. The chart below shows the shoe size chart for Carter’s shoes, based on age and gender. The sizes are given in US Men’s sizing, so take that into account when trying to determine which size your child will wear if you purchase from a different country or region.

How do I know my children’s shoe sizes?

Take a look at your baby’s foot, and then refer to the chart below to find the corresponding size. You can also measure your child’s foot if you have an insole available. Just lay down that strip of paper and put your child’s heel along the top edge to measure around their ankle and up over their toes until it meets back up with the other end. The measurement is found by measuring from one side of the insole (wedge) to another on that straight line.

Are Carter’s shoes good for toddlers?

If you have children, a significant number of individuals could ask you this question. The size chart provided by Carter’s may not always be exact, but it is a wonderful beginning to begin your search.

Different brands of shoes can fit differently, too. Even the same pair may fit different sizes on your feet depending on how thick your foot is and what shoes you’re wearing – meaning, avoid any shoes that are tight or too big in general and make sure to take the time to break them in before using them for long periods of time or for climbing activities.

How big should you buy toddler shoes?

It’s recommended to buy toddler shoes in sizes 3-6 months, 12-18 months, and 24-36 months. Three sizes of shoes that will last the entirety of a child’s first three years are recommended.

In your shoe size chart, I find it interesting that a toddler boy’s foot grows 1.5 times bigger than a toddler girl’s foot. 

The shoe sizing is inconsistent?

No, Shoe sizes are based on statistical data accumulated over decades of research into what the average foot size is for a given gender and age range. It’s simply a fact that girls’ feet grow faster than boys’ during the toddler years, and that statistic has been universally accepted as fact (with only very few exceptions).

What size shoe is an 8-month-old?

A size eight-month-old usually wears a shoe size of 7.5. The average shoe size for a healthy baby who is eight months old is 7.5.” carters shoe size chart” With our Carter’s Shoe Size Chart, you can find your child’s correct shoe size at home and shop confidently in the store. 

What’s the difference between Carters and OshKosh?

Carters and OshKosh are two different clothing brands. Carters is a US-based children’s clothing company, while OshKosh is an American clothing brand that specializes in kids’ clothes.

Carters offers quality apparel at affordable prices, while OshKosh provides high-quality clothes for your children. The Carters shoe size chart can help you find the correct size for your little one or yourself.


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