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Crocs Shoe Size Chart: Crocs Clog Size Guide






The Crocs Size Chart explains the different size options, which are determined by the length of your foot. Crocs shoes come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the right pair can be daunting. That’s why we have a handy Crocs size chart to make it easier!

Crocs shoes store

The first thing to know is that all of their shoes come in men’s sizing sorry, ladies. It’s as simple as measuring your foot’s length and consulting this chart. Whether you’re a male or a woman, you need to know the length of your foot to purchase your shoes. Sorry ladies, all Crocs are unisex. Men’s sizing is in inches, so don’t be tempted to order a size up just because you wear a half size.

Crocs shoe box

The width of your toes is the next consideration. Crocs shoe data also includes the Toe Box width for every style. This measurement should be taken across the widest part at the broadest part of your foot, not at the tip of your toe. If you’re ordering for your children, remember that their feet proliferate! Make sure to order a size up to accommodate their growing feet.

To measure your child’s foot length, put it on a piece of paper and mark the edge of the heel. Then measure from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe. That is their foot length. Consult our Crocs shoe size chart above to determine if they need an adult or kid shoe size.

Crocs Women Shoe Size Chart

Crocs women shoe

The Crocs shoe comes in a wide range of sizes, from women’s 3 to a women’s 12, so finding the right pair for you should be easy! Below is a helpful guide that will help you step by step through the process of finding your perfect pair. Additionally, if you need further assistance or want to shop by yourself, check out Crocs’ website.

KR JP EU Size UK Size US Size Centimeter
N/A N/A N/A 10 12 27.90
N/A N/A 42-43 9 11 26.90
270 26 41-42 8 10 26.30
260 25 39-40 7 9 25.40
250 24 38-39 6 8 24.40
240 23 37-38 5 7 23.80
230 22 36-37 4 6 22.80
220 21 34-35 3 5 21.90
210 N/A N/A N/A 4 21.20
N/A N/A N/A N/A 3 20.30

Crocs Men Shoe Size Chart

Crocs men shoe

Crocs shoe size chart helps you locate your shoe size quickly. This chart provides a breakdown of men’s Crocs shoe sizes. Wide feet in tiny shoes may be tricky. Crocs have published a shoe size chart that compares men’s shoe sizes to their shoes. Crocs shoes are padded to support the whole foot. Crocs’ cushioned soles allow many customers to wear shoes all day without foot discomfort.

KR JP EU Size UK Size US Size Centimeter
N/A N/A N/A N/A 17 33.00
N/A N/A N/A N/A 16 32.00
N/A N/A N/A N/A 15 31.40
N/A N/A N/A N/A 14 30.40
310 31 48-49 12 13 29.50
300 30 46-47 11 12 28.80
290 29 45-46 10 11 27.90
280 28 43-44 9 10 26.90
270 27 42-43 8 9 26.30
265 26 41-42 7 8 25.40
260 25 39-40 6 7 24.40
250 24 N/A N/A 6 23.80
240 23 N/A N/A 5 22.80
230 22 N/A N/A 4 21.90

Crocs Unisex Shoe Size Chart

Crocs unisex shoe

You can’t tell whether you’re a woman or a guy wearing Crocs; they’re unisex. To assess whether or not you have broad feet, standard measuring instruments cannot measure your feet from heel to toe. The Crocs shoe size chart below will help ensure that your shoes are a good fit. Note that these dimensions are for regular sizing and should be taken with additional half-size space in the shoe to provide maximum comfort.

KR JP EU Size UK Size US Size
N/A N/A 52-53 16 17
N/A N/A 51-52 15 16
N/A N/A 50-51 14 15
N/A N/A 49-50 13 14
N/A 31 48-49 12 13
N/A 30 46-47 11 12
290 29 45-46 10 11
280 28 43-44 M9 | W10 M10 | W12
270 27 42-43 M8 | W9 M9 | W11
265 26 41-42 M7 | W8 M8 | W10
260 25 39-40 M6 | W7 M7 | W9
250 24 38-39 M5 | W6 M6 | W8
240 23 37-38 M4 | W5 M5 | W7
230 22 36-37 M3 | W4 M4 | W6

Crocs Kids Shoe Size Chart

Crocs kid shoes

Crocs have a range of kids’ shoes for babies, toddlers, and adults. This size chart can help you find the best fit for your child. The terrain that children’s feet go through often changes, so it is essential to understand the fit of their shoes should be adjustable. Be sure to purchase their shoes in a larger size to accommodate quick growth spurts and adjust them as needed by tying straps or pulling laces tight when they get too loose. To learn how to walk without twisting their ankle or knee, kids need a foot that is healthy and strong.

KR JP EU Size UK Size US Size Centimeter
250 24 38-39 6 J6 24.10
240 23 37-38 5 J5 23.10
230 22 36-37 4 J4 22.50
220 21 34-35 3 J3 21.50
210 20 33-34 2 J2 20.60
200 19.5 32-33 1 J1 20.00
190 19 30-31 13 C13 19.00
180 18.5 29-30 12 C12 18.00
175 18 28-29 11 C11 17.40
165 17.5 27-28 10 C10 16.50
155 16.5 25-26 9 C9 15.50
150 15.5 24-25 8 C8 14.90
140 15 23-24 7 C7 13.90
130 14 22-23 6 C6 13.00
120 13 20-21 5 C5 12.30
115 12 19-20 4 C4 11.40
N/A N/A N/A N/A C3 10.40
N/A N/A N/A N/A C2 9.80

The Problem with Wearing Crocs All Day

Crocs Men Shoes

Crocs are excellent shoes because they are lightweight but also pleasant and straightforward to put on and take off. Additionally, they are breathable, boost circulation, and provide sufficient space to prevent the toes from being compressed.

They are not, however, comfortable enough to be worn daily or for extended durations. Crocs were first conceived as waterproof footwear for boats, complete with non-skid bottoms and foamy uppers. Their design makes them a good choice for temporary usage at the beach, pool, or waterpark because of their portability. Crocs are now so popular that individuals wear them everywhere, often for the whole day and even in public places like hospitals, parks, and shopping malls.

When Crocs are not worn in the manner they were intended, more strain is placed on the shoe’s sole and heel pad. If there is insufficient support, the toes will be forced to grasp the shoe, which might cause tendinitis or worsen already present problems. You risk developing problems like corns and calluses and other toe abnormalities.

How to Measure Crocs Shoe Size?

To be a good parents, we always ensure that our children wear the correct shoe size. And as a mom, I know how crucial it is to have a wide variety of options for my children! Finding the correct shoe size for your baby’s feet might be challenging, but we’re here to assist. Here, you’ll find out how to accurately measure Crocs shoe sizes so that you and your kid can wear them comfortably. Crocs shoe sizes are distinct from conventional shoe sizes, and you’ll learn how to measure them uniquely here.

Step 1: Measuring your foot

When looking for new footwear, ensure that your feet’ length and breadth are considered. Always measure your foot when it is bare and never while it is within a shoe. Maintain a flat-footed stance while pressing your heel into the wall. With your heel turned away from you and using a ruler or tape measure, measure the distance on the ground between the back of your heel and the end of your longest toe. Your heel should be facing away from you.

You may acquire an accurate reading of the flat width across the ball of your foot, which is the most comprehensive section of your foot, by stepping on a ruler or tape measure and taking the measurement while your foot is flat.

Step 2: Choosing the right width

Choosing shoes with the appropriate width is essential to your foot’s health and comfort. The width of a shoe may change the amount of room and fit choices available. For instance, wide-width shoes differ from regular fit shoes because the sole is broader and the toe cap is deeper.

Step 3: Shoe dimensions and anatomy

When looking for the perfect fit, knowing the many components of a shoe and how to measure them correctly can make all the difference. Before purchasing, ensure you’ve reviewed the shoe’s specifications and dimensions and consulted the manufacturer’s instructions for assistance.


How do I know my croc size?

Crocs’ footwear is sized in US men’s and women’s sizes. This information may be found on the soles of an existing pair of shoes. No matter where you purchase your Crocs (e.g., Australia, the United States, Singapore, England, New Zealand, or another nation), the size stated on the sole will always be in US sizes.

Is croc size the same as shoe size?

Although the Crocband clogs feature a loose toe box, I found their length accurate and constant compared to other popular shoes, making them an excellent option for anyone looking for something casual and comfy. Crocs Crocband fits similarly to Crocs Classics in terms of fitting.

How should my Crocs fit?

Shoes that are comfortable and don’t slide on your foot while walking adhere to the shape of your foot. Your shoe’s heel should be flat on the ground, not bouncing up and down. The sides, top, and arch portion of the shoe should all fit snugly around your feet without causing discomfort. Make sure your toes aren’t touching the front of the shoe.

Do Crocs stretch out?

Make sure you put them in the fridge the night before, and if you want to get even more use out of them, put them in the freezer. What crocodile sizes are available if any at all? Crocs may be too small for your feet. Fortunately, they are adjustable, so you may fine-tune their fit to match your form perfectly!

Do you wear socks with Crocs?

Crocs are a great choice whether you’re wearing them with or without socks. If you choose to wear these without socks, the ridges on the bottom will irritate your feet quickly and make them sweaty. This means you should bring some socks in your backpack when your feet start to sweat.

Why do Crocs shrink in the heat?

Even though this foam material is quite pleasant to wear, prolonged exposure to bright sunlight may cause it to shrink and distort. Because it’s not melting, I won’t use the term “melting,” although the substance itself softens when exposed to sunlight.

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