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Rick Owens Shoe Size Chart: How To Style Rick Owens?






The luxurious shoe styles of Rick Owens have become a fashion staple for a new generation of men. While his designs are created to give high performance, durability, and quality, their pricey nature has made them difficult to purchase for many shoppers. For those who want the latest from Rick Owens but don’t have sizing guide, we’ve put together an easy guide on what size shoes you should buy for your feet to enjoy the designer’s more modest collection.

Rick Owens shoes

Rick Owens Men Shoe Size Chart

Rick Owens men shoes

Just like the women’s shoe size chart, men’s shoe sizes are different in every country. This is because men’s sizes worldwide are not standardized as one single unit of measure. It is important to note that the sizing of men’s shoes differs in the United States and Europe, UK.

The best way to determine your correct shoe size is by purchasing a pair of shoes that fit. The listed sizes on labels do not always correspond to actual shoe sizes.

13 46 12
12 45 11
11 44 10
10 43 9
9 42 8
8 41 7
7 40 6
6 39 5

Rick Owens Women Shoe Size Chart

Rick Owens women shoe

You’ll need to go for true size, since this chart is exactly about the shoe sizes for Rick Owens. The model is wearing a size 5, which is correct for a woman sizing. Other brands are available, so you need to check the size chart for their brand. They have standard sizing as well, so again, check the sizing charts.

12 42 9
11 41 8
10 40 7
9 39 6
8 38 5
7 37 4
6 36 3
5 35 2

How Do Rick Owens’s Shoes Fit? 

The shoes are incredibly comfortable and have a wide range of sizes. In general, buy your size or one size smaller than what you usually wear as the shoe will stretch to fit as you walk in it. Size down for men if you want to wear pants and up for men if you want to wear them with tights or stockings. Rick Owens shoes run very true to the size, so purchase your standard shoe size when ordering online.

The shoes are highly comfortable and have a wide range of sizes. In general, buy your size or one size smaller than what you usually wear as the shoe will stretch to fit as you walk in it. 

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How Do You Style Your Rick Owens Shoes?

We are not much for following dress codes. It’s not that we don’t like to dress up. We just love a challenge. When you wear Rick Owens shoes, you need to be on point. Here are some of our favorite Rick Owens shoe outfits:

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans Rick Owens shoes


Jogger with Rick Owens shoes

Midi dress

Rick Owens with midi skirt

How Comfortable Do You Find Rick Owens Shoes?

Rick Owens is known for his luxurious brand of shoes and has become a favorite among celebrities. They are comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear. They are so popular that they are now worn as everyday outfits by millennials.

These shoes can be worn with almost any outfit and give you a fashionable look. However, they may not be the best shoes to wear in the wintertime since they can’t handle extreme temperatures or harsh weather conditions. They may not be the best option if you live in a cold area, but if you wear these shoes in warm places, they won’t let you down.

These shoes are all about comfort and fashion. They are great for women who must stand on their feet during the day. You can wear them to stand at work or run errands. Walking around all day makes your feet happy and never hurts again.

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How Do Rick Owens Shoes Fit?

Rick Owens Shoes Fit

It turns out that the trick for Rick Owens shoes is not to size up but to size down. I could fit into my regular size with these boots, so it’s safe to say they run small. The reality is that sizing down will be the key to getting a foot into any of his shoes. And these boots happen to be one of the best fits I’ve ever tried. It’s safe to say that there are a lot more Rick Owens shoes on their way my way!”

Who Is Rick Owens?

Rick Owens

Rick Owens is a maverick American fashion designer who has managed to turn his passion into a thriving business. With his partner Michèle Lamy, he launched their eponymous line of clothing on Hollywood Boulevard in 1994.

Rick Owens has come to be recognized as one of the most influential and avant-garde designers around today. In addition to his work as a clothing designer, Owens is also a painter and an installation artist. He uses unconventional materials in his art, and brings the same creativity to his fashion designs.

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