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Converse Shoe Size Chart: How To Find Your Size?






A size chart is a table with columns marked off in units of measurement, such as inches or centimeters. It can be used to measure anything with a size, and it’s often used to measure the length, width, and height of an object. A size chart also helps you determine the correct shoe size for your child and whether you are wearing the right clothes for your weight.

In this post, we have compiled a Converse shoe-size chart so that you can easily find the shoe size that will fit best on your feet! You’ll find Converse sizes from Men’s 4 to Women’s 13 at the end of this article.

Women’s Converse Shoe Size Chart

Women’s Converse Shoe Size Chart

The Converse shoe size chart is a definitive guide for choosing the correct sneaker in women’s sizes. This list is perfect for finding Converse shoes that fit your feet perfectly.

46.5 14 11.6
46 13.5 11.2
45 13 11.1
44.5 12.5 11.0
44 12 10.8
43 11.5 10.6
42.5 11 10.5
42 10.5 10.3
41.5 10 10.1
41 9.5 10
40 9 9.8
39.5 8.5 9.6
39 8 9.5
38 7.5 9.2
37.5 7 9.1
37 6.5 9
36.5 6 8.8
36 5.5 8.6
35 5 8.5

Men’s Converse Shoe Size Chart

Converse men’s shoes come in a wide variety of sizes, and finding the right pair of shoes can be tricky. The chart below may be useful if you’re not sure what size you need. The chart below is an approximation only, so don’t hesitate to contact our Converse sizing experts for assistance if in doubt. If you’re unsure what size you are, measure your foot length with a ruler and compare that to the measurement listed in each column on the chart.

Men’s Converse Shoe Size Chart
49 14 12.2
48 13 12.0
46.5 12 11.6
46 11.5 11.2
45 11 11.1
44.5 10.5 11.0
44 10 10.8
43 9.5 10.6
42.5 9 10.5
42 8.5 10.3
41.5 8 10.1
41 7.5 10.0
40 7 9.8
39.5 6.5 9.6
39 6 9.5
38 5.5 9.2
37.5 5 9.1
37 4.5 9.0
36.5 4 8.8

Converse Toddler’s Shoe Size Chart

Every parent knows that the toddler stage is a very difficult one. It is often challenging to find fun and creative activities for them to do, but thanks to your friends at Converse, there’s never been a more accessible game. The shoe size chart below lists each toddler’s foot and their corresponding shoe size.

Converse Toddler’s Shoe Size Chart
26 10 10 6.4
25 9 9 6.1
24 8 8 5.9
23 7 7 5.5
22 6 6 5.1
21 5 5 4.9
20 4 4 4.5

Converse Junior’s Shoe Size Chart

If you’re looking to buy some new converse, the first thing you’ll need to know is your shoe size. If you know your US, European, or UK shoe size (no matter what type), use that number as your guide. But if not, we’ve put together this handy chart of all the different sizes in Converse Junior’s shoes.

Converse Junior’s Shoe Size Chart
35 2.5 3 8.6
33.5 1.5 2 8.2
32 13.5 1 8.0
31 12.5 13 7.4
29 11.5 12 7.0
28 10.5 11 6.6

How to Find Your Shoe Size

Finding your shoe size can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what size those shoes are that you’re buying at a store. Tips on how to determine someone else’s shoe size are available here.

Measure your Foot at Home

A piece of paper is taped down to the floor as a barrier. Avoid using carpet or any other surface that is difficult to write on while tracing the contour of your foot. Stand on the paper with your foot firmly in place. Your shin should be just in front of your ankle with your leg slightly bent. Your foot should be positioned perpendicular to any lines on your paper. Whether you want to stand, sit, or crouch down, it’s up to you. Draw a complete circle around your foot. Don’t put on any shoes; instead, wear the socks you plan to wear with the shoes you intend to purchase.

Your marker should draw straight lines on both sides of the outline. Your foot’s length should be measured. Measure the distance from the highest to the lowest point using a tape measure or ruler. Make a note of this number. This number mainly determines your shoe size. Measure your foot’s circumference. Write down the distance between the lines on the left and right.

This number will help you choose the right shoe for your feet, as many come in various widths. 3/16ths of an inch should subtract from each number. There’s just enough room for your foot to fit between the pencil and the line it has drawn. You can use a sizing chart to determine your shoe size based on your foot length and width. Men and women have various sizing preferences, and countries have different preferences.

Making Sense of the Data

A US women’s size chart can be used to determine your length measurement. For guys, use the chart of US men’s sizes to obtain your length measurement. Do you have a broad frame? In addition to the length and height, many shoes come in various widths. Some examples are AA, A, B, C, D, E, EE, and EEEE. B for women, and D for men, is the average. If A and B are small, E and beyond are enormous. Contact the maker or a local shoe shop if you have huge feet.


How do Chuck 70s fit?

True to size, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars and Converse Chuck 70s are thin. Converse recommends sizing down a half-size if you have really small feet.

Do Converse stretch your toes?

You have to put up with the discomfort of breaking in a new pair of shoes. Aside from the initial discomfort, all three pairs I’ve owned (I wear them till they fall apart) have become comfy and molded to my foot’s unique form.

Are Chuck Taylors 70 true to size?

The Chuck 70’s have never let me down when it comes to sizing, and the CDG 70 is no exception; they always run true to size. When you first put on a pair of 70s, you might think they’re a little tight, but the canvas will stretch out and become the perfect fit after a few years.

What is the difference between Chuck Taylors and Chuck 70s?

It has more stitching and a more robust structure than the original Chuck Taylor All-Star. In addition, the rubber toe cap is more extended, and the outsole is somewhat raised. The Chuck Taylor All-Star appears more durable when compared to the Chuck 70.

Do Converse hurt at first?

Blisters and soreness are everyday experiences for new Converse owners, leaving many to wonder, “How do I break in Converse?” Having started wearing Converse when I was 12, I’m now a massive fan with hundreds of different pairs under my belt.

How should Chuck Taylors fit?

When purchasing Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes, you should size down a half or full size. For a more neutral fit with room in the toe box, you should go down a half size, and for a more snug fit, you should go down a full size.


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Steven Ta
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