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Prada Shoe Size Chart: Are Prada Shoes Made In China?






In 1913, a small Milan-based company opened its doors for business. From humble beginnings, Prada has become the most influential fashion house in the world. The man behind the empire was Mario Prada, and his legacy is still with us today.

Prada store

It’s impossible to ignore Prada’s influence on modern luxury. The brand has become synonymous with the very best in Italian craftsmanship, from exquisite leather goods and exquisite shoes to its iconic nylon line. The thing that truly sets Prada apart, however, is its timeless appeal. From 1913 to 2013, every season offered new artistic inspiration while never losing sight of what made Prada so special all along: The ability to reinvent itself without fail.

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Prada Men Shoe Size Chart

Prada men shoes

Prada men’s footwear is made in Italy and manufactured using the finest materials. It ranges from classic leather shoes, silk lace-ups, and slip-on to updated versions created with new technology. The company also offers accessories like wallets, bags, belts, ties, and cuff links. Men’s shoes are only offered in European (38-48) half sizes and run true to European sizes. You may want to measure your foot before ordering to know your correct shoe size.

US EU UK Foot Length (Inches) Foot Length( Centimeter)
14 48 13 12.60 Inches 32.00 Cm
13.5 47.5 12.5 12.48 Inches 31.70 Cm
13 47 12 12.36 Inches 31.40 Cm
12.5 46.5 11.5 12.20 Inches 31.00 Cm
12 46 11 12.09 Inches 30.70 Cm
11.5 45.5 10.5 11.93 Inches 30.30 Cm
11 45 10 11.81 Inches 30.00 Cm
10.5 44.5 9.5 11.69 Inches 29.70 Cm
10 44 9 11.57 Inches 29.40 Cm
9.5 43.5 8.5 11.42 Inches 29.00 Cm
9 43 8 11.30 Inches 28.70 Cm
8.5 42.5 7.5 11.14 Inches 28.30 Cm
8 42 7 11.02 Inches 28.00 Cm
7.5 41.5 6.5 10.91 Inches 27.70 Cm
7 41 6 10.79 Inches 27.40 Cm
6.5 40.5 5.5 10.63 Inches 27.00 Cm
6 40 5 10.51 Inches 26.70 Cm
5.5 39.5 4.5 10.35 Inches 26.30 Cm
5 39 4 10.24 Inches 26.00 Cm
4.5 38.5 3.5 10.12 Inches 25.70 Cm
4 38 3 10.00 Inches 25.40 Cm

Prada Women Shoe Size Chart

Prada women shoes

Prada Women shoe size chart is one of the most detailed and fashionable shoe size charts to date. Prada Women shoes have a gorgeous selection of stylish footwear which can be used for any occasion, with a variety of styles in sizes ranging from 34 to 42. The charts below will help you find the right fit for your feet!

US EU UK Foot Length (Inches) Foot Length( Centimeter)
12 42 9 10.75 Inches 27.30 Cm
11.5 41.5 8.5 10.63 Inches 27.00 Cm
11 41 8 10.47 Inches 26.60 Cm
10.5 40.5 7.5 10.35 Inches 26.30 Cm
10 40 7 10.24 Inches 26.00 Cm
9.5 39.5 6.5 10.08 Inches 25.60 Cm
9 39 6 9.96 Inches 25.30 Cm
8.5 38.5 5.5 9.84 Inches 25.00 Cm
8 38 5 9.69 Inches 24.60 Cm
7.5 37.5 4.5 9.57 Inches 24.30 Cm
7 37 4 9.45 Inches 24.00 Cm
6.5 36.5 3.5 9.29 Inches 23.60 Cm
6 36 3 9.17 Inches 23.30 Cm
5.5 35.5 2.5 9.06 Inches 23.00 Cm
5 35 2 8.90 Inches 22.60 Cm
4.5 34.5 1.5 8.78 Inches 22.30 Cm
4 34 1 8.66 Inches 22.00 Cm

Is Prada True To Size?

Yes, Prada shoes are true to size. They are not tight or trim around the shoe. It is pretty true to size. It will be a perfect fit if you have a small foot. If you have slightly larger feet, then it might be that the shoes are too tight. It is all about the size of your foot. There is no right or wrong. It is all about the consideration of height and shoe lengths.

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Does Prada Fit Small?

Wear Prada shoes fit

Prada is a very high-quality line of apparel and the answer to the question of “Does Prada fit small?” is typical yes. The clothing tends to come up small, so it’s best to order one size up if you are unsure. 

If you’re unsure what size to order, it’s best to go with your gut feeling on what size would be best for you and hope that when the item comes in, it will be just right. The Prada brand has a lot of fantastic clothing items, so it’s worth the risk of ordering a size up.

The quality of the clothing is excellent. However, the sizing can be inconsistent depending on who makes and buys the item. For example, suppose you’re buying Prada from Nordstrom and trying to find a specific piece of clothing. In that case, you may run into problems because Nordstrom ordered all sizes based on one standard pair of measurements, so there can be inconsistencies in sizing when you go through different vendors.

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Are Prada Shoes Made In China?

Prada store

According to the website, some 20% of Prada’s clothes, bags, and shoes are manufactured in China. Products from Prada’s line of slippers to their classic handbag designs are made in China with the help of Chinese workers and manufacturers.

Prada’s shoes and accessories in their classic lines are made in China, along with most of their other luxury accessories. However, these bags, slippers, and shoes are not sold at Prada stores but department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue. The classic line is sold in department stores as well as online. 


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