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Dior Shoe Size Chart: Dior’s Main Products






Dior is one of the leading luxury fashion and cosmetics brands today. Dior shoes are luxury items but always receive the love and hunting of fashionistas all over the world. So what is the reason why Dior sneakers are so expensive that they are always sold out?

Christian Dior S.A. was founded on December 16, 1946, in Paris, France. This is a design company that owns a diverse chain of retail stores with high-end products: fashion, accessories, watches, perfumes, etc.

After 75 years of establishment and development, despite the appearance of many competitors in the world, Dior has not stopped growing. Its position is constantly increasing in the international arena, becoming one of the leading brands in the high-end fashion segment.

Dior Store in Singapore

This chart should be of assistance to you in the event that you are looking to purchase a new pair of designer shoes but are unable to locate your size on the Dior website.

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Dior Women Shoe Size Chart

Dior women shoes

For women, in addition to high heels, luxurious flats used for luxurious occasions, parties, and sports shoes are indispensable items in women’s daily lives. Dior arouses the psychology of women who want vitality but without losing elegance and sophistication and has released many great sneaker designs to please beautiful ladies.

Dior Shoe US Size Dior Shoe UK Size Dior Shoe EU Size IT AU
4.0 1.0 35.00 34.0 3.5
4.5 1.5 35.50 34.5 4.0
5.0 2.0 36.00 35.0 4.5
5.5 2.5 36.50 35.5 5.0
6.0 3.0 37.00 36.0 5.5
6.5 3.5 37.50 36.5 6.0
7.0 4.0 38.00 37.0 6.5
7.5 4.5 38.50 37.5 7.0
8.0 5.0 39.00 38.0 7.5
8.5 5.5 39.50 38.5 8.0
9.0 6.0 40.00 39.0 8.5
9.5 6.5 40.50 39.5 9.0
10.0 7.0 41.00 40.0 9.5
10.5 7.5 41.50 40.5 10.0
11.0 8.0 42.00 41.0 10.5
11.5 8.5 42.50 41.5 11.0

Dior Men Shoe Size Chart

Dior Men Shoes

In a similar vein, Dior also offers a vast selection of both vintage and contemporary shoe styles for men. Fashion devotees have fawned over the time-honored silhouette for many years, and the latest models, which come equipped with sophisticated features, will not disappoint you in any way.

Dior Shoe US Size Dior Shoe UK Size Dior Shoe EU Size KR JP
3.5 3.0 37.00 220.0 22.0
4.0 3.5 37.50 225.0 22.5
4.5 4.0 38.00 230.0 23.0
5.0 4.5 38.50 235.0 23.5
5.5 5.0 39.00 240.0 24.0
6.0 5.5 39.50 245.0 24.5
6.5 6.0 40.00 250.0 25.0
7.0 6.5 40.50 255.0 25.5
7.5 7.0 41.00 260.0 26.0
8.0 7.5 41.50 265.0 26.5
8.5 8.0 42.00 270.0 27.0
9.0 8.5 42.50 275.0 27.5
9.5 9.0 43.00 280.0 28.0
10.0 9.5 43.50 285.0 28.5
10.5 10.0 44.00 290.0 29.0
11.0 10.5 44.50 295.0 29.5
11.5 11.0 45.00 300.0 30.0
12.0 11.5 45.50 305.0 30.5
12.5 12.0 46.00 310.0 31.0
13.0 12.5 46.50 315.0 31.5
13.5 13.0 47.00 320.0 32.0
14.0 13.5 47.50 325.0 32.5
14.5 14.0 48.00 330.0 33.0

Why Are Dior Shoes So Popular?

During the era of War II, Dior was one of the most powerful fashion brands in Europe. It is not only a brand but also a language that expresses modern women’s beauty and charm. Therefore, it is quite natural that many people have been attracted by Christian Dior shoes and still are at present.

Dior collection

There are a lot of different reasons why a lot of people appreciate Dior shoes, but the reason that is possibly the most essential is because of its distinctive design. Let’s take a pair of Christian Dior shoes as an example for you to know more about this brand.

Luxurious, elegant, and unique design

Dior men’s or women’s shoes have a luxurious, elegant, and unique design. In the first collection to hit the market, the founder incorporated the image of nature into his design with a free, airy style. After that, the company also constantly updates and creates its own stormy trends in the fashion industry.

It can be seen that the Dior sneaker model is not only the hottest style of the moment, which pops up for a while and then goes into oblivion, but it is also a style that has been shaped, never out of fashion, used for a long time. This has brought something really new to the world of fashion.

High-quality materials, durable over time

Not only eye-catching and unique by its stylish exterior design, but the Dior sneaker also conquers users with its outstanding quality. All products are made from high-quality materials and manufactured under a strict censorship process.

Therefore, the form is never out of fashion; the shoes are durable over time and resonate in every step of the user. Both beautiful and quality, it is not difficult to understand when they are trusted by many famous stars.

Variety, rich

Dior is not only the owner of the famous name, but it also offers a great number of different styles and types. Dior offers many different kinds of shoes for all tastes and styles. You can choose from classic, trendy fashion to casual life in the city.

All products are equipped with both beauty and quality as well as practicality, elegance, and high technology. Not only constantly updating and releasing stormy fashion trends, but Dior also develops a variety of its product lines. In the collection, there are high-low and high-low Dior B23 lines with Newspaper or Oblique motifs.

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Dior’s Main Product Lines

The brand Dior is most well-known for its five primary product lines, which are as follows: Dior Women’s wear, Dior Homme, Dior Cosmetics, Dior Fragrance, and Dior Kid.

Women’s wear

Dior Women dress

The fashion house Dior is renowned for creating stunning designs that are high in class and sophistication. In addition to producing women’s clothing, the company also creates and markets a wide range of luxury goods, including purses, accessories, jewelry, and so on. Dior’s range of fine jewelry, which focuses specifically on women’s accessories, is also rather well-known.

Dior Homme

Dior Homme

Dior Homme is an offshoot of the famous designer house. The main objective of Dior Homme is to produce high-quality men’s clothing and accessories, including shoes, watches, cufflinks, and other products. The overall direction is minimalism, which combines traditional and contemporary components to deliver the necessary elegance for guys. The designs are targeted at men who have a sense of style.

Dior Cosmetics

Dior Cosmetics

In response to the rise of major brands such as Chanel, the Dior brand has also conducted extensive research and developed numerous lines of luxurious makeup and skin care products. Lipstick, foundation, powder, eyeshadow, and other cosmetics, as well as skin care products such as cream, toner, mineral spray, and other items, are some of the Dior cosmetics that stand out under the direction of the creative director Peter Phillips. Exceptional in terms of both its variety and its overall excellence.

Dior Fragrance

Dior Fragrance

Dior has pioneered the use of the best perfume ingredients to produce a number of fashionable fragrances. The house has also been working with perfumers to create new and exciting perfumes with a specific focus on women. Dior Fragrance, also known as Dior perfume, is a perfume line that is highly appreciated by perfumers; although the scents are different, all the fragrances that the brand is aiming for are very seductive and luxurious.

Dior Kid

Dior Kids

Dior Kid is one of the newest product lines developed by the company. The main goal is to adapt its well-known brand image to children and develop a set of products for this young market segment. Cordelia de Castellane, a fashion designer, came up with the idea for the children’s line Dior Kid. The design of Baby Dior is quite captivating and does not in any way pale in comparison to the design of high-end products for adults.


Which country’s Dior brand?

On December 16, 1946, Christian Dior S.A., also known as Dior, a renowned French luxury goods company, was established in the living room of Christian Dior’s residence at 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris B. However, the brand wasn’t formally established until 1947, when it was first sold in stores. Christian Dior was the one who initially started the business, but billionaire Bernard Arnault is the one who currently runs it.

What does the name Dior mean?

In fact, Dior is the designer’s name, a two-syllable name. Many people consider the brand name to be as luxurious as the name of the product. The new Dior logo no longer has a stylized letter symbol; instead, it is a beautifully designed 4-letter brand name. The final R looks a lot softer and more feminine than the rest. It seems that this time Dior wants to make a difference so that customers can remember their products forever.

Are Dior shoes expensive?

All high-end brands are expensive. This is mainly due to the very high cost of materials used in the product. Besides, marketing activities implemented to establish brand identity and a sense of luxury are also heavily invested. All the models here come in high quality, and the price is similar to the model offered. If you look at a pair of Dior shoes that have a small business price of around $2000, the budget to create a pair of these shoes will also run into the hundreds of dollars.

What materials are Dior shoes constructed from?

Each pair is crafted from the high-quality calfskin leather that is the signature of Maison Dior’s line of leather goods. The leather is edge-painted, and the insoles are lined with natural leather that is stamped with the Dior logo.

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