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Old Navy Shoe Size Chart: Are Their Shoes True To Size?






Imagine where you can find all the right outfits for you at unimaginable prices. Everything from your favorite jeans and T-shirts to ensembles for the seasons. A place where all family members respond. Where everything is great, from style to quality, the fun of shopping creates excitement. That place is Old Navy.

Established in 1994, Old Navy quickly gained notoriety as one of the nation’s leading fashion brands. In 1997, it was the first store to surpass $1 billion in annual sales in less than four years.

Old Navy store
Old Navy store

Old Navy is a fashion brand whose designs are inspired by contemporary American styles that will bring you joyful shopping experiences at extremely reasonable prices. And if you don’t have any shoes from Old Navy yet, start adding a pair of shoes to your cart, but first, don’t forget to choose the perfect shoe size through the size chart we provide below.

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Old Navy Shoe Size Charts

Old Navy shoes in store
Old Navy shoes in store

Old Navy, a division of GAP and one of the most well-liked fashion retailers in the US, is renowned for consistently and accurately fitting its products. Additionally, Old Navy is an authority on plus-size clothing. If you want to purchase something from Old Navy but are unsure of what size to get, we can assist.

Old Navy is still doing well, extending its network of shops and encouraging potential consumers from all over the world to discover more about its posh, stylish, but still incredibly affordable products. Both men and women can benefit from products that differ in terms of sizing. 

Old Navy Shoe Size Chart For Women

Old Navy women shoes
Old Navy women shoes
Size Inches  Centimeters
5 8 ¹¹/₁₆ 23
6 9 ¹/₁₆ 24
6.5 9 ¼ 24
7 9 ⅜ 24
7.5 9 ½ 25
8 9 ¹¹/₁₆ 25
8.5 9 ¹5/₁₆ 26
9 10 ¹/₁₆ 26
9.5 10 ¼ 27
10 10⅜ 27
11 10 ¹¹/₁₆ 28

Old Navy Shoe Size Chart For Men

Size Inches  Centimeters
6 9 ⅜ 23 ⅘
7 9 ¾ 24 ⅘
8 10 25 ⅖
9 10 ⅜ 26 ³/₁₀
10  10 ⅝ 27 ¹/₁₀
11 11 28
12  11 ⅜ 28 ⁹/₁₀
13  11 ¾ 29 ⅘

Old Navy Shoe Size Chart For Girls

Old Navy flip flop in rack
Old Navy flip flop in rack
Size Inches  Centimeters
5 8 ¹¹/₁₆ 23
6 9 ¹/₁₆ 23
6.5 9 ¼ 24
7 9 ⅜ 24
7.5 9 ½ 25
8 9 ¹¹/₁₆ 25
8.5 9 ¹⁵/₁₆ 26
9 10 ¹/₁₆ 26
9.5 10 ¼ 27
10 10 ⅜ 27
11 10 ¹¹/₁₆ 28

Old Navy Shoe Size Chart For Boys

Size Inches  Centimeters
7 5 ⅝ 15
8 5 ¹5/₁₆ 16
9 6 ¼ 16
10 6 ⅝ 17
11 6 ¹5/₁₆ 18 
12 7 ¼ 19
13 7 ⅝ 20
1Y 7 ¹5/₁₆ 21
2Y 8 ¼ 21
3Y 8 ⅝ 22
4Y 8 ¹5/₁₆ 23
5Y 9 ¼ 24
6Y 9 ⅝ 25

What Is Special About The Old Navy Brand?

Old Navy brand
Old Navy brand

Old Navy is an American clothing and jewelry retail company owned by the American multinational corporation Gap Inc. The company is headquartered in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco.

Old Navy’s largest stores are flagship stores located in New York City, Mall of America, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, and Vietnam.

Old Navy is a global clothing and accessories brand known for its modern American designs for every home and individual.

Owned by Gap Inc., headquartered in San Francisco. Old Navy has a long history of sales and a system of more than 1,000 stores worldwide, creating a dynamic and exciting shopping space for customers with very reasonable and competitive prices in the market.

Founded in 1994, Old Navy quickly rose to become one of the top famous fashion brands in the US.

In 1997, Old Navy made retail history by becoming the first company to achieve $1 billion in yearly sales in less than four years. Gap Inc. owns Old Navy alongside other brands Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, and Intermix.

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Should I Wear Wide Or Tight Shoes?

One thing many people wonder about when buying shoes is “should I wear wide or tight shoes.” This can be considered a simple thing, but if you do not pay attention, it is easy to make mistakes in choosing shoes if you do not know. Let’s analyze and answer this question together.

The choice of wide or tight shoes depends on the type of shoe. However, you should choose shoes with a moderate grip; how when you put your feet in the shoes and feel the most authentic is what is important. Choosing wide or tight shoes to wear is not good, whether it is sports shoes or high heels.

With many years of experience in the footwear fashion industry, we will share some tips to help you choose the right shoes that fit your feet and enhance your figure, bringing convenience and usefulness. As long as you follow the tips that we share below, you will be able to choose the right shoes as well as create your own fashion style.

1. Time to buy shoes

It is best not to wear shoes that are wide or tight, but you should choose them that hug your feet. To choose the right size, you should go to buy shoes in the afternoon or evening after a long day of activities because this is the ideal time for you to choose to buy the right shoes to choose the correct size for your feet.

2. How to try on shoes

Try on shoes to see if this material really fits and fits your foot size or not. You should not just choose shoes by size because not all shoe brands have the same size number. In addition, the size of the foot depends greatly on age, so don’t rely too much on your inherent shoe size.

3. How to coordinate outfits and consider using combinations.

Your outfit will be more eye-catching and fashionable when you combine the colors harmoniously together. In addition, the choice of shoes you should choose according to the purpose of use. Shoes bought for what? With what outfit?…

If you choose shoes for a classy party, a pair of closed-toe heels or classic pointed-toe shoes will be very appropriate. However, when going to coffee with friends, you should choose less stylish shoes; a pair of sandals or a pair of open-toed shoes with a moderate height is the right choice. It all depends on the correlation to finding a suitable pair of shoes. Different shoes have different effects on your body.

4. Material selection

Material is the most important issue that most consumers ignore because they think that shoes only need to care about price and design. As for the quality, very few people think about it; if someone thinks about it, they only think that the durability of the product will be longer, and the material will bring a soft feeling to the feet, allowing walking without pain and without scratches. However, the shoe material also shows what material it is made of; good materials will not use chemicals that are harmful to human health.

Currently, on the market, there are many establishments selling leather shoes, imitation leather, PVC, rubber plastic, PU, synthetic resin, etc., and other types of recycling impregnated with very toxic Chinese chemicals. Therefore, when buying shoes, you need to pay attention to the material carefully because the leather part of the shoe will be the part in direct contact with the skin of the foot. If you choose poor-quality products, it will cause your feet to age and directly affect your health after use.

Should I Buy Sneakers Half To 1 Size Larger Than My Foot Size?

Old Navy girl sneakers
Old Navy girl sneakers via Facebook

It’s important to choose the proper shoe size for your feet. To learn about your body and carefully consider the right choice to be able to shop for the shoes that fit and are most comfortable for you.

There is space for socks

Why is there space for socks? When buying a sneaker, you will definitely have to wear socks inside so that it absorbs sweat from your feet. A shoe that is too close to your foot will feel quite tight when you put on socks. Therefore, a pair of shoes half a size larger will have space for you to wear more comfortable socks.

With a lot of activity, the toes will stretch, creating a comfortable feeling

If you are an active person or often use sneakers to walk, a loose shoe will make your toes feel comfortable and comfortable. The reason why you should buy sneakers in a larger size than usual is that you have to move a lot, so your feet are easily moved inside the shoes, and when you play for a while, your feet will sweat, and the size of your feet will stretch. 

If you choose a pair of sneakers that fit your feet right from the start, you will inevitably have foot pain. That doesn’t mean that the bigger the shoe, the better; just buying a sneaker one size larger than your normal shoe size is enough.

Go longer and last longer

Usually, your shoe size won’t change into adulthood. But according to scientific research, every six months, you should change your shoes because your feet are likely to be large and stretchy when you exercise a lot. So when choosing your favorite shoes, you should choose shoes one size larger to be able to wear longer.


Is Old Navy a fast fashion retailer?

Old Navy is essentially a fast fashion business since it attracts customers with affordable rates, regular sales, and stylish, in-style clothing.

Who are the patrons of Old Navy?

The typical Old Navy customer is an engaged, family- and work-focused individual with little free time. Most Old Navy customers desire fashionable attire, the best value for their money, and comfy products.

Are the clothes at Old Navy of good quality?

Old Navy is renowned for offering premium clothing at affordable costs. The quality of clothing ensures a long lifespan. Old Navy is a well-known retailer for consumers looking for casual clothing for the entire family, even if it is not a luxury brand.

Are garments from Old Navy non-toxic?

It has been discovered that numerous popular apparel brands, including Lululemon, Old Navy, and REI, sell items with harmful substances. Although these chemicals are used in small amounts, long-term exposure to harmful substances increases the chance of developing major health disorders like asthma and kidney damage.

What country manufactures Old Navy products?

Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, China, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Philippines, and several others are among the nations that produce. GAP Inc. operates in more than half of the world’s nations.

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