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Yonex Shoe Size Chart: Are Yonex Badminton Shoes Expensive?






Movement is key to success in every sport, and badminton is no exception. However, decent shoes that you find comfortable and secure and that give a snug fit are necessary for learning the footwork. Products of the Yonex brand always give consumers a feeling of peace of mind and satisfaction about quality.

Badminton players enjoy Yonex shoes, which are highly well-known and popular. Shoes are crucial pieces of equipment that directly affect the outcome of a match in sports generally and badminton specifically. Yonex created specialist badminton shoes after studying the psychology and requirements of players to enable athletes to play hours of high-performance sports in comfort.

Yonex store

Knowing what size shoe you need for the best performance during different games and tournaments is essential if you love badminton. Do you want to find out what your shoe size is? Or maybe you’re wondering if your current badminton shoes will fit with Yonex’s shoe sizing system. You can find out by using our guide below! 

Yonex Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Yonex Men Shoes

Yonex is one of the best-known sporting goods brands, with a history of over 120 years. Yonex offers a wide range of sports shoes and apparel for both men and women. The chart below provides official shoe size templates based on the Men’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart. 

Yonex shoe size chart is created to help you get the right size for your feet. Many people who wear tennis shoes have questions about their feet size. Many charts help with this problem, but knowing your length and width measurements is the only way to ensure your correct shoe size.

US UK EU Centimeter Inches
9 43 27.50 Cm 10.830 Inches
8 41 26.50 Cm 10.430 Inches
7 40 25.50 Cm 10.040 Inches
6 39 24.50 Cm 9.650 Inches
5 37½ 23.50 Cm 9.250 Inches
36 22.50 Cm 8.860 Inches
12½ 12 46½ 30.50 Cm 12.010 Inches
11½ 11 45½ 29.50 Cm 11.610 Inches
10½ 10 44½ 28.50 Cm 11.220 Inches
13 12½ 47 31.00 Cm 12.20 Inches
12 11½ 46 30.00 Cm 11.810 Inches
11 10½ 45 29.00 Cm 11.420 Inches
10 44 28.00 Cm 11.020 Inches
9 42 27.00 Cm 10.630 Inches
8 40½ 26.00 Cm 10.240 Inches
7 39½ 25.00 Cm 9.840 Inches
6 38 24.00 Cm 9.450 Inches
5 37 23.00 Cm 9.060 Inches
4 35 22.00 Cm 8.660 Inches

Yonex Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Yonex Women Shoe

As a tennis player, you know how important it is to have properly fitted shoes. Your feet put tremendous pressure on your shoes while you’re out on the court you need to make sure that they provide enough cushioning and support to prevent injury and allow you the best opportunity possible for consistent performance.

Yonex offers a wide range of shoes for women to suit many styles, from casual to sports or professional. The chart below provides official shoe size templates based on the Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart. To get started, measure your feet with our shoe size chart below.

US UK EU Centimeter Inches
40½ 26.00 Cm 10.240 Inches
39½ 25.00 Cm 9.840 Inches
38 24.00 Cm 9.450 Inches
37 23.00 Cm 9.060 Inches
35 22.00 Cm 8.660 Inches
10½ 42 27.00 Cm 10.630 Inches
10 8 41 26.50 Cm 10.430 Inches
9 7 40 25.50 Cm 10.040 Inches
8 6 39 24.50 Cm 9.650 Inches
7 5 37½ 23.50 Cm 9.250 Inches
6 36 22.50 Cm 8.860 Inches

9 Reasons You Should Own Yonex Badminton Shoes

Yonex Badminton Shoes

Without much advertising, Yonex convinces consumers of excellent product quality, impressive and diverse designs, and excellent durability. Exclusive and highly skilled production technologies help Yonex take the lead, far ahead of other names in the sports industry.

Yonex badminton shoes have conquered millions of customers worldwide for many years. Here is the reason to decipher the appeal of this brand; read on to see why you should own at least one pair of these Yonex badminton shoes.

Power Cushion Technology

Referring to Yonex, it is impossible not to mention the state-of-the-art Power Cushion technology. Power Cushion is Yonex’s exclusive technology equipped on its badminton shoe models. Power Cushion ensures smoothness in every movement with good elasticity. Currently, the company also upgraded with Power Cushion Plus technology with high shock absorption ability but still ensures super lightweight for shoes.

Narrow and wide feet fit

I’ve discovered that Yonex shoes tend to fit narrower than most. This is because the shoes are made, which limits the foot’s ability to move side to side as you wear them. This is essential to avoid blisters and allows you greater control over your move. Buying a half-size more prominent is preferable if you have broader feet or feel that your shoes are too small

High-Quality Sole Material

The soles of Yonex badminton shoes are made of unique material that offers durability and comfort. Yonex uses the best high-quality sole material that reduces the chances of injury, which means a thick, durable rubber sole with a total length. Most Yonex models have rugged outsole coverings made of rubber or plastic.

Breathable Surface

If you still have doubts and concerns about the secret of your feet when you have to wear badminton shoes for many hours, using Yonex badminton shoes is a wise choice. The Russell mesh layer covers the surface of many Yonex shoes with good breathability, ensuring ventilation throughout the wearing process, even on hot days and sweaty feet.

Versatile & Smart Design

The Yonex brand focuses on producing a variety of specialized badminton shoes and rackets. Therefore, Yonex shoes are always rich in design with many styles and colors. Yonex badminton shoes come in all styles and sizes for men and women with different foot types. The intelligent design helps the shoes hug the foot, creating a snug but extraordinarily soft and comfortable feeling.

Stability & Support

How effectively a shoe aids in balance is referred to as its stability and support. To help you avoid injuries like ankle sprains, the most frequent badminton injury out of the top five, shoes with solid stability feature hard material that does not twist or move much when disturbed. 

Foot Protection

Foot injury is definitely a problem that badminton players will have to deal with at some point, but the best shoes on the market can protect your feet and prevent some pain or discomfort. Certainly, a pair of Yonex badminton shoes will help you protect your feet and protect your body in every movement. Minimizing possible injuries during training and overexertion.

Integrating Many Advanced Technologies

Besides Power Cushion and Power Cushion Plus technology, Yonex badminton shoes are also equipped with many other advanced technologies such as Durable skin, Toughbrid Light and Solid E.VA, etc. Combining the advanced technologies above helps each Yonex shoe possess extreme durability, smoothness, comfort, and the best support for players.


A shoe’s durability is determined by how well it can keep its form and substance even after heavy use. How much a shoe can withstand before needing to be changed depends mainly on the material and design of the shoe. The longevity of a shoe is a goal that Yonex technologies like the Tough GuardTM III and Durable SkinTM are expressly developed to support.

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Why Are Yonex Badminton Shoes Expensive?

Pink Yonex Shoes

You are passionate about badminton. You want to own the best badminton products from the most prestigious brands on the planet, like Yonex. But you are afraid because the price of the product is too high. So why are Yonex badminton shoes so expensive?

Classy Brand

Yonex is a brand specializing in the production of world-class badminton shoes. This is a brand from Japan. Millions of badminton enthusiasts in the world have been conquered by this brand of badminton shoes. Many of the top athletes on the planet have used designer shoes from this brand. They also achieved many successes in major tournaments in the country and around the world.

Thorough Design

Many players have always loved Yonex badminton shoes. Products from Yonex are always meticulous in each design stage. At the same time, the shoe products always ensure good friction, helping the product to have a perfect grip on any terrain. Besides, Yonex shoes always make the wearer feel light and comfortable because of the combination of many modern production technologies such as Power Cushion, Solid E.VA, Durable Skin, etc.

High-quality Material

Products from this brand are always made from the highest quality materials. At the same time, Yonex badminton shoes are always applied with many modern technologies, so the price of Yonex badminton shoes is relatively high. Usually, genuine products will range from about $100 or more. Despite such a high price, any badminton enthusiast wants to own a product from this brand because of its excellent quality.

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3 Criteria For Choosing Yonex Shoes

Yonex shoes are very famous badminton shoes and are loved by professionals. For sports in general and badminton in particular, shoes are an essential accessory that directly impacts the match’s effectiveness.

Origin of Yonex shoes

Yonex shoes are products accompanied by famous players in many major tournaments worldwide because of their high quality. The company has a strict process from selecting raw materials and design to product manufacturing to achieve this absolute quality. With premium quality, the shoe is considered to have a good grip, is lightweight, and is integrated with many modern technologies to bring smoothness, comfort, and flexibility to the player.

How to choose Yonex shoes?

Shoes are vital in helping players move flexibly during the game, so buying quality shoes is essential. Here are a few criteria for choosing a good badminton shoe:

  • The first thing before choosing shoes you need to understand your feet, how big your feet are, and what shape your feet are. Because sometimes, the two feet are the same length, but the foot with a thicker body will wear a slightly larger size, and a rounder shoe will be more comfortable.
  • Choose the correct shoe size that fits your foot to create a feeling of warmth and firmness when moving.
  • Choose shoes based on your playing style. The shoe is built around the player’s playing style to ensure the highest level of support for the match.
  • Based on each person’s economic situation, choose to buy a pair of shoes that are suitable but still of good quality.

Price of Yonex shoes

Yonex shoes are made from high-quality materials with many optimal technologies integrated into the shoes, along with the origin of famous brands, but the price is relatively high. However, because of the benefits that shoes bring to players, any badminton player, whether professional or amateur, prefers to buy Yonex shoes for themselves. You can buy shoes with less technology or sold from previous seasons to get a more affordable price.


Can you play badminton in basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes are typically high-top, meaning they extend past the ankle. Although the ankle is supported, there is less movement, which is unsuitable for badminton since you require flexibility around the ankle to twist and turn.

How true to size are Yonex tennis shoes?

All Yonex footwear offers outstanding stability, grip, and comfort. Yonex sneakers tend to run on the narrow side; most customers find that going up a 1/2 (0.5) size from their usual sneaker size results in the most excellent fit.

Are badminton shoes appropriate for outdoor play?

However, wearing badminton shoes outside, especially on tar roads, WILL harm them. You may wear the shoes indoors because of their indoor-only soles. It does not offer strong resistance to abrasive surfaces. The soles’ traction will quickly deteriorate.

How frequently should I replace my badminton shoes?

I still advise purchasing new shoes once a year. My physiotherapist says that you should get new shoes after six months. If you play once a week, you might get two years out of it, but if you’re not as light as a feather and play more frequently, you should replace them once a year.

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