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China Shoe Size Chart: How To Fix When Choosing The Wrong Size Of Chinese Shoes?






If you intend to travel to China or choose your next pair of shoes from the country, this article is for you. Young people in the wardrobe always favor Chinese shoes not only because of their low price and variety of designs but also because they have enough quality to be used for a long time. However, choosing a standard shoe size is not easy.

Besides the price, style, and quality, choosing the right shoe size is also extremely important. Currently, buying Chinese shoes is very popular among consumers. So do you know how to choose the correct Chinese shoe size? Join us to learn more about how to choose this shoe size right in the article below.

Chinese shoe
Chinese shoe

Chinese Shoe Size Chart To The US

Lining Speed Shoes

It must be stressed at this point that the standard for Chinese shoe sizes in the US differs substantially from that of other countries throughout the world, particularly those in Asia. Chinese women’s and men’s shoe sizes in the US normally range from 35 to 40 for ladies and 39 to 46 for men. It’s noteworthy that those are only the sizing guidelines for adults; while trying to buy shoes or boots for kids, other guidelines must be considered.

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Chinese Shoe Size Chart For Women

Chinese women shoes
Chinese women shoes
Chinese Size US Size Foot Length [in] Foot Length [cm]
35.0 5.0 8.86″ 22.5cm
36.0 5.5 9.05″ 23.0cm
37.0 6.0 9.25″ 23.5cm
38.0 6.5 9.45″ 24.0cm
39.0 7.0 9.65″ 24.5cm
39.0 7.5 9.84″ 25.0cm
40.0 8.0 10.03″ 25.5cm
40.0 8.5 10.24″ 26.0cm

Chinese Shoe Size Chart For Men

Chinese Size US Size Foot Length [in] Foot Length [cm]
39.0 7.0 9.65″ 24.5cm
40.0 7.5 9.84″ 25.0cm
41.0 8.0 10.03″ 25.5cm
42.0 8.5 10.23″ 26.0cm
43.0 9.0 10.43″ 26.5cm
44.0 9.5 10.63″ 27.0cm
45.0 10.0 10.83″ 27.5cm
46.0 10.5 11.02″ 28.0cm

Chinese Shoe Size Chart For US Kids

Chinese shoe sizes are easy to convert to US child sizes because they range from 22 to 32, or 4C to 13.5C in American terms. Therefore, it is always wise to check the conversion of Chinese shoe sizes to the US before buying shoes for a child because it may be challenging to decide immediately in a traditional store or its online equivalent without having at least a basic understanding of the conversion or consulting the prepared chart. 

Chinese Size US Size Foot Length [in] Foot Length [cm]
22.0 4C 6.29″ 16.0cm
23.0 6C 6.49″ 16.5cm
24.0 8C 6.69″ 17.0cm
25.0 9C 6.89″ 17.5cm
26.0 10C 7.08″ 18.0cm
27.0 10.5C 7.28″ 18.5cm
28.0 11C 7.48″ 19.0cm
29.0 11.5C 7.67″ 19.5cm
30.0 12C 7.87″ 20.0cm
31.0 13C 8.07″ 20.5cm
32.0 13.5C 8.26″ 21.0cm

How To Measure Your Feet To Choose China Shoe Size?

Measuring your foot size can only be done in one go. Then, depending on the different types of shoes, it will be converted into a size table for each type. Refer to the following steps to take the best measurements:

Step 1

Prepare measuring tools, including a white sheet of paper that covers the foot, a marker pen, and a ruler.

Step 2: 

Place your feet on the paper and use a pen to trace along the most accurate foot shape. Note that you should put your feet tightly on the paper, do not move your feet, making the results inaccurate. At the same time, the pen is always left upright when drawing along the leg to help get the right length.

Step 3

Choose the two points that create the longest leg length, corresponding to the longest toe and heel. At the same time, draw two parallel lines from those two positions and then measure the leg length.

Step 4

Measure the width of your feet by choosing a position near the top of your toes. Or you can also choose the thickest instep (take the widest place). Use a tape measure to measure the width of your feet at the widest position. If you don’t have a measuring tape, take any string and mark it and then measure it again on the straightedge.

Step 5

After measuring your feet, compare them with the Chinese shoe size chart to choose the right shoes.

Notes When Choosing The China Shoe Size

Shopping china shoes
Shopping china shoes

Choosing a pair of China shoes that are suitable in both size and style, and design will help you both be more comfortable and easier to move and help you become more confident in the eyes of people. So, to be able to choose a pair of shoes with the right size, you should refer to some necessary notes as follows:

When choosing a pair of Chinese shoes, price and quality will be the first things you should pay attention to. An expensive pair of shoes is not necessarily a good shoe, and shoes that are too cheap should be avoided.

This is because the shoe size of expensive shoes will not follow the usual size chart but will follow a company’s size system, and cheap shoes will have sizes that are completely wrong from reality, not to mention the quality is not long-lasting.

If you have an advantage in Chinese, you can order genuine shoes on Chinese websites like Taobao or 1688.

If you don’t have it, you can completely order it from reputable domestic Chinese intermediaries so that you can refer to and choose the most reasonable Chinese shoes.

To be able to accurately measure your shoe size when choosing, you can refer to the following notes:

  •  The best time to measure your feet should be in the evening; around 5-6 pm is the most reasonable because this is the time when the feet are completely relaxed, and the measurement will become objective.
  •  Always wear socks when measuring your feet because when you wear shoes, you will wear an extra pair of socks.
  •  If you like to go a little wider than the actual foot size, add about 0.5 – 1 cm when the measurement is complete.
  •  Should add 0.5cm if the foot width is wider than standard.
  •  If the two sides of the foot are skewed, the priority is to choose the side with the larger size to make the shoe for yourself.
  •  When measuring and choosing the size, you should do it carefully and accurately so as not to be mistaken for another size.

So with the information provided above, hopefully, you will understand more about the number of Chinese shoe sizes and how to choose the shoe for the most comfort and ease of movement. I hope you soon choose a good pair of Chinese shoes that best fit you!

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How To Fix When Choosing The Wrong Size Of Chinese Shoes?

There have been many cases after the shoes arrived home when the shoes were too tight or wide. Instead of carrying out complicated procedures for exchanging goods and losing time waiting, you can fix the problem of choosing the wrong size of shoes in the following ways:

Handling tight shoes

To treat tight shoes, you can help shoes faster by using a dryer, water bags, and specialized solutions.

Dry shoes with a dryer

You put on thick socks to help open up the shoes naturally and to avoid hot feet, then put the shoes on and heat the dryer around the shoes. Thanks to the heat from the dryer, the shoes will be stretched to help you wear more comfortable shoes.

Use water to help stretch your shoes

Fill a sealed bag with water, place the water bags in the locations you want to handle, then place the shoes in the refrigerator’s freezer compartment. Keeping the ice pack in the shoe for a long time will help the shoe stretch naturally.

Use specialized solutions

Do you know how to choose a shoe stretcher spray? On the market recently, many types of sprays have made shoes less tight, which is very convenient. You need to pay attention to choosing alcohol-free sprays to avoid fading shoes and ensure shoes achieve the best effect after treatment.

Handling shoes that are wide

Wide shoes easily cause shoes to slip off while moving; the method of dealing with wide shoes is usually using padded socks, toe cushions, and corner cushions to temporarily increase the foot size.

Wear thicker socks than usual

This method is only suitable for shoes that are not too wide for the foot. Wearing thicker socks than usual will help increase foot size temporarily, and shoes will hug your foot more and make it more difficult to slip.

Increase the number of insoles

Increase the number of insoles to raise the shoe’s sole, helping the shoe form hug your foot and help you to be comfortable feet and confident in activities.

Add toe cushion

This method is suitable for those who wear vertically wide shoes. Currently, on e-commerce platforms, the toe cushion is a pretty famous item; you can easily order it and add extra padding to the tip of the shoe.


Where can I find out my Chinese size?

You can either translate your size to a standard metric unit used in China, or you can find a size chart on the websites of online retailers that will let you know your Chinese size.

What is the US equivalent of the Chinese size chart?

People used to buy US clothing may regularly move up to 2 to 3 sizes to quickly and easily obtain an approximately equivalent Chinese size. The safer and more reliable course of action would be to consult the charts on this page.

What causes Chinese sizes to be so small?

Chinese clothing and shoe sizes are frequently smaller because most Chinese people are short, petite, or of diminutive stature. The Chinese measurements are made especially for Chinese people, allowing them access to the dimensions most suited to their bodies.

Are Chinese and American sizes comparable?

No, the Chinese and Americans measure things in quite different ways, and the Chinese sizes are much more plentiful than the American sizes. For instance, a size 35 would correspond to a women’s size 5 in American sizing, while a size 39 would correspond to a women’s size 7.5.

Are Chinese shoes sized small?

Please keep in mind that Chinese alpha sizes, like most Asian sizes, tend to be smaller than their US or UK equivalents, so in many circumstances, an M should be thought of as an S.

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Steven Ta
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