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How To Measure Cowboy Boots Sizes?






In the western world, the most common measurement for cowboy boots is inches. The length of an average cowboy boot measures 13″ from heel to toe. The width at the forefoot measures 3″ across, tapering to 2½” across in the heel.

Cowboy boots can be categorized into three types: western boots, which are worn in more formal settings; service boots, which are used while on duty; and cowboy boots, sometimes known as “cowboy shoes.” So how can we measure our feet to choose the right size?

The best way to measure cowboy boots is by using a soft tape measure and taking several careful measurements around your foot.

How To Measure Cowboy Boots Sizes?

Cowboy Boots Sizes
Cowboy Boots Sizes

Cowboy boots should be roomy and comfortable in the toe area. If you are buying men’s boots, the toe area should not be too tight. A little room should give a more forward look to the boot. If you are buying women’s boots, a snug fit is okay.

Tip 1: Make an outline

To measure your feet, take a sheet of paper, make an outline of your foot, and then cut it out (or use this online tool). Set the paper next to a ruler and compare it to find your shoe size.

Next, check the size chart for that particular boot. It’s important to find the right length on the chart. Often, you’ll see a measurement like “Men’s 10-13”. That’s the total length of shoe in inches – from toe to heel. Be sure to measure your foot and check for your size in both inches and centimeters.

Note that many cowboy boots have a little extra space at the toe box, so buy a shoe size smaller than your actual foot length measurement. If it says 10-13 but you measure 12 inches, you should probably buy a size 11.

TIP: If you use a size that’s too big, you’ll have to get your foot stretched in the boot. You can do this by wearing your boots and donning socks. Then, stand up and put your foot straight out. Walk around for a couple of minutes until the boot is stretched to fit your foot.

Tip 2: Use a tape measure

You can wrap a tape measure around your heel and up past your toes as many times as possible from heel-to-toe or use a piece of string tied tightly enough at both ends that you can slide it between your toes (if you’re using string, make sure the knot is tied at least 1 inch from any sharp angles). 

The difference between the two measurements will show you your size; some manufacturers actually size their boots to this measurement rather than the circumference. Read More: How to measure your riding boots to determine the correct size.

If you don’t have a tape measure and don’t have string, you can also use a ruler to measure your feet. Stand up with one foot against a hard surface (like a wall) so that the heel is on the floor and is flat. Using the ruler as if it was string, wrap it around both feet and mark where it overlaps; this length will be your size in boots. 

Tip 3: Use a piece of card or cardboard

You could also use a piece of card or cardboard, measuring it from end-to-end and then cutting it in half. You can then stand on one end of the card with your heel against the wall, and use it to measure both feet exactly the same way as you would with a ruler.

Measure from the back of the card to your toes for length measurements. And from your toes to the front of the card for width measurements. Keep in mind you should measure both feet since they can be different sizes.

A standard piece of A4 card measures 285mm x 420 mm.

Pace off: a pace-off is three steps, but you can also pace off two paces. You’ll need to do this with your dominant foot, take some steps and then step back to measure the distance between them. 

You will need to place one foot on the ground and then place the other foot on top of it so that both feet are flat on the ground. With your dominant (foot) heel touching the ground, measure from one heel straight across to find the point where it meets your toe – this is where you’ll start measuring from for your other foot.

About Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots on a shelf

Some boots are for practical use and some for fashion. If you are looking for a boot that is an excellent choice that can get you through your day, there are certain features to consider before making such a purchase. 

Depending on the size of heel you choose

Shaft height is measured from the tip of the toe to top of the shaft. As a general rule, high-heeled boots permit women to appear taller and mannish depending on the size of heel you choose. When purchasing a boot, you should consider your height and decide what heel size boosts your appearance and also gives you comfort. 

Another factor in shaft height is how long you would want to wear your boots for each day. If it would not be more than six hours’ time, then it’s not necessary for one to buy a boot with higher shafts. But if one works in an office or retail outlet that requires long hours standing or walking throughout the day, then higher shafts will be much better for them.

Cowboy boots should be roomy and comfortable in the toe area. If you are buying men’s boots, the toe area should not be too tight. A little room should give a more forward look to the boot. If you are buying women’s boots, a snug fit is okay. However, if the size of your foot is smaller than normal and you have narrow feet, purchase a larger size than usual. 

Standard cowboy boots size 

A standard cowboy boots size: Men’s sizes are usually expressed in widths, but they can also be given in European or U.S. size measurements. Women’s cowboy boot sizes are usually given in centimeter measurements, though these are not as common as they are for shoes

The most common size is around 8-8 1/2 for men and 35-36 for women.

A standard cowboy boot runs from about men’s size 8 to 13.5, with most being around a 10.  For women, this will depend on the height and width of the foot when measuring against themselves. A standard run for women from about 6-12 or from 5 1/2 to 8 1/2.

If you do not know your exact size, choose one that is larger for a better fit in the foot.


When buying cowboy boots, there is one question that you need to ask yourself: Are these boots made from leather? This is important because synthetic material will not provide the same performance in regards to durability as real leather does. 

And leather cowboy boots last much longer than non-leather ones. 

Other considerations include the shaft height, toe shape and width of boot at front and back, heel height and materials of heel construction, stitch length of upper shaft and sole stitching length on the bottom foot area.

The leather is most often made of full-grain, vegetable-tanned or chrome-tanned cowhide that is usually obtained by the dehairing of whole hides.

The soles are composed of a thick layer of cork, softened and compressed by heat treatment and then glued to a supportive base. Wooden dowels may be present in the heel area to provide additional shape.

The Different Ways To Measure Cowboy Boots Sizes

Wear cowboy boots

There are many ways to measure the size of a boot. Having a ruler is by far the easiest, but manual measuring can be tricky if you’re not very comfortable with geometry. 

Nevertheless, some people might be more comfortable using this method because it’s both familiar and practical for determining length and circumference. If you happen to have a tape measure or rulers at home, feel free to use that too! 

Height from ground to calf

Height from ground to calf at desired level on boot shaft. This is measured with shoes off and leg outstretched until it touches the inner side of the upper part of the boot. Then measure from ground up to measuring tape.

Stand on a hard, flat surface with one foot in front of the other. Have someone measure the height from the ground to where your calf is when you stand with your both legs together. Add 3/4″ to that measurement for each size.


Measure around the widest part of your calf (or about double how wide it is when you stand normally). Add 1/2″ for each size. 

Use a ruler to measure. Don’t guess! Your boots will never fit if you guess. Find out how wide your boots are by measuring across at their widest point either in inches or centimeters.

There are many ways to measure cowboy boots sizes! The most popular way is by length – from back of heel to front of toe multiplied by two.

Cowboy boots sizes are approximate and can vary from bootmaker to bootmaker. It is best to measure a pair of boots you own and use those measurements for comparison when a size is not available. 

If in doubt, order larger rather than smaller – it is better to have a little room than too little! The manufacturer will not add extra material if their given measurements are followed correctly.


Measure from the longest point on the top of your foot to where you want it to stop before breaking over or wearing boots with a heel counter (halfway between where your toes are and sitting down). Add 1/2″ for each additional size. 

To measure the length of your foot, get a ruler and place it on the ground. Place your foot on top of the ruler so that only your heel remains visible. The length of your foot will correspond to inches or centimeters depending on which measurement system you are using.


To find circumference, you will need to measure around your foot at its widest point. If you are using a yardstick for this step, make sure it is not twisted beforehand this measurement should be taken with measurements lined up with vertical measurements.

A cowboy boot has the circumference of the widest part of your foot. To measure, use a tape measure or a piece of string/ribbon wrapped around your foot, at its widest point.

Circumference and length measurements will determine what size pair you should order. If you don’t know how to measure, just multiply by two and divide it into three sections. The big three sections answer “number one” and “number two,” so that’s four, making it a four-inch boot size. The circumference measurement is followed by height in inches.

Choose Cowboy Boots Right Size

Cowboy boots should be roomy and comfortable in the toe area. If you are buying men’s boots, the toe area should not be too tight. A little room should give a more forward look to the boot. If you are buying women’s boots, a snug fit is okay. However, if the size of your foot is smaller than normal and you have narrow feet, purchase a larger size than usual. 

Trying boots

Start by trying the boots on, but don’t walk around in them yet. If the boots are too tight and you can’t walk in them, they’re probably too small. Or if you think that they’ll be too big when you try them again after walking, then they may be too big for you. However, sometimes a pair of boots that seem a little to big will “break in” over time and fit better as you wear them.

So if the boot seems like it might be a bit small or large, try it on just so that you can see how much room there is inside the boot. Then walk around in it a little bit. If there’s room for your toes to slide forward then the boots are probably too large.

Also remember that you should wear the same type of socks that you would normally wear with these boots. That way, you’ll be sure to get a correct fit.

Make sure it fit

If they seem to be too small, try another pair- or make sure that you’re measuring correctly before trying another one. It may also help if you put in a thin insole when trying on a pair of boots- or put one in after trying them on. That way, the boots will feel larger than normal and may get some extra space as well.

To measure a cowboy boot, you will need to have an inch tape and a ruler or measuring tape handy or a marker and some string and scissors or something equivalent to them (find the appropriate ones in our review). Then, find where your finger sits on the inside of the boot at one of its widest points (this will differ depending on if you are standing up or sitting down).

Conversion shoe size to cowboy boot size

Shoes size is different from cowboy boots size.

Women’s shoe size 5-6-7 goes with men’s boot size 7-8.

Women’s shoe size 7-8.5 goes with men’s boot size 8-10.

Shoes sizes are based off of the European sizing system, and boots sizes are based off of a measurement, not a numerical value (as with shoes). Boot sizes actually correspond to your foot length. Here is how it works:

The average foot length for men is about 10 inches, and for women about 9 inches. To determine a men’s boot size you would measure the length of your foot from heel to longest toe in inches then refer to the chart below.

Length of foot: Sizes Men’s Shoe Sizes Women’s Shoe Sizes 0 inches (0 cm) 1.5 inches (3 cm) 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) 1 inch *

Length of boot to lobe: Length of boot: Length of lobe: 2-1/2 – 3 in 2-7/32 – 2-7/8 in 3-1/2 – 3-13/32 in 4 – 4-3/32 in pinch 1:21 short standard pinch 1:28 short standard pinch 1:30 short standard pinch 1:35 short standard pinch 1:40 long extra, long, wild pinch 1 :42 long extra, long, wild 2.4 – 2.

Find Your Cowboy Boot

cowboy boots

If you’re looking for a new pair of cowboy boots, it’s important to know just how they should fit before making a purchase.

What Size Cowboy Boots Do I Wear?

If you are buying cowboy boots online, then the first thing you need to know is what size you wear. It’s quite simple, really. You need to measure your feet! 

If you plan to shop in person at a local store, then it’s recommended that you know your size ahead of time so that you’re not wasting valuable time which could be spent searching for the perfect pair.

When purchasing cowboy boots, look for at least a half-size larger than your foot size if not two full sizes larger. If you’re in doubt, be careful with err on the side and get the size that is one half or two sizes larger than what you normally wear.

If it’s too small, they will loosen up over time but it’s important to make sure they fit properly while still new so they don’t get loose.

Compare Sizes

If you’re going to buy cowboy boots in person before trying them on, then it’s going to be important for you to compare sizes between brands. You never know how two brands measure up to each other, so why not do all of the homework up front. 

Not only will it help you feel more confident in buying a pair of boots, but it also can serve as a great reference moving forward when shopping for cowboy boots online.

If you’re looking for a new pair of cowboy boots, it’s important to know just how they should fit before making a purchase. With a little help from this article, you’ll be able to figure out the sizes of different cowboy boots in the United States.

First, measure your foot from heel to toe. Next, find the length of your foot. For most men’s shoes and boots, it will be somewhere between 12 and 16 centimeters long (between 3/4 and 2 inches). Finally, find your calf size by wrapping a measuring tape around your upper leg just below where it meets the hip bone.

Finding Your Best Fitting Cowboy Boots

Measure your foot. This is the best starting point because most cowboy boot manufacturers use outline sizes that correspond to measurements of your foot. 

However, keep in mind that sizing varies between different brands, so even if you find a pair of boots that fit you in length, it doesn’t mean they will fit your feet comfortably or be as durable as they should be.

If you’re trying to buy the perfect pair of cowboy boots online then you have one huge advantage over those who are shopping in person. You can compare sizes across many different brands and styles before deciding on one. 

You might find that you fit in a size 10 boot from one brand, and a size 8.5 from another. In this case, it’s best to go with the larger size so that you get the most out of your new boots!


How do you measure cowboy boots sizes?

When measuring a person’s foot length, stand straight beside the individual with one foot in front of the other and make sure that the heel of your front foot is touching their heel. Position yourself in a comfortable stance, preferably in a normal standing position for a person your height. Make sure to leave enough room at the end of your longest toes to fit into cowboy boots or any footwear.

How much space do I leave at the tip of my longest toes?

The correct amount of space to leave at the end of your longest toe is definitely more important than foot length. If there is too much/little room left, you will find it hard to move your foot properly. You will find yourself not able to walk in cowboy boots or any footwear.

My feet are small or have thick heels or toes, do I need a smaller size?

This definitely depends on how sensitive you are with the protruding of your longer toes or heels. If it bothers you, then get a smaller size. For someone who is not sensitive, no. Larger size should fit comfortably and is also more comfortable to walk in.

How many pairs of size extra large should I buy if I need 4 sizes?

If you wear wide toes or thick heels, then purchase extra large size. For the average person with normal feet, the best choice is a pair of half sizes. This is because the half sizes will give the best fit for your feet and will provide you a better and more comfortable walking experience in cowboy boots or any footwear. Do not get confused with other brands like Alpha Omega, Blundstone etc.

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