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Bruno Magli Shoe Size Chart: Is Bruno Magli Worth It?






Bruno Magli is an Italian shoe manufacturer founded in 1936 by Mario and Bruno Magli in Bologna, Italy. Bruno Magli has been creating high-quality shoes with massive international acclaim. With a history of over 70 years, they remain committed to making the highest quality shoes with new designs every season that remain fashionable and unique. They sell worldwide at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Amazon, Zappos, and other well-known retailers for those who want luxurious yet fashionable shoes.

Bruno Magli store via fashionnetwork

Bruno Magli Men Shoe Size Chart


In the twenty-first century, Bruno Magli shoes are recognized worldwide among the top-of-the-line footwear designers, with many celebrities wearing their beautiful styles.

In particular, the men’s shoe collection has won a broad audience with its charming designs, always easy on the eyes and in tune with fashion trends. These innovations are projected on all locations, from ad pages to fashion magazines to couture runway shows at Milan Fashion Week.

Bruno Magli shoes are made for various foot types and widths, but no matter what your foot shape or size is, you can find the Bruno Magli shoe that will work for you. Browse the size chart to make sure you get shoes perfect fit.

49 16 14.5 14 34 51
48 15 13.5 13 33 50
47 14 12.5 12 32 49
46 13 11.5 11.5 31 48
45 12 10.5 11 30 47
44.5 11.5 10 10.5 29.5 46.5
44 11 9.5 10 29 46
43.5 10.5 9 9.5 28.5 45.5
43 10 8.5 9 28 45
42.5 9.5 8 8.5 27.5 44.5
42 9 7.5 8 27 44
41.5 8.5 7 7.5 26.5 43
41 8 6.5 7 26 42
40.5 7.5 6 6.5 25.5 41
40 7 5.5 6 25 40.5

Bruno Magli Women Shoe Size Chart


In the past, women’s shoes from Bruno Magli were categorized into four styles: classical, formal, casual, and elegant. In this category of shoes, you will find the best collection of designs in terms of colors, materials, and decorations. Until today, these designs remain timeless classics that continue to attract women’s attention due to the outstanding quality and comfort they provide.

The Bruno Magli size guide is one of the world’s most famous and well-known shoe brands, with a rich history that spans over two centuries. The company exploded in popularity and production throughout Europe and USA, but they also have a wide range of shoes available to women worldwide.

42 12 9 29 42 290
41 11 8 28 41 280
40.5 10.5 7.5 27.5 40.5 275
40 10 7 27 40 270
39.5 9.5 6.5 26.5 39.5 265
39 9 6 26 39 260
38.5 8.5 5.5 25.5 38.5 255
38 8 5 25 38 250
37.5 7.5 4.5 24.5 37.5 245
37 7 4 24 37 240
36.5 6.5 3.5 23.5 36.5 235
36 6 3 23 36 230
35.5 5.5 2.5 22.5 35.5 225
35 5 2 22 35 220

How Does Bruno Magli’s Shoe Fit?

If you’re wondering how Bruno Magli’s shoes fit, you’ll be happy to know they feel pretty true to size. The heel is a tad loose and made for wider feet, but these are not issues if you like to wear heels! As for the other parts of the shoe, it’s all pretty standard. You’ll have no problems with walking in these or being on your feet for long periods in them. That’s because the leather and rubber ensure that the shoe grips your foot, making it secure and stable.

Is Bruno Magli A Luxury Brand?

Bruno Magli brand

Bruno Magli was founded by Mario and Bruno – in 1936, and the brand is still run by the Magli family, a third-generation family at the helm of this luxury shoe brand. Although the brand started with small beginnings in Milan, it has progressively grown to be known as one of Italy’s finest luxury brands.

Bruno Magli is, without a doubt, one of Italy’s most iconic luxury brands. From its humble beginnings in Milan in the late 1930s to today, Bruno Magli has consistently shown that it knows how to create shoes that make women and men feel elegant. Whether you’re looking for a dress shoe for work or are simply craving some classic-style shoes to complete your look, Bruno Magli is one shoe brand you’ll always want to wear.

Bruno Magli produces both men’s and women’s shoes, and they produce in Italy.

Magli family

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Are Bruno Magli Shoes Comfortable?

Bruno Magli men shoes collection via Facebook

You should care about Bruno Magli shoes even if you’re not into shoes. First of all, they’re comfortable and well-built. Plus, they’re made of Nappa leather. But even more importantly, Bruno Magli shoes are made by the top shoemaker in the world. This means that they last much longer. They can take the most wear and tear (and still look great). And they’ll fit better than any other type of shoe you’ve ever worn.

Insole Bruno Magli shoe

Whether you’re looking for shoes for work or play, whether you want to be able to walk long distances without pain, or just want an essential black shoe that goes with everything, these are some of the best shoes you’ll ever buy. 

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Is Bruno Maglis Worth It?

While the price is high, many feel that a couple of hundred dollars in shoes is cheap compared to the cost of replacing nice shoes. For others, knowing they can wear these beautiful shoes for a lifetime is priceless. With an extensive catalog of styles and colors to choose from, there’s no reason you can’t find a pair to match your wardrobe. The care and craftsmanship put into each shoe ensure that it will age gracefully – whether you’re wearing them for business or pleasure.

The leather shines and acquires character as you wear them, giving them an even more luxurious appearance over time. New and trendy styles are there for you to try on, too. You can get a frame and glass cleaner to keep them looking newer than new.

With the popularity of Bruno Magli shoes among celebrities, you’ll want to wear a pair. They can work for evening events when you want to be stylish or a day when you’re at the office. You’ll enjoy easily slipping them on and off, whether at home or at work. Not only will your feet rest in comfort, but you’ll also be drawing attention from others with their sparkle!

They are better quality than what you’d pay anywhere else, so they last longer without harsh wear and tear.

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