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Clarks Shoe Size Chart: How To Fit Clarks Shoes?






For many years, the shoe industry has been a way for people to maintain a level of status. The ability to purchase expensive and fashionable shoes is an undeniable sign of affluence or distinction. But there’s nothing better than having that unique style or unmatchable fit, as long as it could be in your budget.

Clarks shoe store

Clarks is one of the most well-known brands in the world because it sells a wide selection of shoes of good quality at costs that are reasonable and gives customers a number of options to suit their own requirements, preferences, and areas of interest.

It is a shoe brand born in 1825 in the UK with the message “Comfort in your soul”. The Clarks shoe brand has more than 751 stores in different countries around the world, trusted by many people for its high-quality shoe designs that provide comfort and impressed by the durability of the product over time.       

Clarks Women Shoe Size Chart

Clarks women shoe

Shoe sizes may vary by style of the shoe, so it’s important to check the size chart of Clarks shoes before purchasing your next pair. Refer to the section below for information on how to measure your feet, and then consult the size table above to determine your optimum fit.

Foot Length (Millimeters) Standard EU Size Clarks UK Size Clarks EU Size
212 35 2 34
216 35½ 35
221 36 3 35½
225 36½ 36
229 37 4 37
233 37½ 37½
237 38 5 38
241 38½ 39
246 39 6 39½
250 40 40
254 41 7 41
258 41½ 41½
263 42 8 42
267 42½ 42½
272 43 9 43

Women Clarks Shoe Widths Chart

Many people have a hard time finding shoes that fit their feet snugly, but Clarks has a narrow fitting range to fit every foot type. Measure your foot with a ruler (not with your foot on the ruler), and then refer to our size chart above to find the perfect shoe width.

Width C D E EE
Description Narrow Fit Standard Fit Wide Fit Extra Wide Fit

Clarks Men Shoe Size Chart

Clarks men shoe

Clarks shoes are the most popular and traditional brand of shoes. They have a wide range of different styles, colors, and sizes. Clarks offers footwear for both men and women, so it is a great company to go to if you need both.

Foot Length (Millimeter) Standard EU Size Clarks UK Size Clarks EU Size
237 38 5 38
241 38½ 39
246 39 6 39½
250 40 40
254 41 7 41
258 41½ 41½
263 42 8 42
267 42½ 42½
272 43 9 43
276 44 44
280 45 10 44½
285 45½ 10½ 45
289 46 11 46
293 46½ 11½ 46½
298 47 12 47
302 47½ 12½ 47½
306 48 13 48
310 48½ 13½ 49
314 49 14 49½
319 50 14½ 50
323 51 15 51

Men Clarks Shoe Widths Chart

For men, it is important to get your foot measured for shoes that fit true to size. Men’s shoes are available in a wide range of width options, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect pair. However, they are sold by size, so please refer to our size chart below to determine your ideal fit.

Width G H
Description Standard Fit Wide Fit

Clarks Kids & Babies Shoe Size Chart

Clarks kid shoe

Women, Men, and Kids all have different shoe sizes depending on the style of the shoe. Clarks shoes are made for people of all ages, so whether you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for a child or some fancy dress shoes for a special occasion, Clarks has the perfect fit.

Foot Length (Millimeter) Clarks UK Size Clarks EU Size
101 2 17½
105 18
109 3 18½
113 19
117 4 20
122 20½
126 5 21
130 22
134 6 22½
138 23
142 7 24
147 25
151 8 25½
155 26
159 9 27
164 27½
168 10 28
172 10½ 28½
176 11 29
181 11½ 29½
185 12 30
189 12½ 31
193 13 32
198 13½ 32½
202 1 33
206 33½
210 2 34
214 35
219 3 35½
223 36
227 4 37
231 37½
236 5 38
240 39
244 6 39½
249 40
253 7 41
257 41½
261 8 42
265 42½
269 9 43
274 44
278 10 44½

Kids & Babies Clarks Shoe Widths

For kids, it’s important to make sure that their feet are growing as they should; having footwear that is too big can hinder their development. However, Clarks offers width options as well as a range of sizes to ensure that they always have the right fit. 

Width E F G H
Description Narrow Fit Standard Fit Wide Fit Extra Wide Fit

How To Size Clarks Shoes?

Clarks women sandals

In life, you are forced to make decisions; the same is true in the fashion world. You eventually made up your decision after spending a significant amount of time deliberating in a store. Clarks, a brand with roots in England, should be your brand of choice. Unfortunately, this particular line of shoes is available in a plethora of models, each of which has a unique appearance, size, and shape. What a predicament!

The design and construction of these sneakers couldn’t be more different from one another. In point of fact, each of these models is made up of a plethora of lines in a variety of colors and made of various materials.

The Desert Boots and The Desert London

Both of these designs, which each have two eyelets, are quite simple to put on. You will experience great ease; however, if you have a broad foot, it may take you a little while to adjust to the shoe before you can experience the relaxation that is unique to this brand. 

In point of fact, in contrast to first impressions, after they are used, these two pairs might become quite narrow. But I can’t stress this enough: the first impression is almost never accurate. Before validating, make sure your big toe is taken into account rather than the width. We suggest that you order a size and a half smaller than what you normally wear.

If you purchased a pair of suede Clarks, the leather would stretch even more quickly than normal because suede is softer than regular leather. After making your purchase, you ought to experience complete and utter ease very quickly.

The Desert Trek

The Desert Trek is slightly broader than its other two sisters, and it contains all of the familiar Clarks conveniences. This city shoe, which is not lacking in originality, skillfully mixes comfort, style, and trend, but it also manages to stay a vintage pair, which means that it is free of current technology. To those of you with drooping arches, take note: Clarks has nonetheless given some consideration to your needs by reserving some room for your soles in the back of the shoe.

The Wallabee and Wallabee Boots

The crepe wedge sole of this shoe, which resembles a cross between a sneaker and a moccasin, will provide your arch with more support compared to the soles of your prior shoes. It requires little time to adjust at all in order to feel the utmost ease that the English brand offers, as it is well adapted to wide feet. 

Because of its slightly cuboid shape, the toe box provides your toes with all the room they require to move freely throughout the day. If you want to avoid making several journeys to the store, make sure you don’t forget to take off a half size from your typical size. In point of fact, Clarks continues to be and will continue to be quite generous with their measurements.

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How Do You Measure The Feet of Your Child at Home?

Before purchasing any pair of shoes for children, we insist on taking precise measurements of their feet, regardless of whether the footwear in question is made of a more laid-back material, such as canvas, or is more formal, such as school shoes. This is due to the fact that poorly fitted shoes can have a significant adverse effect on your child’s foot health for many years into the future. 

Either a printed paper foot gauge that you can use or an online shoe fitting gauge that you may obtain are both options. Confirm that your printer is set to 100 percent rather than scale, and use a ruler to ensure that the printed document is exact.

Step 1

Remove the strip used to measure the width, and then lay the paper gauge down on a level, firm surface. It is essential to ensure that the child’s weight is distributed equally in order to get an accurate reading. Additionally, it is essential to measure both feet, as one foot is typically somewhat larger than the other.

Step 2

Put your child’s left foot on the gauge and make sure the back of their heel is aligned with the thick line that runs along the bottom of the paper. Take note of the length of the individual’s longest toe. It is important that you repeat this with the correct foot. 

Step 3

Now, measure the width of the foot using the width tape by wrapping it around the area of the foot that is the thickest. When using the width tape, make sure to run diagonally from the ball joint of your child’s little toe to the ball joint of their big toe – this will give you the exact width of your child’s foot. In the event that you do not have access to a printer, you can obtain the dimensions by using a piece of paper the size of an A4 sheet and a ruler.

How Do Baby Feet Develop?

Clarks Shoes has done extensive research on the requirements for children’s footwear and has broken the growth of a child’s foot down into the stages that are outlined in this article.

Stage 1: Crawling

There are no bones in the foot of an infant that is completely formed. At this time, your child’s foot does not have a noticeable arch, and the shape of their foot is being etched out in bone that is soft and flexible and akin to cartilage.

Stage 2: Sailing

The softer cartilage-like structure that is currently present in your child’s foot will begin to ossify, which is the process of progressively developing the majority of the bones that will constitute the total structure of their fully grown foot.

Stage 3: Walking

At this point, 25 bones will have formed in your child’s foot as it continues to develop. At this point, the navicular bone, which is normally located at the location where shoes are typically fastened, has not yet formed, and there is a fatty pad on the instep, which is the area where the arch will gradually form over the course of the following few years.

Stage 4: Pre-School Ages

Approximately two to four years. Because the bones in your child’s feet won’t be completely developed until they are old enough to drive, their feet are susceptible to having their shape altered by wearing shoes that aren’t the right size for them throughout their youth.

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Are the sizes of Clarks Shoes accurate?

In general, Clarks shoes fit true to size; however, we recommend that you measure both of your feet in order to determine the exact length and width of the shoes that you require. You’ll find that the majority of Clarks’ footwear, which is designed to keep your feet happy and healthy, is also available in half sizes. This is one more way that Clarks prioritizes the well-being of their customers.

How should Clarks shoes fit?

In general, there should be around the breadth of one finger’s knuckle between the end of the shoe and the longest toe that you have on your foot. One further approach to check this is to slide a finger between the back of your foot and the back of the shoe where the heel is located. Your finger should be able to fit in there comfortably and securely with just the right amount of space.

Is it preferable to wear larger or smaller shoes?

Fit is always the most crucial factor to consider while searching for the ideal pair of shoes. Blisters, numbness, and overall discomfort may occur if your shoe is too tight; to avoid these issues, many industry experts recommend purchasing a running shoe that is a half size larger than your normal size.

Can Clarks Shoes be stretched?

If you purchase a pair of suede Clarks, the leather will stretch even more quickly than normal because suede is softer than regular leather. After making your purchase, you ought to experience complete and utter ease very quickly.

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