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Bata Shoe Size Chart: Why Are Bata Shoes Cheap?






These charts are for shoes and slippers by Bata. There are a lot of sizes, but they’re all clearly labeled and simple to understand. Plus, a handy chart at the bottom tells you where in the world this particular size Bata shoe will fit best – taking into account height and weight factors.

Now you know if you need shoes that fit better than usual or if you usually wear these sizes while shopping in a different country. This information will save you time and money, and allows you to buy shoes that are all around more comfortable.

The Bata Shoe Company was founded on 21 September 1894 in the Moravian town of Zlín, Austria-Hungary. The company shoe production during World War II was an essential component in the Allied victory and their shoes are worn all over the world.

Bata store

Bata Women Shoe Size Chart

Bata Women shoes

You will know your size by reading these Bata women’s shoe size charts below. You need to measure your foot before you can know the Bata women’s shoe size chart. Take your foot length, then multiply it by the number of centimeters (inches ) in a foot.

IN ( Inches) US EUR UK CM ( Centimeter)
10.125 9.5 41 7 25.70
10.00 9 40 6.5 25.40
9.875 8.5 39 6 25.10
9.625 7.5 38 5 24.50
9.375 6.5 37 4 23.80
9.25 6 36 3.5 23.50
9.00 5 35 2.5 22.80

Bata Men Shoe Size Chart

Bata men shoes

The new Bata footwear collection for men is made in more than 30 countries and manufactured with various materials and technologies so that everyone can find their best fit. Here you will find a range from shoes for any occasion to off-duty favorites.

IN ( Inches) US EUR UK CM ( Centimeter)
11.25 12 46 11.5 28.60
11.00 11.5 45 11 27.90
10.75 10.5 44 10 27.30
10.50 9 43 8.5 26.70
10.25 8.5 42 8 26.00
10.125 8 41 7.5 25.70
10.00 7.5 40 7 25.40
9.875 7 39 6.5 25.10

Bata Toddler Shoe Size Chart

Bata Toddler shoes ( bubble gummers )

Bata shoes come in 10 different toddler sizes. The table below displays the Bata’s size range and how big the company shoes are for toddlers. The lengths of toddler boy’s and girl’s shoes can be found in the chart. Bata has bubble gummers collection for little kids

IN ( Inches) US EUR UK CM ( Centimeter)
6.75 11 28 10 17.10
6.625 10.5 27 9.5 16.80
6.25 9.5 26 8.5 15.90
6.125 9 25 8 15.60
5.75 8 24 7 14.60
5.50 7 23 6 14.00
5.25 6.5 22 5.5 13.30
5.00 5.5 21 4.5 12.70
4.75 5 20 4 12.10
4.50 4 19 3 11.40

Bata Kids Shoe Size Chart

Bata kids shoes

Here is the size chart for Bata kid’s shoes. Every child has their foot shape and size, and this chart guides you to find the best fit for your child. The chart starts at eight years old and goes up to 16. Remember, these are only guidelines; some children may be smaller or bigger than this chart shows. It is always best to measure your child’s feet before buying new shoes to ensure they have the correct size.

IN ( Inches) US EUR UK CM ( Centimeter)
9.625 6.5 38 5.5 24.40
9.25 5.5 37 4.5 23.50
9.00 4.5 36 3.5 22.90
8.625 3.5 35 2.5 21.90
8.50 3 34 2 21.60
8.125 2 33 1 20.60
7.75 1 32 13 19.70
7.625 13.5 31 12.5 19.40
7.25 12.5 30 11.5 18.40
7.00 11.5 29 10.5 17.80

Are Bata Shoes True To Size?

Bata shoes are big in Europe and aren’t true to size. The average size of European shoes is 39-43. In Canada and the U.S, the average shoe size ranges from 5-9 for women and 7-12 for men.
Bata brand are one of the most popular Indian, Canada brands out there; however, not everyone is a fan of their sizes compared to what’s commonly seen in North America. People tend to get Bata shoes as gifts; most of the time, they’re never worn. Some of these shoes have been stashed in drawers for years because you can never quite find a pair that fits.
One of the most commonly mentioned reasons people don’t buy Bata shoes is that they are sold in European sizes and not American or Canadian ones. It’s a common misconception that all these Indian brands are made down south, which is why the sizes are different.

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Why Are Bata Shoes Cheap?

Bata is well known for its simplicity, both past, and present, not just in design but also in its materials. To keep costs down, they used a specific type of glue that left markings on their products, becoming a trademark of sorts over the years. Bata shoes were cheap, but not all weren’t an as poor quality, even back in the 30s when they started producing clothing.
Bata shoes have become a symbol of poverty, preferring to work with the budget and local vendors rather than try developing their brand. Bata shoes are called the sneakers of style for their simplicity, a pair of shoes designed to last. With their distinctive design and austere quality, Bata shoes have become a symbol of quality and simplicity among the poor, even in metropolitan areas.
What makes Bata products so affordable is that they work with local vendors. In return, they receive a 10-15% commission on every pair of shoes sold. This model is successful because of its low overhead costs and broad reach.

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