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Li-ning Shoe Size Chart: Are Li-ning Shoes Good For Badminton?






Li-ning is a global brand that has been producing excellent athletic footwear and apparel since 1989 in its headquarters in Beijing, China. The company provides superior quality and unbeatable style in every product they produce. This is why they have been featured on Forbes because of their success over the years with their innovative designs and high-quality products. There are many success stories about the company, which is why it has been featured on various sites, including Forbes.

Li ning store

The company’s founder, Li Ning, started the company after struggling to find a shoe that fit him well. He designed and manufactured shoes for himself to afford some proper running shoes. There have been a lot of success stories as to how he has had such an impact on his industry because he named the company Li-ning and named his design after him.

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Li-ning Men Shoe Size Chart

Li-ning men badminton shoe via Li-ning Official

The Li-ning Men’s Shoe Size Chart is also the best Badminton shoe chart for your choice. So, please find the most appropriate size for your feet and buy them at our Li-ning official store. We have shoes with a wide variety of styles with different design features and comfortable and spacious interiors that will bring you the most convenient wearing experience to make you feel free while playing sports or any other daily activities.

USA UK EU Centimeter Lining Size
15 14 50.33 32.50 50
14.5 13.5 49.66 32.00 49.5
14 13 49 31.50 49
13.5 12.5 48.33 31.00 48
13 12 47.66 30.50 47.5
12.5 11.5 47 30.00 47
12 11 46.33 29.50 46
11.5 10.5 45.66 29.00 45.5
11 10 45 28.50 45
10.5 9.5 44.33 28.00 44
10 9 43.66 27.50 43.5
9.5 8.5 43 27.00 43
9 8 42.33 26.50 42
8.5 7.5 41.66 26.00 41.5
8 7 41 25.50 41
7.5 6.5 40.33 25.00 40
7 6 39.66 24.50 39.5
6.5 5.5 39 24.00 39
6 5 38.33 23.50 38
5.5 4.5 37.66 23.00 37.5
5 4 37 22.50 37
4.5 3.5 36.33 22.00 36

Li-ning Women Shoe Size Chart

Li-ning women badminton shoe via Li-ning Official

In the shoe industry, you can find many types of shoes that vary in size. However, most different shoe sizes are listed according to the same system based on foot length. Li-ning shoes are good badminton shoes produced by Li-ning Sports Products Co. Ltd and are not an exception to this rule. This article will present you with a Li-ning women’s shoe size chart.

Any shoe size is measured in different units depending on the country of production or distribution and also the manufacturer itself. European shoes come in different sizes based on the metric system. At the same time, American and Japanese shoes come in numeric sizes that can also be represented graphically through charts such as the example presented below.

USA UK EU Centimeter Lining Size
9 6.5 40.33 25.50 40
8.5 6 39.66 25.00 39.5
8 5.5 39 24.50 39
7.5 5 38.33 24.00 38
7 4.5 37.66 23.50 37.5
6.5 4 37 23.00 37
6 3.5 36.33 22.50 36
5.5 3 35.66 22.00 35.5
5 2.5 35 21.50 35
4.5 2 34.33 21.00 34
4 1.5 33.66 20.50 33.5

Is Li-ning Shoe True To Size?

Li-ning training shoe

Li-ning is a Chinese sportswear manufacturing company specializing in basketball, volleyball, handball, football/soccer, and badminton. They are also famous for designing and manufacturing athletic shoes. Their company was founded in 1989 by Li Ning in his hometown of Beijing, China.

Li-ning apparel is designed to fit true to size. But they also fit perfectly when you order them according to your foot size. These shoes are made with high-quality materials and designed to last for an extended period. They also come with an extra shoe in case of mishaps. Find out if they’re a good buy by checking out our current selection!

They often fit true to size and adjust according to your foot measurements, so it depends on how exactly you should decide what fits best for you.

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Who Wear Li-Ning?

Family of Li-ning founder via GettyImage

Li-Ning is a leading Chinese sportswear company founded in 1989. Its products are exported to over 150 countries and regions, with the company’s current headquarters in Beijing, China. The company’s slogan is “Make the Change.” The company produces a range of sporting goods, including sports shoes, clothes, gloves, socks, and other accessories. “Li-Ning” combines an ancient Chinese character and a modern pronunciation of the English word “change.”

List of Celebrities wear Li-ning:

Baron Davis

Baron Davis

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal

Damon Jones

Damon Jones

José Calderón 

José Calderón

Where is Li-Ning made?

Li-ning shoe factory

Li-Ning was founded in 1989 by Li Ning, and it was initially a sports goods manufacturer. They now design, manufacture and sell high-quality sports shoes and apparel for both men and women. They have branched out into other areas over the last few years, like sports watches, to offer a complete performance package.

Li-Ning’s plant is located in Beijing, China. It employs thousands of workers who take great pride in their work and look to provide the highest quality product available to athletes. They aim to produce the most comfortable, durable, and best-looking shoe. They also design their product to be lightweight, environmentally friendly, and flexible for the athlete’s needs—top professional athletes around the world test all Li-Ning products.

When asked if Li-Ning was still committed to staying in China, Mr. Li Ning (founder) answered, “because China has more advanced technology in manufacturing sports shoes, besides, we can save a lot of cost when we produce sports shoes here. The most important is we want to keep our jobs here and not move to other countries.”

Are Li-ning Shoes Good For Badminton?

Li-ning badminton shoes for professional

If you are a badminton fan and wondering if the Li-Ning shoes are the best for you, then this article is for you!

Let’s take a good look at them. I think these Li-Ning shoes are suitable for badminton because they are comfortable, supportive, and durable. This brand of shoes provides top-quality products and has a long-standing history in the sport. It has been on the market for over thirty years.

Li-Ning Shoes and the like are widely used. Its specific features are more suitable for badminton players, especially for the big toe area. These shoes have been tested by famous badminton players, who were satisfied with their performance. Among them, Li-Ning shoes have a significant advantage: its “pavTRAC” anti-slip rubber on the outsole provides good traction and durable soles.

This type of shoe design is simple but very comfortable, with a slightly flexible sole. It is light, comfortable, and can be worn for a long time without damage.

The upper part of the shoes is mainly made of rubber, which is soft and durable. Its performance has not been affected by environmental factors such as temperature variations and wetness during use. Also, in this area, the Li-Ning shoes are suitable for badminton because they are very durable.

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