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Paul Green Shoe Size Chart: Are Paul Green Shoes True To Size






The German shoe brand Paul Green was founded in 1988 in Bavaria and quickly became famous for its many styles of women’s footwear. The Paul Green shoe size chart, is a brief guide for anyone with a question about the sizing of their shoes. To find your size, the length of your foot is measured in centimeters from the back and then half that number (after rounding) for the width at its widest point.

Paul Green brand – shoe box

If you are trying to find your size or want more information on the sizes they carry, here’s a helpful guide!

Paul Green Women Shoe Size Chart

Paul green women heel
Paul Green women heel

Paul Green has always been the preferred choice for many women looking for comfort and quality in a shoe. The Paul Green brand is now one of the famous German shoe brands specializing in fine leather shoes and boots with an excellent, classic European design. These shoes suit your style with a wide range of colors to choose form.

There are many styles for women, like boots, ballet pumps, sneakers, loafers, pumps, or sandals to suit every personal taste and preference.

Heel to Toe( Inch) Heel to Toe( Cm) UK Size US Size EU Size
10 3/4 27.3 9 11.5 43.5
10 5/8 27 8.5 11 42.5
10 1/2 26.7 8 10.5 41.5
10 1/4 26 7.5 10 41.5
10- 1/8 25.7 7 9.5 40.5
10 25.1 6.5 9 40
9 3/4 24.8 6 8.5 39.5
9 5/8 24.4 5.5 8 39
9 1/2 24.1 5 7.5 38
9 1/4 23.5 4.5 7 37.5
9 1/8 23.2 4 6.5 37
8 7/8 22.9 3.5 6 36.5
8 3/4 22.2 3 5.5 35.5
8 5/8 21.9 2.5 5 35

Do Paul Green Shoes Run True To Size?

Paul green sneakers
Paul green sneakers

Paul Green women’s shoes run exactly true to size, but the company does not offer widths, which means that wearers with wider feet than average might end up with a shoe that feels too tight. If a Paul Green shoe is too narrow for your foot, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. 

Many customers choose Paul Green shoes because they are comfortable. They can be comfortable, though, if they’re the correct size. The best way to know which size is the best for you is to measure your feet before ordering a pair of shoes online. If you have a measuring tape, you can measure your feet and legs at home. Most people find it easier to go to a shoe store to measure their feet. Some stores specialize in sizing feet and can help with online shoe orders.

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How To Measure The Length Of Foot( Heel to Toe) for Paul Green Shoe?

To measure the length of your foot:

  1. Sit on a level floor with one leg fully extended in front of you.
  2. Place a carpenter’s pencil or ruler flat between the wall and your heel to touch the floor at an angle.
  3. Mark where the pencil touches.

This point is considered your heel. Measure from the pencil mark up to the longest part of your toes using the carpenter’s pencil or ruler for the measurement. This is considered your foot length measurement ( Heel to toe).

Do Paul Green Shoes Have Arch Support?

Paul green casual shoes

Paul Green shoes support simple arch support, and the height of the arch is at the same level as another type of footwear. A person with high or flat arches should not choose to wear Paul Green shoes. From toe to heel, Paul Green shoes are a good fit for most women who are not too fat or not too skinny to fit in this kind of shoe. It is said that Paul Green shoes are not a brand for women who want to look thin and beautiful but rather a line of accessories that can be worn with various kinds of clothes.

However, Paul Green has discounted his design to make it suitable for women. Today, the height of arch support is shorter so that it can suit all types of foot shapes, especially for people with low or flat arches.

Are Paul Green Boots Chic Styles?

Paul Green black ankle boots
Paul Green black ankle boots

If you have little time to spare and are looking for a chic style with a practical element, the Nobu boots might be the pair you’ve been waiting for. Equipped with a convenient back zipper, these boots can be put on in seconds and don’t need to be laced up.

Nobu boot is one of the most popular of all Paul Green boots, made from leather tanned according to traditional methods- ensuring durability and longevity in their quality. This is a testament to their well-designed aesthetics- each made by hand by master cobblers.

Are Paul Green Shoes Comfortable?

Paul Green is famous for its tradition and style. Paul Green shoes have been around for decades because of the perfect fit, style, and comfort. Many people have noticed that Paul Green shoes are an investment, but they can last for years and years. That is because Paul Green shoes are made of high-quality materials, too.

Many may argue that a shoe costing $200 is unreasonable and outrageous. But those who have tried the shoes will tell you otherwise. The shoes are incredibly comfortable and perfect for any foot type. This makes it worth every penny if you ask anyone who has ever owned a pair of Paul Green’s high-end footwear.

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