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Mango Shoe Size Chart: Do Mango Shoes Run True To Size?






Mango is Spanish clothing designing and manufacturing company. Mango was founded in Barcelona, Spain, by brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andic. For the season, Mango offers a line of men, women, and kids’ wear collections. The brand was established in 1984 in Barcelona, Spain. Two Spaniards founded it. Its headquarters is located in Barcelona, Spain.

Mango Store

Mango offers a range of contemporary clothing for men, women, and kids. The brand also has branched out into home accessories. Mango is an affordable brand that has a similar style to the likes of Zara and H&M but with its unique style. The company operates a chain of retail outlets across the globe, including in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.

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Mango Women Shoe Size Chart

Mango women shoes

The Mango Women’s shoe size chart is created for women with standard feet. The sizing process is quite simple and easy to follow. If you’re more comfortable with the idea of measuring your foot, we’ve also included conversion charts for US and UK sizes on the following page. The Mango chart will be a handy guide when purchasing shoes online or picking out a new pair at the store. As with any clothing or shoe, you may need to consider size variations. If you buy online, it is best to take measurements and compare them to the shoes you already have. It is best to test the fit when placing an online order rather than returning items that don’t fit.

US EU MEX IT Foot length ( Inches)
9 1/2 41 7 41 10.47 Inches
8 1/2 39 6 39 9.92 Inches
7 1/2 38 5 38 9.69 Inches
6 1/2 37 4 37 9.45 Inches
10 42 8 42 10.75 Inches
9 40 6 1/2 40 10.28 Inches
6 36 3 1/2 36 9.17 Inches
5 35 2 35 8.90 Inches

Mango Men Shoe Size Chart

Mango men shoes

We’ve included the Mango Men’s shoe size chart below if you are looking for it. The Mango Men’s sizing is very similar to the Women’s. There are only a few differences, but they’re important to note. As with any clothing or shoe, you may need to consider size variations. If you buy online, it is best to take measurements and compare them to the shoes you already have. It is best to test the fit when placing an online order rather than returning items that don’t fit.

US EU MEX IT Foot length ( Inches)
8,5 42 8 42 10.63 Inches
7,5 40 6 40 10.16 Inches
12,5 46 12 46 11.65 Inches
11,5 45 11 45 11.38 Inches
10,5 44 10 44 11.14 Inches
9 43 9 43 10.87 Inches
8 41 7 41 10.39 Inches
7 39 5 39 9.96 Inches

Mango Kids Shoe Size Chart

Mango Kids shoes

The Mango Kids Shoe size chart is the one that applies to kids with standard feet. To determine your kid’s foot size, Measure around the sole where it meets the top of the arch. This is a standard measurement for children and usually measures 7-9inches. 

US EU MEX Foot Length
5 1/2 38 25 9.53 Inches
3 1/2 35 23 8.74 Inches
3 1/2 35 23 8.74 Inches
2 1/2 34 22 8.50 Inches
13 1/2 31 20 7.68 Inches
12 1/2 30 19 1/2 7.40 Inches
10 1/2 27 17 1/2 6.61 Inches
12 29 19 7.17 Inches
11 28 18 6.89 Inches
7 40 26 10.08 Inches
6 39 25 1/2 9.80 Inches
5 37 24 9.29 Inches
4 36 23 1/2 9.02 Inches
4 36 23 1/2 9.02 Inches
2 33 21 1/2 8.23 Inches
1 32 21 7.95 Inches

Mango Baby Shoe Size Chart

Mango baby shoes

Mango baby, shoe size chart, is designed for babies and toddlers. Use our Mango Shoe Size Chart if you’re shopping for a baby or a toddler’s shoes on the internet. We’ve included both the US and UK size conversions so that you can choose which works best for you. 

US EU MEX Foot length (Inches)
9 1/2 26 16 6.38 Inches
8,5 25 15 1/2 6.10 Inches
7 1/2 24 15 5.83 Inches
5 1/2 21 12 5.04 Inches
7 23 14 5.59 Inches
6 22 13 5.31 Inches
5 20 10 4.80 Inches
4 19 9 4.53 Inches

Do Mango Shoes Run True To Size?

MANGO leather shoes

Many people have said that Mango shoes run true to size. They say the sizing is accurate and that the shoes fit well.

Some other things run pretty true to size, like US sizes for clothing. This means that the sizes of many things usually don’t change too much between different stores, even when the one store is a designer store and the store next door is cheaper.

But that isn’t always the case. There are times when other things don’t run true to size. For example, it has been said that the sizes of some shoes from some stores vary from one store to another because one store buys a different size than another store does. This means shoe sizes might differ in two stores even if they both sell the same kind of shoe. Therefore, it is hard for a person to know whether a pair of shoes will fit without trying them on before buying them.

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What Is The Mango Brand Known For?

Mango flagship store

Mango is a Spanish multinational clothing company which designs, manufactures and markets women’s and men’s clothing and accessories. The company is headquartered in Barcelona. Mango is the biggest fashion brand in the world and has over 2,200 stores worldwide.

Mango’s designs have been worn by celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Penélope Cruz and Kylie Jenner. Mango offers a range of clothing with directional designs for women and men with a distinctive sense of style: from edgy to elegant.

Mango’s designers have won much acclaim in the fashion industry. Mango gets inspiration from Generation Y and Generation Z girls. The company’s motto is: “As we become more interconnected and connected to each other, we become more connected.”

Design for a new range of clothes is unveiled at a presentation every six months. A new collection is presented twice a year in ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes. Mango’s ready to wear collections are designed by international designers.


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