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Shimano Shoe Size Chart: Are They Good Cycling Shoes?






The Shimano shoe size chart is your key to success in buying and fitting new cycling or triathlon shoes with the Shimano system. If you wish to purchase a pair of Shimano shoes, you’ll need to know what foot length and width would be best for your foot. This article will help you find a perfect fit when shopping for new shoes with the great company Shimano!

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Shimano Men Shoe Size Chart

Shimano men shoes

Most Shimano shoes are labeled with their size, but if you’re not sure exactly what that is, this chart should be able to help. The numbers represent the length of a foot in inches. This measurement is also called men’s size. Check out our article if you’re looking for more information on what makes cycling shoes unique.

Heel To Toe ( CM) EU US
31.50 cm 50 14
31.00 cm 49 13
30.50 cm 48 13
30.00 cm 47 12
29.60 cm 46.5 11.5
29.30 cm 46 11.5
29.00 cm 45.5 11
28.60 cm 45 10.5
28.30 cm 44.5 10
28.00 cm 44 10
27.50 cm 43.5 9.5
27.30 cm 43 9
27.00 cm 42.5 9
26.50 cm 42 8.5
26.30 cm 41.5 8
25.80 cm 41 7.5
25.50 cm 40.5 7
25.20 cm 40 6.5
24.70 cm 39.5 6
24.50 cm 39 6
24.2 cm 38.5 5.5
23.70 cm 38 5.5
23.50 cm 37.5 5
23.00 cm 37 4.5
22.50 cm 36 4

Shimano Women Shoe Size Chart

Shimano women shoes

The Shimano women’s shoe size chart is a conversion table from shoe-size units (US) to international units. If you know your shoe size in US sizing, you need to convert it for shopping in Europe. Below is a guide to the different lengths of the Shimano women’s shoe sizes in centimeters. 

If you need more detailed information on how to choose the right size, 

Heel To Toe (CM) EU US
27.80 cm 44 11
27.50 cm 43.5 11
27.20 cm 43 10.5
26.80 cm 42.5 10
26.50 cm 42 9.5
26.20 cm 41.5 9
25.70 cm 41 8.5
25.50 cm 40.5 8.5
25.20 cm 40 8
24.70 cm 39.5 7.5
24.50 cm 39 7.5
24.00 cm 38.5 7
23.70 cm 38 6.5
23.50 cm 37.5 6
23.00 cm 37 5.5
22.50 cm 36 5

Are Shimano Shoes Comfortable?

Shimano shoe and shoe box

Shimano is a Japanese company, and its shoes are among the best on the cycling shoes market. Shimano shoes tend to run a bit small, so depending on your foot shape, you may want to order one size from what you usually wear. The shoe will fit and should be comfortable enough to wear all day. The shoes are also fairly durable, as they have been used by thousands of cyclists and by hikers who go up and down mountains. 

Shimano has been very good at making shoes that fit people who have wider feet. The soles are also equipped with an extra layer of rubber to increase the shoes’ durability.

Athletic shoe companies often have a problem fitting people with wide feet because their shoes are too narrow. Shimano is not just for biking, though. If you are looking for hiking shoes, Shimano has a good variety of them in different colors and styles. 

Are Shimano Shoes True To Size?

Shimano shoes tend to run a bit small, and Shimano shoes are almost always two sizes bigger than usual, so you may need to order up a half or a whole size. This is one of the reasons why the Shimano brand has such vital longevity. The fit is so specific that if you order wrong, you can’t return or exchange it, and there are no 2nd chances. If you decide to go with the Shimano brand, try to find a shop that caters only to cyclists. They should be able to help you out a lot.

You can also get the Shimano shoes in a particular Shimano store which you can find in every major city. They have all sorts of styles that you can try there and will help you with sizing. If you get it right the first time, you won’t have to worry about your shoe size anymore.

Wearing a pair of Shimano shoes will provide extra sturdiness on your feet, a common problem for those who bike all day long.

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How Do You Measure Shimano Shoe Size?

There are several ways to measure shoe size, but in cases where there’s a lot of variety between brands, it’s best to use the length and width measurements.

  1. Measure the arch length: On a flat surface, place your foot so that your heel is touching a line or edge and your toes are facing away from the line or edge. Locate the ball of your foot where it touches the ground and mark it with chalk or tape on both feet. Do this with both feet to avoid mistakes.
  2. Measure the foot length: Use a ruler or yardstick to measure from the arch measured above to the tip of your big toe on one foot and tip of your big toe on the other.
  3. Measure the foot width: With a tape measure or ruler, measure the widest part of your foot, just above your big toe. 
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