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Should You Keep Shoes In Shoe Box: Benefits, Risks And More






This blog post is about if you should or shouldn’t keep your shoes in a shoe box. This article will include the pros and cons of this idea. If you’re still unsure whether or not to keep your shoes in the box, ask yourself what would be the most practical thing for you? You could always try it out yourself and see how it goes for you.

Benefits Of Keep Your Shoes In Shoe Box

Benefits of Keep Shoe in Box

Keep Your Shoes Dust and Dirt Free

Shoes Dust and Dirt

No need to clean your shoes at all anymore! With the shoe box, you will be able to keep your shoes dust and dirt-free. Every time you take your shoes out of the shoe box, simply shake it out. You can also clean them by wiping them with a cloth. If you’re planning on keeping your shoes in the box, remember to clean it as well.

Keep Them Organized

If you’re in a hurry to go out, you will have no problem finding your shoes with this method. It’s just like when you have a box of winter clothes and summer clothes, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Your shoes are same way.

Plan Ahead

You can simply buy a shoe box and keep your shoes in there. You can also check out what you need to put your shoes in the box and prepare it earlier by doing some research on the products you need to put your shoes in. It is suggested that you make sure that your shoes do not go over their sizes because it will make the box harder to close. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to just plan ahead and look for products that would fit into a shoe box.

Avoid Moisture

Avoid moisture

Moisture is bad for your shoes if they sit in your closet for too long. You would be able to avoid this if you had placed your shoes in a box. The moisture would have nowhere to go except for the outside of the box, which would help the shoes out.

Avoid Sunlight

The sunlight would cause premature break down of shoes, which could make your shoes look old, ugly and bad looking. This is the reason why you should keep your shoes in a box because it will prevent the sunlight from ruining your perfectly good pair of shoes.

3 Risks Of Keep Shoe In Box

Mold build-up

Mold build-up

You should also be aware that if you place your shoes in a box for too long, there’s the possibility that mold could grow in the box. To avoid this, you can always open the box, either in sunlight or when you’re in your closet with the lights on. Surely both conditions will help prevent mold from growing on your shoes. There’s also another way to prevent mold from growing on your shoes.

Blocks Air Flow

If you’re shoes are tightly packed in a box, it will block the flow of air and cause the shoes to get mildew. There’s also a chance that mold will grow in there. If you decide to keep your shoes in a box, make sure they have an ample amount of air and don’t constantly pack them and leave them for months on time. This could be very damaging to your shoes.

Too More Boxes

The size of the shoe box you’re planning to use needs to be large enough to fit all your shoes in. If it’s too small, then you’ll need to buy a larger box and vice versa. You might end up spending more money because of this reason.

Is It Better To Store Shoes In The Original Boxes?

Is It Better to Store Shoes in the Original Boxes?

As expected, there are pros and cons to think about whether or not to keep your shoes in the box. If you think that shoes will be more recognizable when kept in the box, then I think you should just go ahead and store them in the box. The process of wearing out one’s shoes is inevitable, but it shouldn’t be at an alarming rate, especially if you keep your shoes in great condition. On the other hand, if you think that your shoes will quickly become damaged or moldy, then it’s better to keep them in their original boxes.

After all, it’s up to you if you want to store your shoes in the box. I personally like keeping my shoes like this because they are pretty much still recognizable after some time. I also like how it’s really easy, and my shoes stay in great condition even when I don’t wear them for a long time. It’s really up to you if you would like to store your shoe in a box or not.

Shoe Boxes Do Nothing To Extend The Life Of Your Shoes

Every morning, you pull on your favorite pair of kicks, break out the shoe trees, and slide your feet into their cozy confines. On the way home that night, you might even put them away in their box to keep them clean. You may never remember to take them off before heading out for work tomorrow (or not), but you’ve always kept them stored carefully in one place.

Shoe Boxes Do Nothing to Extend The Life of Your Shoes

When it’s time to declutter, you give your closet a once-over and decide that there’s nowhere else your shoes will fit. You want them handy in case you feel like wearing them tomorrow (they’re still in pretty good condition after all) and don’t want to change the weathered soles and scuffed toes against the carpet.

And you probably even like the boxes at this point. It’s easier to clean them out than it is to try and declutter your closet – they’re easier to reach and less bulky than a drawer, for one – and they’re very handy when it’s time to put shoes away.

Don’t be fooled: shoe boxes will not extend the life of your shoes. All that doing without will result in unhappy feet. Shoe boxes do nothing to extend the life of your shoes. Proper shoe storage is important, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

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What You Can Do?

  • Keep them unboxed and standing up
  • Put the shoes in boxes, but store them on shelves or in drawers (if you don’t have enough space for both).
  • Don’t keep shoes near excessive heat, like a heater or radiator (shift them to a cooler area if you can’t move them at all).
  • Don’t keep shoes in water, like a bathtub.
  • Don’t keep shoes wrapped in anything slippery, like plastic wrap or tissue paper (it can damage the shape of the shoe).
  • Be sure they’re not pressed against any sharp objects or corners (this can damage the heel or sole).
  • Don’t wear plastic bags (they don’t breathe well enough and can trap moisture, causing mold).
  • Make sure the shoes are in good, non-abrasive condition (scuffs and scrapes can cause damage).
  • Don’t store shoes in cardboard boxes (even if they’re “pillow slip” boxes, they can trap moisture).
  • Don’t store shoes away from humid areas; keep them in a dry room with good ventilation (spend the extra money for a clothes rack).
  • When storing shoes, don’t stack them against each other.

4 Ways To Store Your Shoes

Shoes are one of the most commonly used items that you have in your closet. You slip them on whenever you leave the house, or into your storage box when you get home. But there’s a right way to do it so it will be easy for you to find what kind of shoes you want the next time or to select an outfit without having to look through all our own footwear!

Here are some simple steps for storing and organizing shoes:

Hanging Shoe Caddy/rack

Hanging Shoe Caddy/rack

A very convenient place to keep your favorite pair of shoes is in a good hanging rack with ample spacing. A caddy not only helps sort out different types of shoes but makes use of vertical space as well. It saves space as well as makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for.

Shoe Mat

Shoe Mat

A shoe mat is another great storage option, especially if you like wearing flats or sneakers. This also saves space because the shoes are stored horizontally instead of vertically. It’s best to use a white canvas shoe mat with 6-8 pockets; then, line up your shoes accordingly in each slot (flats on one side and heels on the other). If there are multiple people in your family who wear different sizes, don’t forget to label them!

If you don’t have a shoe mat, you can use the back of your bedroom door. Just make sure to get rid of any peeling paint!

Cedar Shoe Balls

Cedar Shoe Balls

Cedar shoe balls are another great option if you want to keep your favorite shoes preserved from wear and tear. These are mostly used by high-end shoe brands, but you can make your own too! Just cut your cedar boards to the right size and shape, spray them with water until they’re moist enough to mold by hand, stuff in your shoes, let it dry out overnight then repeat the process until you achieve that perfect cedar fragrance for each shoe ball.



A cabinet is another great option if you have more than just a few pairs of shoes lying around. A wood cabinet not only keeps your footwear neatly organized but also makes use of vertical space as well as providing some storage space on top as well as underneath for any extra accessories like shoeboxes or shoe balls (if need be). Shoe cabinets come in a variety of designs and colors which you can match to your existing furniture.

Now you know how to store shoes! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to maximize the space in your closet as well as keep all your footwear at bay! Before long, buying extra pairs will seem like a waste because you won’t need them anymore!


Do shoes last longer in the box?

No, in most cases, shoes will last longer if you take them out of the box. Air conditioning and heat make the leather dryer and more prone to cracking.

Shoes will also last longer if they’re properly stored, but unless you have a shoe aerator, that’s hardly possible. Make sure your shoes stay in good condition by taking them out of their box every now and then clean them with a dry brush – and store them according to the above tips.

Is it necessary to keep shoe boxes?

No. Keep them just in case, but don’t rely on your shoe box to keep your shoes in good shape.

What shoes should I keep inboxes?

All of them, if you have enough boxes. Some shoes will be easier to take care of when they’re in a box, but it depends on the shoe. If they’re already clean and well-kept, you don’t need a box.

Is it OK to keep shoes in plastic boxes?

No. Plastic boxes are too slippery to use. They tend to trap moisture in the shoe, which is bad for it. If you can’t store your shoes somewhere with good ventilation, don’t bother storing them at all; they’ll last better that way.

The only time plastic boxes are OK is if you need to use plastic bags (like when shipping your new kicks, for example).

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