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How To Make a Lizard Trap Out Of A Shoe Box?






What Is A Lizard Trap?

A trap is a device used for catching an animal. We often use traps in gardening, when trying to catch pesky creatures such as moles. But who would ever think of trapping a lizard? Well, many people do because lizards can be pests too.

How To Make a Lizard Trap Out Of A Shoe Box?

You’ll need a shoe box, a sheet of paper, a marker, scissors or a box cutter, pieces of wood or cardboard from boxes that you’ve saved up – big enough to cover the opening on one end of the shoebox.

Once you have all your materials ready you can follow these steps:

Step 1 : Fold the piece of paper

Fold the piece of paper
Fold the piece of paper

Fold the piece of paper in half and then fold it again in half so that it creates a small triangle when opened. Measure this triangle against the height and width of your shoe box to get an idea for how large to cut out your piece of paper so it fits snugly inside the bottom half of the shoebox with room around its edges.

Step 2 : Cut out

Cut out this piece of paper carefully with some sharp scissors to make sure it fits in the bottom of the shoe box with room around its edges.

Step 3 : Place the bottom half

Place this piece of paper into the bottom half of the shoe box.

Step 4 : Create an entrance 1

Create an entrance
Create an entrance

Use your marker to draw two lines that cross each other at the open end of the shoe box one vertical line and one horizontal line. Your goal is to cut out a square opening between these two lines to create an entrance for lizards.

Step 5 : Create an entrance 2

Cut out this square opening carefully with some sharp scissors or a box cutter so you have created an entrance for lizards.

Step 6 Cover bottom

Cover up the bottom half of your shoe box by placing pieces of cardboard or wood on top of it just big enough to cover up that half so it’s airtight.

Step 7 Create the cover

Cut out a circle of cardboard slightly bigger than the circular opening on top of your shoe box and place this on top to cover up that opening as well.

Step 8 Finish the trap

Now you’re all done! Place your homemade lizard trap in an area where lizards are usually seen (this could be in your back yard, under bushes, etc.) with the open end facing upwards. Try not to touch or disturb anything inside when you set it down because lizards don’t like to stay in unknown spaces. Also make sure there’s enough sun light reaching into the trap through the circular opening so it can collect its own energy for ventilation purposes.

Step 9 Test the trap

Test the trap
Test the trap

Check your homemade lizard trap regularly over several days by looking at it from the outside only. If you see a lizard inside, open the lid carefully and take it out of the shoebox to let it go free.

Step 10 Add some bait

When you no longer see lizards using your trap put some kind of bait into the bottom half of your shoe box such as some sticky tape rolled around a popsicle stick or something small with an enticing scent so lizards will be tempted to enter your shoebox as they normally would when foraging. Be sure not to leave any openings in either

Another Way to Make a Lizard Trap

Another Way to Make a Lizard Trap
Another Way to Make a Lizard Trap

Another easy way is using a bottle . Cut a hole in the top big enough for a lizard to fit through. Fill the bottle with water. If you have a bigger lizard, use an empty 2-liter soda bottle. You could also use a bucket or tin can, but you would need to punch holes in it for air and drainage. Use duct tape to tape the edges of the hole to keep it watertight.

If using a bottle or bucket, make sure to put something under it so the lizard can’t crawl out. Some people have suggested using sand, but this isn’t very effective since sand can be dug through very easily. Some people have suggested using slate for this purpose. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the surface is slippery so that your lizard cannot climb up it.

Why Would You Want To Catch Lizards?

Keeping lizards away from your house may sound like an odd thing to do but there are actually some good reasons why it is something worth considering. First of all, if you happen to suffer from asthma or any other allergies then having pests around could make your condition worse and the constant scratching noise that they make could also become really irritating over time. Secondly, a lizard trap is a good way to remove a pest from a place because it can be done without killing the lizard.

Finally, lizards can get very nasty and they have been known to chew through garden stuff or even chew wires in the house. This is probably more of an annoyance than anything else so if you don’t want all your property destroyed by one little lizard then this is certainly worth considering.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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