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Cardboard Shoe Box: Things You Should Know






Cardboard Shoe Box is a way for people to be more creative and eco-friendly. It is easy to make with things you probably already have around your house. Here are some tips on how to make one! A shoe box can be turned into a fun, creative activity for the whole family. It serves as the perfect size for practicing card tricks while playing “magic chef” with your pint-sized audience, or it can function as a travel container when you’re on the go.

What Is Shoe Box?

Adidas shoe box

A shoe box is certainly not a shoe. The term “shoe box” is simply derived from the fact that, in the past, shoe boxes were made of plastic or wood. Nowadays they are made of cardboard and come in many sizes and designs. A shoe box can hold several pairs of shoes and other items. They are often used to store items such as blankets, clothing, and ornaments.

Plastic shoe box

What Is Cardboard Shoe Box?

Cardboard shoe box in use

Cardboard shoe boxes are a simple and inexpensive way to store shoes, clothing, and other items. These cardboard boxes are also perfect for transporting items when moving or in cases of storage. They can be made with recycled materials for an eco-friendly option. DIY enthusiasts may find these cardboard boxes perfect for their crafts projects.

For the material of the cardboard shoe box, many manufacturers choose FCL (Flute Corrugated Board) or HPL (High Pressure Laminate). HPL are more expensive than FCL. We have our own factory which can produce cardboard shoe boxes by using 100% recycled paper. Recycled paper are commonly used in big shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.

What Do Cardboard Shoe Boxes Look Like?

Cardboard shoe boxes come in many sizes, but the most common size is 30″ × 18″ × 12″. They are available in a variety of colors and consist of several components including:

The Bottom 

This is the bottom of the box and can be made of either plastic or cardboard. The cardboard shoe boxes are usually made of recycled cardboard and may be slightly weaker than their plastic counterparts. The bottom helps guide the box and provides a sturdy platform for you to store items on top.

The Top 

This consists of a lid that is able to close over the box to protect its contents from dust, dirt, and moisture.


These are optional but can be added for easier storage and transportation. The handles allow you to easily carry the box in one hand for quick transport between rooms or to other areas in your home.

Lining materials 

There are two popular lining materials that you can choose from when purchasing shoe boxes. Both of these lining materials are easy to install, although foil insulation requires cutting to fit inside the box. The foil insulation can be placed directly on the cardboard shoe box for a stronger material to protect your items.


This is where you can put decorative stickers or paint to give your shoe box a classy look. They are mostly used for standard sizes but may be added onto larger sizes as well. The sides of the box provide a surface that is easily removable and replaceable for easy cleaning and organizing purposes.


Dividers are used to separate items in your shoe box. They can be placed inside the box to organize other small objects, or they can provide additional support to larger items.

The bottom insert 

This is an optional portion of the shoe box that you can easily remove and clean if needed. This helps protect your items while also keeping them in place while traveling. Some types of cardboard shoe boxes may already come with the bottom insert included, while others may need to be purchased separately.

The Origin of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard shoe box today

In 1840, before the advent of plastic and metal fabrication, cardboard boxes were used for packaging and storage purposes. The original cardboard boxes would be made by carving the wood into the shape of a box and then gluing it together with paper or straw to create a rigid form. The cardboard shoe boxes are now made of recycled materials, which are sturdy and long lasting. These boxes are cheap and can be purchased in bulk. Cardboard shoe boxes are popular for storing many types of items.

Benefits of Using Cardboard Boxes

The cost is the greatest benefit of using cardboard boxes. They are affordable and make moving simple. The material is lightweight but also sturdy enough to protect your items. You can also decorate your cardboard box with decorative paper or paint to make them more attractive to store items in.

Disadvantages of Using Shoe Boxes

Using Shoe Boxes with transport risk

The main disadvantage of using cardboard shoe boxes is that they cannot withstand extreme temperature changes without becoming brittle and falling apart. Therefore, you should protect them with some kind of padding, such as bubble wrap or tissue paper, to keep your items safe.

How To Make a Cardboard Box?

You can make cardboard boxes with basic carpentry skills, such as measuring and cutting. Instead of carving wooden boxes, you can opt for cardboard as it’s easier to transport as well as store. The box design is completely up to you and what you plan on storing into the box. Younger children may be able to handle the process without the need of supervision. If you wish, you can also purchase formed cardboard boxes from your local hardware store and reuse them and save some money. The process of making a cardboard box follows:

Step 1: Determine The Size Of Your Shoe Box

Measure the space that you will use to hold your shoes and other storage needs. Write down the width and length of the area so you can determine the dimensions of your box. For example, if you plan to store shoes underneath your bed, you will need a smaller box than if you are using it to store items for an entire family. The size of the shoe box is dependent on your needs.

Step 2: Measure Properly

To create an accurate measurement, measure twice and cut once. This will ensure that you accurately get the shape that you want. If creating a large cardboard box for multiple people, then create multiple shapes that can be stacked on top of each other or side-by-side for added support and protection 

Step 3: Cut Out the Shoe Box The Length and Width of Your Original Measurements

Cut out the desired shape of your shoe box with a sharp knife or scissors. Make sure not to cut too close to the corners. If you want to create a double-sized box, measure your rectangular shape twice and cut once more. Cut diagonally across the two full sides of the box. You can then cut out slits on either side for handles, or just by cutting around the edges of the box for decorative purposes.

Why Should Buy Cardboard Shoe Boxes?

It doesn’t take much to hold your belongings in order thanks to these shoe boxes! A little time with the ol’ glue gun can turn any flat surface into a place to put your things, whether that includes the floor of your garage or the top of your closet shelf. Plus, these cardboard shoe boxes add an attractive touch to the room and make everything look nice and organized. Whether you’re moving or just looking to clean out some of your clutter, these boxes are the perfect solution.

Ways To Use Cardboard Shoe Boxes

Properly storing your shoes and other belongings is easy when you invest in some cardboard shoe boxes. If you want to organize your items, one-by-one into a very organized and neat handbag or closet, simply cut out some cardboard shoe boxes and customize the way you decorate them to fit your needs. These imaginative ideas will surely add a chic touch to any room in your home.

  • Decorate your cardboard boxes to easily hold your belongings
  • Make them into placeholders that people can write on with chalk or paint markers
  • You can use cardboard shoe boxes to store your books or other items in the garage, basement, attic, or wherever you need them!

How to Decorate Cardboard Shoe Boxes

You can create a unique custom look for your cardboard shoe boxes by creating a simple design. Painting them with chalkboard paint is a great option as they can be easily washed and don’t require any special care to maintain the original look. In the example below, you can see how chalkboard paint looks on cardboard shoe boxes. You can also create a pattern on your boxes by cutting different shapes and writing on them. Once you design the box, let your creativity flow and start abstracting your imagination!

Another great thing to do with cardboard shoe boxes is to decorate shoe box and turn them into placeholders that display important things such as keys, cell phones, and other items. You just need to write the name of these items in chalk or paint markers and stick them in the box. You can place them on your bedside table, kitchen counter, or any location where you need to store your items.


What is the cardboard shoe boxes are made of?

It is made of 0.0254 mm thick board, 0.13mm PVC plate, and FMC paper.

What are the uses for the cardboard shoe boxes?

It is used to pack small size shoes at shops and stores.

Who can make the cardboard shoe boxes?

Anyone with normal sewing skill can make the cardboard shoe boxes. It takes about one hour to make one pair of shoe boxes need sewing skill and fast hands to be able to finish it in about an hour’s time.

What is the thickness of the cardboard shoe boxes?

Usually, it should be 0.15-0.25mm.

What are the uses for the cardboard shoe boxes?

It is used to pack small size shoes at shops and stores. It also can be used as food container, box, shoe box, storage box, shipping container, etc. What’s more it is cheap and light weight so it makes good stacking material for packaging purposes.

How do you use cardboard shoe boxes?

You can use the extra blank boxes you have lying around to make shoe boxes for small size shoes like ladies and men’s heels, and things that you don’t want to get wrinkled in. You can also recycle it into other uses like packing casserole dishes in a box, mailing boxes, etc.

What is the best way to store the cardboard shoe boxes?

Store them vertically with layers of thick backing paper inside thick backing paper on top of thin paper (cardboard).

What do cardboard boxes mean?

It means the that you can find any where.

What is the weight of the cardboard shoe boxes?

It’s light, only 3-4 pounds each.

What do shoe boxes do?

It is a storage container for small size shoes.

What is the best way to pack the cardboard shoe boxes?

You can use small size shoes that have no heel or laces, just one or two pairs of shoes packed in a shoe box.

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