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Types of Shoe Organizer and 10 Ideas to Use






Shoe organizers are a great solution for those who have a lot of shoes and limited space. In this post, we’ll share 10 ideas to use your shoe organizer!

Everyone loves shoes. They make us feel fabulous and help us express our personalities through colors, styles, and designs. But you can’t fit more than a few pairs of shoes in a dresser or closet. So how do you stay on top of your shoe choices? Using a shoe organizer is a great solution! With stunning fabric designs you’ll be able to organize all your footwear into an easy-to-access compartment that will ensure that you never have to dig through double your hair dryer again.

What is Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers are a fantastic storage tool that can organize your shoes in one small box, freeing up valuable room in your closet or dresser. They are designed specifically to hold shoes of all types and sizes, including the hard-to-fit boots and heels you were having trouble finding a home for. If you’re wondering how could this be helpful, let me give you some reasons why you should consider one today. Everyone needs space for these things

Sizing up shoe organizers is easy with the sizing chart included inside each box.

The shoe organizers are space-saving, yet stylish Shoe organizers allow you to fill your closet with shoes, instead of racking them up on the floor. If you have a lot of shoes, this is great news. You can also store your shoes in one compact way instead of all over the place, saving room and increasing the appeal of your shoe closet . This saves you valuable storage space for other items.

Shoe organizers are portable. They are compact, therefore you can take them wherever you go. They come in handy for vacation, business trips, or even if you simply need an extra pair of shoes for the day. They are also ideal for dorms and college students who don’t have much space for bulky items like shoes.

Sizing up shoe organizers is easy with the sizing chart included inside each box. They are made to fit all kinds of standard sized shoes, including flats, heels, boots and more . This makes them ideal for any shoe lover.

Different Types of Shoe Organizer

If you’ve ever had trouble organizing your shoes, it can be hard to find the perfect solution that will suit your individual needs. There are all sorts of shoe organizers available on the market today, and all of them work in different ways. To help you decide which type is best for you, here are some common types of shoe organizer:

Container Shoe Box

Container Shoe Box
Container Shoe Box

This type of shoe organizer has a lid so that your shoes stay protected and compact. They usually have one or more compartments with separate lids so you can keep pairs together if desired. Most of these organizers are made out of durable plastic so they’re easy to clean and long lasting.

Shoe Slots 

Shoe Slots 
Shoe Slots 

This type of shoe organizer is a hard plastic cube with a honeycomb design. You can flip the cubes over to use the other shoe storage solution. This makes it easy to switch shoes quickly, and also helps you to take care of both pairs at a time. They’re a good option if you don’t have much closet space or if you have very little room in your dresser drawers.

Shoe Hanger 

Shoe Hanger 
Shoe Hanger 

This type of shoe organizer hangs from your closet rod or from a hook on your door. It has a hanger on the back to keep your shoes off the floor, and you can easily hang many pairs of them using just one hanger. They’re an especially good option if you don’t have much space because they take up very little space.

Over The Door Shoe Organizer 

Over The Door Shoe Organizer 
Over The Door Shoe Organizer 

This type of shoe organizer fits just outside your closet door, and hangs by your hinges so you never have to touch them to use them. They work well if you need more than two or three pair, or if you want something quick and easy to set up so that your shoes are always within reach.

Portable Shoe Rack Organizer 

Portable Shoe Rack Organizer 
Portable Shoe Rack Organizer 

This type of shoe organizer comes with a bag so you can easily move your shoes from one place to another. It has a small footprint so it doesn’t take up much room, and allows you to wear shoes in your closet or bedroom without having to worry about messing up the floor.

Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer 

Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer 
Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer 

This type of shoe organizer fits under your bed or inside your closet, and is perfect if you want to organize your shoes without taking them off. It has hooks on the back, allowing you to hang up to twenty pairs at once. It’s a great way to keep your shoes organized without having to touch them.

Shoe Cabinet 

Shoe Cabinet 
Shoe Cabinet 

This type of shoe organizer is basically a dresser drawer for your shoes. It has an adjustable shelf so you can fit many different types of shoes, and it has drawers so you can easily access the pairs instead of having to dig around on the floor. It’s a great way to keep all your pairs together, although some people find that they collect dust more easily than other shoe organizers.

10 Ideas to Uses a Shoe Organizer

If you have a shoe organizer fitted with hooks, you are are looking at an easy solution to the problem of what to do with the slippers, slates, brogues or flip-flops that have been sitting around in your closet or basement. Instead of having them collecting dust without making use of them, here are some ideas on how to use your handy rack: 

Use it as a coat hanger

Hang up your bulky coats and jackets so they won’t take up any space inside or outside your closet door. You can use it to store the outdoor clothes that you don’t wear very often.

Use it as a shoe rack

Hanging up your shoes ups the chances of them getting lost, cracked or worn out. It is also an easy way to display your shoes and have access to them whenever you want.

Use it as a drying rack for your slippers 

If you have a lot of slippers lying around, a shoe organizer can become a single-material drying rack that will protect each pair of slippers from getting wet from water dripping on them from other items hanging on the shoe organizer.

Use it to store hats and gloves 

If you have a hat, hat box or bag at home, placing this shoe organizer on your closet door is the best way to keep them organized while allowing easy access for you while you are at home. You can even use it to store some of your winter accessories.

Use the shoe organizer as a general storage rack 

You can use this rack to hang up your clothes, scarves, belts and any other things that’ll fit inside the shoe rack. However, make sure that there is enough space for hanging clothing on this rack because using an excessive amount of space will only crowd up the doorway making it harder for you to retrieve items.

Use the shoe organizer to store your kids’ school bags 

If you have active kids who are always out of the house with their school books, you can use this shoe rack to store their backpacks so they won’t have to throw them in a corner or in any part of the house. You can even create a mini locker system for them by giving each child his/her own drawer.

Use it to hang up headphones and chargers 

Adding another shelf on top of the existing shoe organizers will enable you to add vertical space for these items such as your mobile phone charger and headset (for hands-free phone calls while driving). Also, it can become a handy way for you to see the same charger if you do not remember where you left it.


Instead of using your original shoe rack, you can hang this on the wall and use it to display some of your favorite accessories or clothes that would complement your overall home decor.

Use the shoe organizer to hold your CD/DVD collection

If you want an easy way of keeping your music and movies organized, all you need is a shoe rack. This gives you easy access to your selected tune or movie whenever you want to listen or watch them.

Use the shoe organizer to hold your craft supplies

If you are interested in arts and crafts, your shoe organizer can be a good tool to organize all of your pens, brushes and pencils. This not only keeps them from getting lost but also serves as a starting point whenever you want to start working on a project.


What else can a shoe organizer be used for?

Shoe organizers are often used to keep miscellaneous items, such as dog toys or knitting supplies. You can also use them to store your underwear or socks. Finally, some people even use them for non-clothing items like household cleaning supplies or sewing kits.

Are shoe organizers difficult to install?

Some shoe organizers come with all the hardware you need to easily affix them to your closet or dresser. These generally include a few screws or a mounting bracket, and they often have a sticky backing that makes installation very easy. However, others require that you screw in any hooks, brackets, or cut any holes in your door before you can use them. It’s a good idea to thoroughly read the instructions before installing any shoe organizer so you know exactly what to expect.

How can I organize my shoes without buying anything?

You can group your shoes according to style, color, or type. For example, you can separate out any flats, heels, boots, sandals and wedges. This will make it easy to put a pair on when you’re rushing to work in the mornings.

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