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Fizik Shoe Size Chart: Choose The Right Shoes For Your Bike






Experienced road riders, mountain cyclists, and triathletes rely on Fizik as one of the reliable brands for high efficiency and efficient power transfer. The world-known performance of Fizik cycling shoes, which are famous for their ergonomic and modern design, makes them a favorite among pro cyclists.

Long known for being gorgeous, well-made, feature-rich, and dripping with elegance, Fizik’s road shoes offer many qualities. However, their narrow and extremely tapered fit, which has long been considered a hallmark of Italian design, just doesn’t suit everyone.

We can assist you in locating the ideal model, whether your goal is to discover the ideal pair to shave seconds off your best or simply want a comfortable shoe size for your upcoming long ride. Let’s scroll down to get started.

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Fizik Shoe Sizing Guide

Fizik Shoes Tempo R5 Overcurve Metallic Gun
Fizik Shoes Tempo R5 Overcurve Metallic Gun

Fizik is a famous brand of sports bike shoes from Italy with a modern design and flexible performance. Choose the right size of Fizik bike shoes for your feet to help you move easily, comfortably, safely, and without adversely affecting your feet. Choosing the right bike shoe size for your feet is not an easy task. Let’s refer to the following article to choose the right Fizik shoes.

Measure your foot length and compare it with the table below to find the perfect pair of Fizik shoes.


WIDTH (mm)


WIDTH (mm)

230 > 94 < 94 4 ¼ 36 3 ¼
237 > 96 < 96 5 ¼ 37 4 ¼
240 > 97 < 97 5 ½ 37.5 4 ½
243.5 > 98 < 98 6 38 5
247 > 99 < 99 6 ¼ 38.5 5 ¼
250 > 100 < 100 6 ¾ 39 5 ¾
253.5 > 101 < 101 7 39.5 6
257 > 102 < 102 7 ½ 40 6 ½
260 > 103 < 103 8 40.5 7
263.5 > 103 < 103 8 ¼ 41 7 ¼
267 > 105 < 105 8 ¾ 41.5 7 ¾
270 > 105 < 105 9 42 8
273.5 > 107 < 107 9 ½ 42.5 8 ½
277 > 107 < 107 9 ¾ 43 8 ¾
280 > 109 < 109 10 ¼ 43.5 9 ¼
283.5 > 109 < 109 10 ¾ 44 9 ¾
287 > 111 < 111 11 44.5 10
290 > 111 < 111 11 ½ 45 10 ½
293.5 > 113 < 113 11 ¾ 45.5 10 ¾
297 > 113 < 113 12 ¼ 46 11 ¼
300 > 115 < 115 12 ½ 46.5 11 ½
303.5 > 115 < 115 13 47 12
310 > 117 < 117 13 ¾ 48 12 ¾

Which Country Does The Fizik Brand Come From?

Fizik Brand
Fizik Brand

Founded in 1996, Fizik is a famous brand of professional bicycle saddles from Italy. Fizik products are designed in the USA and handcrafted in Italy. Fizik cannot be disregarded, whether you are a professional cyclist or a regular client with a love of mountain bikes and long distances.

Fizik footwear products are designed for customer satisfaction. Whether mountain biking, sand or trail riding, or simply walking around the city or the countryside, Fizik shoes give you the best experience.

Fizik is the syllable of the English word ‘physical,’ referring to the shape and state of the human body. Founded in 1996, fi’zi:k’s mission is to create the most sophisticated, inspiring, and beautiful gear for the world’s most discerning cyclists.

The passion for design and ability behind fi’zi:k’s diverse product lines for road,  MTB, and triathlons are reflected in countless times won in professional sports tournaments and are the choice of the most inspirational athletes.

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Popular Types Of Fizik Shoes

Choosing a sport bike has always been a top concern of bike lovers. However, there is an accompanying accessory that directly affects the training process that has been overlooked before. It’s a sport bike shoe.

To ensure safety during practice, cyclists of all levels from professional athletes to those who ride for exercise daily must select the appropriate cycling shoes. The new wide option from Fizik is available on different shoe types and should accommodate many more individuals. 

Road Bike Shoes

Fizik Road Shoes
Fizik Road Shoes

The Fizik road shoe is designed to be minimalist to support cycling and professional competition. Therefore, shoes are usually lightweight, and the outsole is designed to be smooth, with good rigidity. The wide and deep ventilation compartments help optimize airflow and support temperature regulation.

Besides, Fizik shoes use convenient buckles or ribbons around the feet to provide certainty and convenience when cycling.

MTB Bike Shoe 

Fizik MTB Shoes
Fizik MTB Shoes

Fizik terrain bike shoes possess a strong design and fabric and are lightweight. The sole has a moderate stiffness, with an internal lining system combined with ventilation holes on the upper to create a balance between comfort and efficiency when pedaling.

Choose the cycling shoe that suits you best

Shoes designed for cycling are always interesting to users because they bring beauty to fashion and possess many useful features when riding. Let’s pocket for yourself the experience to be able to choose to buy the most suitable riding shoes for you.

Choose The Right Shoes For Your Bike

Currently, on the market; there are many types of shoes designed specifically for those who love cycling; each type will have characteristics that match the design of each bike line you own.

Road Shoes

Road shoes have a lightweight, smooth, well-ventilated outsole and a stiff sole that makes it easy for the rider to pedal. This shoe is uncomfortable walking because it has no grip on the sole and cannot flex the instep. This is a type of cycling shoe often chosen by players.

Mountain Shoes

Mountain shoes typically have stiff soles for efficient cycling, enough curvature, and rubber outsoles. This allows the rider to easily pedal quickly when moving. This type of Mountain shoe is a good choice for cycling on flat asphalt or long-distance hiking.

Mountain shoes have a lacing system, a lacing system, or a buckled strap to adjust the shoe’s fit. Some shoes also have detachable toe spikes for traction on squishy or loose surfaces.

City Shoes

City shoe suit city bike rides, bike walks, or indoor cycling. A cross between a cycling shoe and a casual shoe, City bike shoes offer compatibility with a clamp-free pedal system. Still, they feature a rubber outsole and recessed sole to allow easy walking. 

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Choose Shoes That Are Compatible With The Pedals

Shoes will only bring the best effect when you choose shoes designed to be compatible with the pedals, helping to keep your feet firmly attached to the pedals when moving. This is extremely important for professional riders who must pedal continuously at fast speeds.

Most bike shoes are designed to work with unsplit pedals and have holes drilled under the dike to attach the shoe to the pedals. The spikes will be designed on the pedals, not the shoes, so you must choose carefully so that the shoes and pedals are compatible.

Today’s most popular designs used on bicycle shoes are 3-hole and 2-hole shoes. Depending on the number of nails on the model you are using, choose the right shoes for the pedals to get compatibility.

Choose Shoes That Are The Right Size For Your Feet

Choose cycling shoes with the right size to help bring comfort during movement.

Normally, cycling shoes will have a design that hugs the foot to optimize force transmission, so you will experience a little bit of discomfort when you try on the shoes for the first time. Plus, the sole is quite stiff, so it will take time for you to adapt.

Your toes should be able to move around comfortably in all shoes. If you feel that shoes that are too wide are causing slippage, try a smaller size or a different shoe model.

Choose Shoes With Convenient Buckles

Bicycle shoes frequently come equipped with shoe buckles that have practical functions to help your feet stay firmly in position while moving to ensure safety when pedaling.


The biggest advantage of this type of lock is the ability to quickly open and close, which can be used well in wet and muddy conditions. The velcro strap helps to lock the foot more tightly than the laces, ensuring safety when used. Most cycling shoes have 2 or 3 straps; The more straps, the easier it is to adjust the buckle to fit.

Slotted Strap with Buckle

This is a high-end buckle that is usually more expensive than regular shoe buckles but is appreciated by many for providing the best fit and security for the wearer. 


This traditional shoe buckle provides a snug and comfortable fit. When using lace-up shoes, ensure that the ends are not too long or should be tucked in to prevent excess shoelaces from getting caught on the chain without a protective device. This type of lock is very easy to gets wet and dirty, so you must be careful when using it in rainy and humid weather.

Choose More Accessories For Cycling Shoes

Toe socks

An indispensable accessory to help you get comfort and warmth on cold days. Protect your toes from friction with the shoe surface during cycling.

Shoe Protective Cover

 Shoes are easily affected by ambient air conditions such as rain, humidity, cold, etc. The shoe covers will help you protect your shoes better. In addition, it also works to keep your feet warm on cold days.

Neoprene or a layer of rubber wood are commonly chosen materials to make protective layers with very good insulation and water resistance. The sole is specifically designed to fit nails or insoles.

Shoe Dryer

Use warm, gentle air to dry your shoes. On wet, rainy days, this is one of the best support accessories to keep your shoes dry and clean.

How To Preserve Cycling Shoes During Use?

To keep your shoes clean and new for a long time, you should regularly clean and wipe them with a towel or rag as soon as they get dirty. Use a specialized brush in combination with warm water and soap to remove stubborn stains that stick for a long time.

Use shoe covers to protect shoes from the effects of the surrounding environment, keeping shoes dry and clean.

Make sure to completely dry your shoes when wet to avoid damage to them. A specialized dryer will help you dry shoes quickly. In addition, you can also use paper to absorb moisture for shoes by wrapping them on the outside.

Regularly check and replace shoe cleats if worn or damaged to ensure the grip of the shoes to avoid slipping off the pedals and causing unsafety during use. If you do not know how to choose the right type of cleat to replace, you should bring it to a bicycle shoe store for advice and support.

Notes When Choosing Cycling Shoes

In cycling, it is very easy to have an accident, causing injuries. So, to ensure your safety and improve the quality of your rides, you must choose the most suitable cycling shoes:

Prioritize fit-over looks

Unlike when choosing high heels and regular sports shoes, you must prioritize fit over appearance when choosing cycling shoes because a pair of cycling shoes that are suitable for the eyes but of poor quality or do not fit the needs may not guarantee the safety of the user during use.

Injuries encountered while cycling, especially racing, are often very strong, so shoes with a sturdy, suitable design are the perfect choice for cyclists.

Buy shoes from genuine brands

Genuine brands such as Fizik sneakers, Skechers sneakers, Erke sneakers, Anta sneakers, etc., specializing in cycling shoe products, will have the experience and bring you the best quality products, ensuring your safety.

Buy shoes at reputable stores

In addition, to choose quality cycling shoes, you should prioritize buying at reputable stores to ensure the product is genuine, with a clear warranty policy. In addition, you will also be consulted by a team of enthusiastic and thorough consultants.


Are Fizik saddles reliable?

According to flexibility and riding type, Fizik saddles are notable for being categorized. The Arione is always a favorite among professionals since it works well for riders with flexible riding styles and has a narrow perch.

From where does Fizik ship?

From their warehouse in Vicenza, Italy, all deliveries are made. Your order will be dispatched through DHL International for all orders placed on our website that are shipping to the international regions listed above.

What’s better, tight or loose cycling shoes?

There should be enough toe room or about 1.5 cm. Shoes with stiff bottoms and a tight fit stabilize the foot, but they shouldn’t be too tight. Your toes shouldn’t need extra room, but they shouldn’t touch the front of the shoe when you’re riding.

Which bicycle is best for cycling on roads?

Endurance road bikes have a stable and comfortable design that keeps you smooth and confident, making them perfect for both beginning and experienced road riders. An endurance road bike is an excellent option whether you want to go quickly and comfortably for ten miles or ten hours.

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